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Obama As Jesus Painting Criticized By Catholic League

Obama As Jesus Painting Criticized By Catholic League

The Obama as Jesus painting named “The Truth” is being criticized by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. As previously reported on The Inquisitr, the painting depicting President Obama as Jesus Christ with a crown of thorns on his head, crucified against the presidential seal, is currently on display at the Bunker Hill Community College art gallery in Boston. The artist Michael D’Antuono defends the Obama as Jesus painting, arguing that his “First Amendment rights should override someone’s hurt feelings.”

According to International Design Times, the reveal of the Obama as Jesus painting “The Truth” has triggered quite a backlash among Christians. Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, posted a statement on the Catholic League website on Tuesday, saying Michael D’Antuono is a “left-wing artist known for exploiting racial tensions” and claimed his Obama as Jesus painting was evidence the artist had “succumbed to a new low.”

“What makes this display so interesting is the flat denial of truth by so many artists and academicians, as well as their irrepressible hostility to Christianity,” the statement continues. “Yet when it comes to their savior, President Obama, they not only pivot, they proselytize.”

The artist claims his intent with the Obama as Jesus painting was to not compare Obama to Jesus, but instead that the painting should be viewed metaphorically. The Obama as Jesus painting is more about the viewers themselves and how they perceive the world.

“[I] was inspired by watching conflicting reports on the same issues on the different cable newscasts and the effect on their viewers.” D’Antuno said. “Peoples’ perceptions of the issues seem to get distorted though their political lenses. People have had drastically different interpretations from this painting. What you see in this painting will be a reflection of your own partisan view and that is precisely the point.”

Visitors to D’Antuono’s website don’t exactly see it that way. “HOW DARE YOU?” wrote Elaine from New Orleans. “I believe in freedom of speech and respect your view point and your right to paint such garbage, but at the same time it’s individuals of your ilk that don’t respect others freedom of religion — and nothing makes a clearer point than your mockery of the Christian religion. Just so you’ll know, I’m not a religious fanatic, just your typical American who is fed up with this type of CRAP!”

The Obama as Jesus painting is not the first time artists have portrayed political celebrities in such dramatic fashion. Who remembers the Hudson River miracle with Obama rescuing the plane on a white horse?

Even Mitt Romney got the white horse treatment, but this time in a decidedly more sarcastic manner since he’s defending the GOP warhorse and the LDS Church with a money shield.

The Obama as Jesus painting “The Truth” will probably go down in infamy for its outrageous portrayal, but what do you think about such paintings?

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226 Responses to “Obama As Jesus Painting Criticized By Catholic League”

  1. Anonymous

    What get's me is that the folks that think this is great proud themselves as for all of our freedoms except when they differ from theirs. They feel this is OK but when someone says something about Obama's screw-ups then it's racism, hate speech, bigotry, etc. I find this very distasteful. Yet my opinions will be trodden on by this very same group that feels the freedom of speech is to be upheld at all costs.

  2. Anthony Kipp Marquize

    If this was a picture of someone like mocking Mohammad there would be a large out cry from the Muslims and our president would stand behind their out cry I am sure….but because it is a slam against MY LORD JESUS it is OK….There is only one Savoir and Lord his name is Jesus the Christ God's ONLY begotten son. President Obama is not the savoir of anyone or any thing. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Reid Tock

    Why does this surprize anyone in this Liberal Crazy World, Obama is a Socialist and is leading the people to the trains just like the people of WW11, and people are following him that's the sad FACT.

  4. Trudy Brock

    My Father God is not laughing.neither am I. JESUS is my LORD and there are no other gods only the one true and living GOD!!!!!

  5. Roger Griggs

    when the muslim world was ablaze over the movie depicting mohammed as a whatever, the American people locked arms in defense of free speech. now, the media in an effort to expand their reader base, posts this 'painting', the christians are outraged. the catholic church is offended. the catholic church is offensive. just something the media has successively done to manipulate it's reading public. making sure you will be back for more. personally, I'm glad for the person that painted this 'street art', that burning heretics at the stake has been made illegal.

  6. Ken Pennington

    This is So Wrong…to Mock anothers beliefs. If this was done to the Muslims..they would be Bombing Something somewhere..& Obama would be apologising…this is WRONG.

  7. Whitney Stailey

    This makes me sad to see! what a smack in the face to jesus after all that he has done for us y would you even think about doing a picture such as this? disgusted! Especially of the choice of person who was put in his place. Its complete opposite of jesus and makes no sense I think!

  8. Janet Lavergne

    NOTHING will shake my faith and belief in JESUS CHRIST. Not any painting, not any insult, not any news story. And certainly not anyone who criticizes my grammar and spelling.

  9. Tex Jones

    and this is the kind of thing that I have been saying and warning for four years, Obama and his followers are make it SO easy for when the real Antichrist comes into the scene. Four years ago, I got afraid at what was going on, treating Obama as a religious figure, now I am just down right afraid of what's on the horizon once all of this is over. There is only ONE LORD and Savior and He died on the Cross for this kind of garbage.

