katy perry's half-sister

Katy Perry: ‘Secret’ Half-Sister Opens Up About Their Father

Katy Perry’s “secret” half-sister was allegedly abandoned by their evangelical preacher father when she was just an infant. Jodi Hudson, 43, is reportedly Keith Hudson’s daughter from his first marriage. Very few people realized the music star had a half-sister until a recent report in Star magazine.

The Star magazine article about Katy Perry’s half-sister included court filed divorce documents. Keith Hudson recently made a YouTube video cautioning parents not to “close the door” on their children, Radar Online notes.

After watching her father’s YouTube video, Jodi Hudson was allegedly appalled. She had this to say about Keith’s online video to during an interview with Star magazine:

“This man is preaching something he should have done himself. I broke down when I saw that video. He completely abandoned me when I was a child and has had almost nothing to do with me throughout my life.”

The Las Vegas resident blames her father for the lack of a sisterly bond with Katy Perry. She stated that she once spent a night at her dad’s home in Santa Barbara when Perry was about four. Jodi Hudson claims that one evening very long ago was the only time the half-sister ever met. She also noted that she does not remember meeting her own father until she was five.

Jodi does not appear to have fond memories of the first meeting she can remember with her dad. She shared this memory during the Star interview:

“I didn’t know what a father was. My mother hyped up the fact that I was going to see him. When he walked in the room, he said, ‘Get out of my way, kid. I’m here to see your mother.’ It is hurtful that I am kept a secret but I have nothing bad to say about [Katie] her.”

Katy Perry reportedly has a close relationship with her father. The music star also has a sister, Angela, 30, and a brother, David, 24.