  10. Pamela Bunting Lewis

    We definitely need the "Second coming of Christ" but President Barrack Obama is not Jesus Christ! He is the left and a Democrat for one thing. If Christ were alive today and walking among us, He would probably be a socialist with no twist of Marx. He would not be stealing from the rich to give to the poor like Robin Hood, a common theif in my opinion. He would be walking a walk of faith, doing good deeds, healing the sick, giving hope to the hopeless and being a mediator between God and the human race. He would teach the Gospel and make sure that all were following the Ten Commandments. And He would be the Son of God. We will know when Jesus Christ comes because it tells us in Scripture that he will come through the clouds. We will know it when he returns. "Many will come before Him to be like Christ, it is true and President Barrack Obama does somethings that are Christlike, but he is not Jesus Christ. We do now await His return as we have been for 2012 years. He said that He would return, and I know He will. President Barrack Obama is not Jesus Christ. Pamela Bunting Lewis Non partisan. Merry Christmas! Hope we all had a Thankful Thanksgiving! November 28th, 2012.

  11. Jon Royal

    You guys are all so blind and ignorant you fail to see the true meaning of this painting…the artist clearly says his “First Amendment rights should override someone’s hurt feelings.”..okay…this artist defends the constitution, which means he also supports freedom of religion. This artist does not want to "bash" Christianity, he is simply trying to emphasize the fact that the american people worship this man like he is Christ. Even to the point where our Constitutional freedoms are allowed to be destroyed. In the
    peoples eyes Obama can do no wrong, and if he does it is forgiven and he is put high on a pedestal because he is "the
    savior". WAKE THE #@?! UP AMERICA! You worship a man because he gives you welfare and support now but what does that do in the long-term for our country? If you worship a man like he is god…he will act as though and do what he wants with the people.

  12. Barbara E. Norman

    Everyone with any sense can read between the lines here. Demonizing the President and the left and the Democrats in one sentence is quite a hodge-podge, but hatred (clearly, I say) comes through.

  13. Susanne Hinkle

    This picture makes me sick to my stomach. It's blasphemy! How could so many Americans not see what is happening? I pray to God and Jesus, not this criminal puppet of socialism!

  14. Amara Delano

    I'm not even christian and I'm bothered by this painting. I think it's very childish of the artist to use religion and government like this, all he is attempting to do is get a rise out of people and it seems like he has. This is certainly not what I would want to be famous for.

  15. Joan Lee

    That just makes me sick to my stomach…this kind of crap is acceptable?

  16. Audra Carter

    a sick twisted minded person did that! I don't like it at all! Shows the people here on this toilet earth are going to Hell in a hand basket to put it mildly!

  17. Darren Denison

    It is sad that when one doesn't believe in the Lord, they feel they have to look up to an imperfect man and President and represent him as a Christ figure. We all know that Obama doesn't represent Christ, but only cares about having his ego fed by the liberals and for their approval and no one elses. Now I wonder if Obama could handle the torment of mockery, carrying a heavy cross, being nailed to it and stabbed at his side by a spear to a horrible death. Of course Obama wouldn't rise from death as Jesus did, but how those who idolize him would feel cheated and defeated…

  18. Bud Elkins

    This is just uncool. Obama is not a god, not even close. He is a devil if you ask me, and he is ruining America. I hope he has a long happy life just not a our presidrnt. We do not need a egotistical fool as commander in cheif.

  19. Audra Carter

    I will Pray for the Holy Spirit to be sent to you. I so hope you become a part of God's family to be able to spend eternity with your ( our) creator :)

  20. Esem Causey

    makes you wonder what happened to our american backbone,huh? i got a lighter, where do you want the first one? oh, and THIS SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN DONE……WE'RE ALL YELLOW AS DAISIES… GOD WOULD BE ASHAMED OF US, NOT STANDING UP FOR THE TRUTH!

  21. Kari GotShrimp Guidry

    what a jackass for painting this hope the artist burns in hell.

  22. William Polk


  23. Yasser Obaid

    There will be an outcry if muslims knew about this because Jesus is our prophet and we love him as much as we love Muhammed.

  24. Yasser Obaid

    If people would protest against this, it wouldn't happen, but you just sit behind your computer screens pretending to care when you just go on about your day like nothing happened.

  25. Debbie Banks

    it is called artistic license for a reason. one person's interpertation. if folks think dogs playing polker is a great work of art..its their opinion. no one is forcing art on anyone. if you don't like it..don't look at it or buy it. art is subjective you know.

  26. Yasser Obaid

    He is the left and a democrat?? Are you really that ignorant? What does having to be a democrat or republican have to do with religion anyways.

  27. Kim Soli


  28. Debbie Banks

    maded? really? it isn't an insult to God, or people who believe in God. get a grip and a dictionary! LOL!

  29. Yasser Obaid

    This painting is a disgrace to our prophet Jesus peace be upon him. This shouldn't be tolerated, to have such a holy figure be made fun of. I really hope that Bunker Hill community college thinks twice about leaving that painting on their walls.

  30. Esem Causey


  31. George Tremaine Alwayson

    see how he sits on a whit horse. hmmm he is also trying to rise from the sea and yeah, the vehicle is as a beast on the sea.

  32. Rafael Diaz

    everything you look is happen rigth now, it going to take as a new nevel of the bible say, high of the blasthemed's, like this one's my lord protect my house and my family.amen.

  33. Esem Causey


  34. Mark Wakeley

    The Is BS about this is fact that Obama is part of government that has turned its back on God, Democrats and Liberals are the ones who take away First Amendment rights with their separation of church and state BS and stop people from having religious events in public places!

  35. Laurie Page Salisbury

    Lloyd, that is the crux of Christianity. Jesus did rise from the dead and was seen by over 500 people in the days following. This is recorded in the Bible & other historical documents. The resurection power of God is the only power that can truly transform lives. The best way for you to "know" this though, is to (sincerely) ask Him to make Himself real to you. Read the eye witness account of Matthew. I will pray for you Lloyd.

  36. Rose R Blue

    If this was an offense against Islam, the author of such blasphemy would be arrested for inciting hatred. But since it is depicting Christianity and the Holy Son of Yaweh, then leadership is silent. This should be an indicator for the direction the USA is going.

  37. Anonymous

    I am sure he is not Jesus may HeZus but we could hang him a the cross for making unemployment a secondary issue and many people are suffering because of it.

  38. Rose R Blue

    Contrary to your assumption: this Earth and the Universe belongs to the Creator. Every element, every quark, every micro/macro belongs to Him. And, in His opinion, regardless of the intended message of the artist, this is blasphemous.

  39. Jim Blankenship

    Ironic that catholics complain about this, but not the other idols in their churches!

  40. Tamara Cross

    Lloyd Domres Uh,… HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD, SO THAT, WE SINNERS, WOULDN'T HAVE TO DIE AN ETERNAL (a state of being where time ceases) DEATH AS A CONSEQUENCE FOR SINNING AGAINST GOD, THE FATHER. Not excepting JESUS CHRIST as LORD as well as SAVIOUR is to choose this eternal DEATH!

  41. Gordon Hanson

    I'm a Christian and an Obama supporter. I don't like this either…but your reference to Muslims is another attempt to reverse the scenario. It's not even remotely accurate, or relevant. Jesus would have ignored it as the offerings of a sick person…sick with hatred.

  42. Dolores Smith Parker

    Debbie Banks and Roger Griggs, since when does some misspelling cause such uproar when the focus should be on this deplorable so called painting? If your child had died and someone created a "spoof" depicting someone else being killed in the same fashion, would you be insulted?

  43. Faith Trinity

    We cannot stop people from doing what they want to do. No one can legislate morality I can only say this, it takes someone who doesn't know anything about Jesus Christ to envision someone like Barack Obama as a deity or as a savior himself. The important thing here is this…only Jesus Christ saves. Barack Obama himself is in need of salvation and that is something only Jesus can do for anyone of us. It's not hard once you realize you've fallen far short of the expectations of sinless perfection that God has for you. All you need do is admit to yourself that you're a sinner and start recounting some of those sins to yourself and you'll see quickly that there is no way you can ever stand in the presence of a perfect and Holy God covered in those sins. Once you're willing to admit you're a sinner in need of eternal salvation to escape eternal condemnation, turn to Jesus, admit you're a sinner to Him and invite Him into your life as Lord and Savior. Believe He is God made flesh Who suffered and died unjustly for your sins and be prepared to change your life and follow Him. Hell is full of people who heard this message and rejected it. Don't be one of those. Turn to Jesus, He alone is able to save you. Neither Barack Obama nor anyone else was crucified for your sins, only Jesus. Jesus loves you far more than you can comprehend and wants only His best for you. Only by surrending your life to Him will you begin to inherit the wonderful things He has set aside for you, especially the right to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, stand before the Most High God and call Him "Father".

  44. Nefertiti EiliYah Salem Awd

    As long as Jesus looked like a European with long blond hair and blue eyes the Catholics was ok with that. The never thought the HISTORY of Jesus aka Yahshua lived on BLACK continent where all BROWN to BLACK skin people lived and there were no whites there in that time until the Europeans came and created wars there killing, stealing, and raping women from the land. Read the Bible, and other documents you will find how SATAN helpers stolen land that was not theirs and still doing it today.

  45. David Epstein

    Don't forget Jamie Foxx either. Apparently he has accepted Obama as his Lord and savior. I'm fine with the free speech but these folks are in hot water.

  46. Christin Moffitt

    Your ignorance is showing. As the story goes, Jesus was resurrected – Easter. remember? – He rose from the dead and returned to the MORTAL world to instruct his disciples that all who believed in him would not perish (be gone when dead) – Christians believe that this all represents his atonement for the world. He ascended into heaven and now, with the Holy Ghost, is with God. Christians also believe that when the STILL LIVING Christ returns to earth, he will be in mortal form again, and all those who have died will again have mortal bodies in heaven (the specifics of this grace is dependent upon particular Christian denominations or sects).

    But "fear not" for if the Mayans are correct, you will get to see this first hand on December 21st when their calendar ends, allegedly signaling the end of the world.

  47. Joan Drage

    This is very disrespectful to the true Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. If someone mocked Mohammad, people would have a fit. I don't remember seeing the name Obama in the Bible, but it does say that our true Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ. So many people ignore God in today’s world it’s not surprising that the world is failing.

  48. Don Waller

    I've never seen Jesus, I don't know if it looked like him at all. I've seen actors on Sat.Nite Live that looked more like Pres. Obama.

  49. Gail Dummitt

    The Bible says that the AntiChrist will come disguised as Jesus.Since Obama is going along and preparing the way for AntiChrist, this picture pretty much says it all.

  50. Nefertiti EiliYah Salem Awd

    Seriously If you look how Israel is killing the Palestinians, the hate Israel has for those people, and how Israel stolen their land I would say maybe the Palestinians are one of GOD chosen people. Those people in Israel now today are really Europeans the was exile from Europe and given the land they call Israel today by England. The land didn't belong to England but the gave the land of Canaan that became Philistine which became Palestine away to people Europe kick out of Europe because of their war like behavior and who also killed Americans in their history also.

  51. Gahm RJ

    How DARE You paint this Picture of obama, as being Jesus; How Dare you BLASPHEME MY Lord and Savior, I tell you right now you are "ANATHAMA" (Headed for Distruction), "REPENT" ; "MARANATHA" (Lord Cometh). There is coming a Day when you will stand before the Great White Thorne of Judgement, and YOU will give an account WHY you painted the BLASPHEMIS picture. May the Lord JEHOVAH HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL! There is ONLY one way that we or anyone can be saved; It's ONLY THREW THE SHED BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, THE SON SON OF THE LIVING GOD! Obama is in NO way my savior; DO I MAKE MYSELF PERFECTLY CLEAR! I AM OFFENDED BY THIS ACT YOU HAVE COMMITTED! TheKey2891 – The Key is "Jesus" NOT obama.

  52. Mike Hopson

    Not to get much into a theological discussion, but at least here is a Bible quote. "I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death." Rev 1:18 The theological understanding is a bit more substantial. Essentially, He died physically yet did not cease to exist as a person. And of course you can look at the Resurrection and Ascension in the Gospels.

  53. Anonymous

    It's bad enough that he is portraying a President, but Jesus? How disgraceful! Hang the painter!

  54. Freeman Williams

    JESUS didn't support gay marraige or abortion! that's blasphamyto him and his name! obama would look real if he dressed up like his Father satin!

  55. Gahm RJ

    Debbie: May the Lord Jesus Christ speak to you in a way that only you will know, and to reveal himself to you before it is to late. "IF" do not confess that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, I promise you that a Day is coming, you WILL find yourself on your knees; "Gods word say that EVERY Knee WILL bow, EVERY tongue WILL CONFESS that Jesus IS LORD". That day that I speak of is called the GREAT WHITE THRONE OF JUDGEMENT, believe me, IT IS COMING. When you see or hear news that the Christians are gone from this Earth, which is called: "The Rapture" the Tribulation is at hand, all those who Deny or refuse Jehovah's plan of Salvation and DO NOT ACCEPT JESUS AS THEIR LORD AND SAVIOR "WILL" find themselves standing at the GREAT WHITE THRONE of JUDGEMENT. John 3:16. "TheKey-IS-Jesus" ; TheKey2891 which is Ephesians 2:8 – 10. go to my web page: , I have also writen a book titled: If My People…." II Chronicles 7:14 published by I Love with the Love Of Jesus Christ who also LOVES YOU!

  56. Bob Smith

    Debbie, it is an insult to anyone that believes in God, get a grip and go get some faith and common sense. Anyone that picks on someone's typos needs a life. So go and get a life

  57. Gahm RJ

    Patrick: The catholics DO NOT have a patient anything, the Crucifix came before the catholics, the Crucifx is a symbol of what Jesus Christ suffered on that Cross to make Atonement for your SINS and Mine. the catholics own NOTHING!

  58. Bob Smith

    Debbie for someone that makes fun of other peoples spellings your the ultimate hypocrite. Dogs playing polker??????????, Sounds like your the one who needs a dictionary looooooool. I teach spelling classes if you can afford them. Typical atheist, projects one's weakness upon others lol

  59. Richard Higgins

    This is in bad taste, and very bigoted.
    The "work" is done through hate and disrespect.

  60. Bob Smith

    Jim Blankenship, if you actually understood Christianity, you would know that having statues of Jesus, saints and Mary arent idols, and if you had actually read your bible instead of repeating what your pastor told you without checking it out, in the old testament God commanded that an altar of worship be built with images of Cherubim in them. Does that mean that they are idols? Naturally it does not. Idols are things that are worshipped, and catholics dont worship statues. If you had actually read your Christian History you would understand that Catholics are the original Christians, and that almost all the earliest Christians starting with the students of the disciples like Ignatius of Antioch, Clement of Rome and polycarp among others were totally Catholic Christians. Its ironic that you pretend to understand what Christianity is when You dont even know a thing about Christian History

  61. Gahm RJ

    Ken: I am one who is OFFENDED by this Blasphemis Act; I am taking a stand against this out-rage; All Christians MUST let their voices be HEARD. I for one am "OFFENDED" by this. Jesus "IS" and ALWAYS WILL BE MY SAVIOR AND LORD".

  62. Deji Fadina

    Sorry Christians, those crucifying Obama today are christians, especially Southern Christians. We are christians too and feel cricified by your blood red dollar financiers. You cannot claim Christ and do what you are doing. The two don't go together. Go Michael, our Archangel artist! Obama came for the people, and you block him at every turn, the way Jesus was blocked by the Pharisees and the Sadducees, whose role you Anti-Obama have taken up.

  63. Tom Scherf

    wouldn't mind so much if he was actually nailed to a cross and left to rot.

  64. William Johnson

    Has this world gone completely INSANE! The "artist" that painted this blasphemous piece of CRAP will surely burn in HELL.I don't see any statements coming from "the anointed one" with his feelings regarding this filth.Call it what you will, but the First Amendment was created by "men".Jesus Christ has His own Constitution called the Ten Commandments, and woe unto those who must answer to Him in the Day of Reckoning.The entire Earth is as Sodomah and Gemmorah and will be destroyed from the Universe.I hope the Mayans were right and that the End of Days will be December 21,2012.This planet and it's people no longer deserve to exist.

  65. Kevin Wise

    Who looked at this picture and thought, (if even just for a moment), "anti-Christ"? If no, how 'bout now? OK, in all seriousness, with so many people already feeling that Obama is being portrayed that way, why add fuel? I COMPLETELTY get the metaphor the artist and painting are trying to portray, he’s like a savior to many minorities and demographics……….GOT IT, we all get it, but to be either so oblivious to whom this would offend, or callous shows immaturity/selfishness on not only the artist for constructing it, but the Bunker Hill Community College art gallery for displaying it for notoriety/publicity. I know, I know, freedom of speech and I stand by that (my country), but when that very freedom defends something that is so deplorable, offensive, and not to mention sacrilegious, well, that’s when you remember that God comes before your country. If the portrait offends you, then I urge you to voice your opinion. I think we’ve become so passive by allowing our fellow religious affiliates to be our voice, by clicking “Like” to whatever they have to say. Remember, the more voices that speak, the louder the message will be heard! Never be afraid to voice your opinion, though, be afraid of what will happen if you don’t. *afterthought* A continuous shame on the media for stirring the pot just because they have some white/negative space to fill. Is there no accountability or integrity in being an “internet journalist”? (sadly, the last sentence is sarcasm).

  66. Wesley Martin

    Obama as Jesus? , Stupidity has taken Blasphemy to an all time low, Our nation is full of "wounds and bruises and putrifying sores", and Fools still are demanding more judgement!

  67. Wesley Martin

    Jesus Christ arose from the dead on the 3rd day, as was wittnessed by his deciples, and walked amoung them for 40 days,. He was seen by many who knew him very well, and his half brothers believed upon him after his resurection .He (Jesus) Drew large crouds after his resurection , and on at least one occaision was seen of more than 500 people.This was Not a Hoax, How could anybody fool his mother who bore him, or his brothers who grew up with him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Praying for Lloyd !

  68. Dennis John Dougherty

    Ironically, the responses posted here illustrate exactly the point I believe the artist was making. That is that this President will be crucified no matter what he does and it is his cross to bear for being in his position. Using Christ like imagery to illustrate the sacrifice an individual in a leadership role makes is quite common in art. I will submit the movie Cool Hand Luke as a primary example. The movie is a complete Allegory for the story of Jesus and uses Christlike imagery throughout to illustrate the sacrifice Luke makes being the Hero/Anti-Hero. This President has continually been portrayed as either the Anti-Christ or a sign of the End of Times quite routinely. The first week after he was elected the History Channel ran a whole weeks worth of Anti-Christ specials. It was not a coincidence. I don't believe the Artist thinks for a second that Obama is Jesus. I think he is saying he is crucified relentlessly, which he is. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't see how this is a slam or a blasphemous act against Christ or Christian's nor would I consider the movie Cool Hand Luke to be so either. This outrage is completely manufactured by Bill Donahue and the Catholic League. 99.9% of the people commenting on this picture, including myself, would have never seen this Artwork if his group did not make a point of being outraged by it and rushing to all the media outlets to let them know how Angry they were. Jesus would probably be more offended that its not a very good painting more than any imagery used. Besides, he said Love Thy Enemy, so chill.

  69. Michelle Myles

    Lloyd Domres Yes, it is true Jesus died for our sins. He's alive now though because He resurrected. That's the miracle. He is alive again.

  70. Vomitous Pig

    I really hope they outlaw religion soon. All religious people, especially Christians are so hypocritical, delusional and moronic it is sad.

  71. Ra Rishikavi Raghudas

    "Christ! You know it ain't easy…you knnow how hard it can be! The way things are going, they're going to crucify me!" –John Lennon, "The Ballad of John and Yoko" THINK ABOUT IT, PEOPLE! THAT'S THE ARTIST'S INTENT–HOW GOOD PEOPLE ARE CRUCIFIED!

  72. Algia Dockery



  73. Thomas Robison

    Lloyd Domres On the third day Jesus rose from the dead. Our God is a living God.

  74. Kev Skuthan

    Ok Reid how is Obama socialist? If obamacare is socialist, then isn't medicare socialist as well? After all you have to pay into the system to get anything out of it. If I didn't work at all, i wouldn't pay anything into medicare because it comes out of my paycheck and i therefore wouldn't have paid anything. Yet i still get all the benefits of medicare. Until republicans agree to get rid of medicare and every single other "socialistic" theory, they need to shut up. Like you, kind sir that is.

  75. Kev Skuthan

    Cool, no one gives a crap. Religion is good in moderation. Im so sick of people who say it is a FACT that it is real. Why is it called faith then? No one knows if he really exists or not. I personally believe in god, but this whole theory that the bible is accurate is laughable.

  76. Kev Skuthan

    Yasser it has absolutely nothing to do with political parties. But right wing fox network watchers dont realize that the stuffing they are being spoon fed is actually crap.

  77. Kev Skuthan

    Its official, you have no idea what your talking about. Maybe I should draw a picture of george bush or romney giving swastika symbols. Would that make them the anticrist even though they had nothing to do with who drew it?! How are you a teacher?

  78. Algia Dockery


  79. Kev Skuthan

    Gahm RJ actually the priests own the innocence of little boys. Actually its at a higher rate than muslims who are terrorists compared to those that are peaceful.

  80. Kev Skuthan

    Hey bob shut up. Thats a lady your talking to. And by the way, the generalization that people who are sick of the stupidity of the church are atheists is closed minded. Im a happy go lucky guy who believes in god. Doesnt mean I have to go to church and associate myself with liars and takers. You know how many rich people in church laugh at the idea of them even passing the donation box near them? Its funny. Kind of like you. Except im not laughing with you, im laughing at your utter closed minded stupidity. By the way this is a 17 year old kid who knows more than your dumbass does.

  81. Jennifer Ara

    Cry me a river. It's a painting. Get the hell over yourself. We have freedoms in America.

  82. Jennifer Ara

    Okay congrats. What's your point? I agree with the comment above, no one gives a crap.

  83. Kyle Wheeler

    Kev- obama is a socialist and his last term proves that. And yes national health care is a socialist notion. Before you insult others and their opinion do your research. The majority of obamas executive orders and policies have been socialist. That is why Reid is calling him one. Well Reid and anyone who researches obamas past and current policies

  84. Jonathan Douglas Sites

    Because he also rose again from the dead, Lloyd. How sweet is that?!

    Like Paul said in the first century: "He was delivered over to death for our sins *and* was raised to life for our justification" (Rom. 4:25).

  85. Gahm RJ

    To everone: To a Child od Jehovah, that painting is offensive and Blasphemis to the Holiness and Soverignty of Jehovah, there is no other Savior that can and will cleanse us/you from your SINS; NO ONE (BUT) the shed Blood of Jesus who gave his life away that we may live in peace with Jehovah.

  86. Roger Griggs

    @curtis the thing i don't like about christianity is the christians. do you realize that by your condemning me to hell, you have sinned? and really, if i don't believe in your mythology, then there is no hell.

  87. Roger Griggs

    Esem Causey are you flogging yourself? feels good? you stand up and tell em. burn all the non-believers. or as the other zealots call them, infidels.

  88. Jim Fulloon

    Ok so you can hang the puss of this Kenyan born muslim on the walls of a public building but what do you think would happen if you hung a picture of the one and only real Jesus on the walls of a public building.

  89. Kayla Fortune

    Kev.. you will figure out the truth sooner or later. Hopefully when it's not too late for you. Jesus is KING.

  90. Margaret Gonzales

    To begin with, God said that we are not to paint Him like anything from above or a creature below. Which man has gone ahead and done. Much ado about nothing! America is great because of our feedom of expression. If we wanted to be under Rome Protestantism would not exist.

  91. Bernice Reeves

    He rose from the dead on the third day. If you know he died for our sins how did you miss the resurrection part?

  92. Bernice Reeves

    Actually Kev, there are people getting money from SS who never paid into it.

  93. Jim Dorgan Sr.

    I am offended. This would not be allowed if it were Mohamed. Maybe the Christians should bring back the Crusaders .

  94. Bolt Vanderhuge

    The only thing that would make you shake your faith and belief in Jesus Christ because you are scared and unwilling to open your mind. You would likely be a happier person if you stopped clinging so closely to something that is little but a lie. I am not an athiest, it's just when you stand on the outside of christianity for so long, you feel bad for people trapped by such a hateful, ignorant and blind religion.

  95. Margaret Gonzales

    Many households hangs religious pictures on thier walls, while watching filth on TV. People are so amazing, they get shocked by this painting and morally live totally contrary to what He taught. The unlitmate of our hypocrisy! So offended? What a bunch of nonsense! Jesus does not need any defending, we will on the judgment day. Now everyone go back and do what it is you do with the rest of your life. I think He said…"Gag on a nat but swallow a camel." While you're at it read the first commandment out of your Bible. The Catholic Leauge should be just as vocal about the pedophila within their closed doors…Now that they SHOULD be appauled at and not have let it go on for so long, and not just in the US but world wide!!! Where were their voices than? I see it's all been quickly sweep under the rug. This is just a painting, it means different to everyone and I certainly do not see anyone holding our president up as a God. I don't see any candles burning below an image of him or prayers being sent up to an image someone has created.

  96. MaryAlice Hussong

    This is so sad and disgusting, I cannot respond, but I will say there seems to be a "double-standard" going on here. Why are Reverend Sharpton and Reverend Jackson not commenting?

  97. DaleandMichelle Sochia

    But in the end, When the Lord speaks from heaven and they all have to bend thier knee as the fear of now knowing who the real King is. He will say to them, "Depart from me, you who work iniquity." Thus seperated from the one who gave them everything, now spending eternity in the fire of hell. No laughing there…

  98. Neelofar SpleenKarimi

    Why would you even reference Muslims if this has nothing to do with them? It just shows your ignorance.

  99. Raul Ropiza

    he isn't christian he's muslim wannabe christian for his 2nd term nothing against muslims bcause there's good and bad in every race and religion.

  100. Gahm RJ

    Do What! Jesus IS The Christ, the Son of the Living God, HE Is "King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords", He IS the "Great I AM", "HE IS Jehovah", there is none that can or every will conpare to HIM. This Earth IS HIS Foot Stool, Heaven IS His Throne.

  101. Nefertiti EiliYah Salem Awd

    I believe Jesus looked like all the people of that land back in those days, remember in the Bible the jews was looking to kill him so he except by travelling to Egypt because he knew he'll blend in with the people. Read your Bible it's in there.

  102. Samantha Morrone

    All the people freaking out over this painting are just proving just how easily their faith can be shaken. If you are truly confident in your faith then this painting won't really bother you. It's just a painting. Get over it. This guys has just as much right to paint whatever he wants as all of you people have the right to preach your "intense religious convictions" over the internet. Stop feeling threatened by something that really isn't important. (This coming from a Catholic).

  103. Robert McIntosh

    Before I write anymore, I just want anyone who reads this to understand that I simply want to state my opinion on this matter. I'm not out to insult anyone and whoever replies to this please be respectful. Whether you agree with what I write or not, I ask that you respond with an open mind. Now, the first thing I want to make clear is that I don't necessarily agree with this painting. It's caused many people to express hatred towards Obama when he wasn't even the one who painted it. I highly doubt he would endorse his likeness being portrayed in such a way. So to everyone who made a comment along the lines of Obama being the Anti-Christ or somewhere along those lines, I want you to remember that no matter how you may feel about a President as a person or his policies it's never right to express this kind of hate. It speaks poorly on your religious beliefs, your political affiliation, and yourselves as people. The guy who painted this portrait is similar to the guy who made that short film that mocked Islam which caused riots in the Middle East. Again, I don't support this painting, but this painter is protected by the First Amendment. I know many people love to abuse it though. Let's also not forget that Jesus, Christianity, Catholicism, etc. have been portrayed in many different ways. For example, shows like South Park and Family Guy are probably the biggest examples in terms of Religious Parody. Not to mention the countless comedians who use religion in their jokes. Don't let this painting ignite a fire inside of you that you won't be able to extinguish. I'm not the biggest Obama fan, but I believe he has done some very good things since he took office. That being said he's made mistakes as well, but he's a politician so it's no surprise that he didn't follow through on everything he said he was going to do in the time frame that he gave. Again, I'm not trying to offend anyone and I hope nobody takes what I've written as an insult. That was never my intention. If you choose to respond, please just be respectful and I'll be more than happy to compare thoughts on this. Thank You Everyone.

  104. Jackie Leddy-Wiklanski

    Obama is the furthest thing from Jesus! I get very upset at movies, tv shows, cartoons, etc. that knock down religions – no matter what the religion is. I'm hurt seeing this picture.

  105. Robert McIntosh

    I don't think the painter was trying to compare him to Jesus. Don't let this painting fuel your dislike for Obama, because then you're letting your anger get the best of you

  106. James E Blunt

    no I don't go alone with it either less not go to craze with his reelection this just only shows this person or people who think this don't know GOD and HIS SON they only know about them all I can do is pray for them I think it is stated in the BIBLE that we are to make no graving images or statues of him.

  107. Aury Lopez

    Kev….I feel so sorry for you and your believes. May the lord Jesus Christ change your heart. You are a liberal and believe everything you see on TV. George and Romney at least are Christians and Obama is a muslim.

  108. Gail Moore

    Art is intended to be provocative, and nothing promotes provocativeness better than religious symbols attached to it – at least these days. Remember "Piss Christ"? Art is what we want it to be or perceive it as being; it's a tell about what we're drawn to.

  109. Gail Moore

    We're all potential living gods, and we're not behaving that way. The concept is living, and the concept itself is a part of what many think of as "God" – a particular way of being in the world.

  110. Feral Wild

    Reid Tock : Oooooh socialism is so bad. Down with the fire departments, down with libraries, and GOD DAMNIT down with all the public parks. I wear the badge of Liberalism with pride.

  111. Everett Herbert

    Some of folks crack me up. If your god is god I'm sure he can take care of himself and in due time take care of the heathens. Relax, laugh at yourselves once and a while and don't get your panties all twisted up.

  112. Gail Moore

    Yasser, it's okay that it happened. It speaks volumes about preconceived notions and our other blind spots, and I think it is our right and our responsibility to tell the government and the powers that be when we do or don't like something. Prohibition of the free expression about something you disagree with is tyranny. I'm for letting the people have their say; we might learn something – and you DON'T know what we do when we learn these things, so quit saying you do.

  113. Henri Weatherspoon

    Works at an elementary school. I really hope you're a custodian and not one of the teachers there…

  114. Marians Musings

    Kev, you are so right about the priests. But you need to read "From Crayons to Condoms." It isn't just priests, the public schools are inviting pedophiles into the classrooms and promoting deviant behavior and bullying, while squelching achievement. People are rewriting textbooks to paint us and our country's founders as terrorists and whitewashing real terrorists. Once you become aware of how of the track education has slid, you will be able work to restore the innocence of little boys and girls everywhere. Education needs people with your values to effect meaningful reform.

  115. Anonymous

    Kev Skuthan how can you say you believe in God but don't believe that the Bible is accurate?? You either believe it all or believe in none. Plain and simple.

  116. CharandMike Van Horn

    Lloyd, Jesus did die for our sins, and yet he is alive! 1 Corinthians 15 is one of the least historically contested books by critical scholars in the New Testament. You don't need to take my word for it, looked up Dr. Gary Habermas, he has a great deal to say about the historical facts surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 15:3-6, “For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the Scriptures, and that he was seen by Peter, then by the 12. And after that he was seen by over 500 brethren at once, whom the greater part remain to the present, but some have fallen asleep.” Christ died for my sins, as well as yours, and the man’s who painted this portrait. Would Christ agree with this painting? I don't think he would, but I do know that he still loves the man painted it!!

  117. Jefferson Tester

    Someone else (Glenn Beck) put an Obama bobble-head in a jar of beer, calling it "Obama in pee pee." Funny how the same people who are defending this "Obama as Christ" picture as being art, are horribly offended when Obama is dealt a similar hand as Christ when a crucifix was put in a bottle of actual human urine as was done in the equally distasteful piss-christ(which was ardently defended by most on the left as free speech.)

  118. Jefferson Tester

    Let me spell this out for you, Kev. Yes, Obama is a euro-socialist who is ardently trying to bring us into a similar economic position as the majority of the EU. Yes, Obamacare is a socialist notion, as is Romneycare, as is medicare. Even SS has it's roots in the socialist agenda and was a VERY important stumbling block to introduce to the US, so that the necessary changes could eventually be made to bring our nation to this point. The socialists have been here and working in the background of our economy and culture for over a century to get us here. Many of the things we see and hear have been directly or indirectly influenced by subtle changes to our very national identity. Even the recent cries of racism or classism have been purposefully brought about to bring us to this point. if you're truly interested in learning more about the history of this read this article.

  119. Anonymous

    I'm ok to nail him to a cross…just don't let joe biden take over afterwards.

  120. Jon Checefsky

    this is so disgusting, like what is wrong with people these days? This isn't just a mock towards the Christian's but it's also a mock towards our country's origin. I'm sure our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves right now.

  121. Yasser Obaid

    Gail Moore, I for one is outraged at this sort of behavior that allows people to make fun of holy figures like there aren't other people to poke fun at. Jesus is holy and I as a Muslim am mad to see someone compare Jesus to Obama who is not even worthy of the sandals Jesus walked with. @Terry Sherwood, we are conducting a protest in Louisiana tomorrow for this behavior against someone beloved to all of us.

  122. Justin Callahan

    Live and let live, If you hate the picture so much then don't look at it. Live and let live, Isn't that what the Bible teaches?

  123. Sheryl Hernandez

    You know…I've never made a comment when I read an article. I just read them, see how it gradually changes from respected opinionated chatter to taking things personally and the offensive remarks begin. I hope I don't get any :) I don't like the painting, let me get that out of the way. But I understand how artists take risks in sending a message. When tejano artist Selena passed away I had seen a painting of her above what looked like a shrine of candles all around her. The picture of Christ was smaller than hers and I honestly got upset because people get so caught up that it turns from admiration to something that can resemble idolatry. I don't know, I'm nobody here but… I understand we all have our strong beliefs and we stand by them. I personally feel, whatever angers, saddens or confuses me I just… pray. It really doesn't make me feel any better if I voice my opinions in a negative way. I'm not perfect, I merely observe and nod my head. Peace :)

  124. Kane Smith

    This artist is full of shit. This is a blatant attack against christians. He is using the word metaphor as a flimsy shield to try and defend this shit painting. There is a difference between painting him as a police officer, or even a knight in shining armor to try and use it as a metaphor, but this is painting him as jesus, not some fictitious knight. The crown of thorns especially being on his head shows that.

  125. Charlie F

    I was going to say that this guy is a douche just trying to garner his 15 minutes of fame by pissing people off. HOWEVER, his own commentary makes him a genius! HE SAID: "What you see in this painting will be a reflection of your own partisan view and that is precisely the point.” and EVERY COMMENT I READ reflects that to a fucking t! CONGRATS D'ANTUONO! You just exposed PEOPLE'S IGNORANCE better than I have EVER SEEN! PEOPLE, SLAP YOURSELVES; ITS YOUR FAULT CIVILIZATION IS FALLING INTO TYRANNY! Either wake up and stop being so fucking ignorant, or get ready to stand in lines waiting for your gruel ration! Jesus fucking Christ! Oh, and if you are too stupid to realize, I am raining shame down on BOTH SIDES, you are all soooo fucking ignorant…*buries face in hands*.

  126. Curtis Jordan

    I see NO problem with this. If this is so wrong, why is Cesare Borgia accepted as the face of Jesus? Why is it okay for him to be portrayed as Jesus? The artist of Obama as Jesus isn't saying Obama is Jesus. He saying he is the savior to our politics as a Nation.

  127. Diana Johnson

    I would like to say this…hear one hear all…GOD will take judgement on this…when men try to be GOD…THEY WILL FALL…..GOD SAID…THOU SHALL NOT HAVE ANY OTHER GODS BEFORE ME…AND JESUS CHRIST IS THE SON OF GOD…NOT OBAMA…so let the church araise and come togather…bap, pres, lut, calthic, pentecostal , assa.joh…morman…get the picture…it is time we take back america…and stand for GOD…it don't matter what you are… it just matters if you really love and believe in GOD…

  128. Diana Johnson


  129. Diana Johnson


  130. Theresa Burrus

    So many crazy Christians that it hurts. And so much bad grammar. Coincidence? I think not. Who needs an education when you have Jesus?

  131. Willie A. Adams

    I find it comical those of you posting about Jesus Christ and how he's your Savior and blah blah and at the same time you're posting backhanded comments about Muslims, Democrats, President Obama, and etc when Jesus would have never spoken like that towards people simply because they had a different beliefs. It's art everyone and art is subjective.

  132. Willie A. Adams

    Aury can you also see Russia from your house too? By your comment I put you in the same department as Palin for intelligence. What was the last book you read?

  133. Anonymous

    great, Kyle Wheeler , he is socialist because his policies are socialist, well Hitler was a nazi because his policies were Nazi-ish, henceforth it must be bad. Notice if how I use the same language as you use to criticize Obama, not even Hitler sounds like a serious problem. You know why? becuase you don't have any facts to share. It is hard even to call Denmark and Sweden socialist, they have: free healthcare, free college, and free schooling in childhood that is amazing. "Socialist" Finland has such a great education system that is recognized internationally as the best in the world, better than Japan's system. Those EU nations that have EXTRA money instead of MASSIVE debt are what you would call socialist, that is great but then why shouldn't we have it here? Don't tell me that different forms of government work in different places, that is rubbish, we are in debt and they are not. What does that say about the mismanagement of America? And don't just blame the national debt on Obama either, THE NATIONAL DEBT ALWAYS GOES UP THE SAME % REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THE DEMS OR REPUBLICANS ARE IN POWER, PERIOD. THE NUMBERS DON'T LIE!

  134. Nate Ross Sr.

    Oreo cookie? Really? God created man in his image so who is to say he is pale skinned when their is so many different skin colors? This is why america will never get better because of ignorant racist like yourself. I guess we should bring back lynchinings maybe that will make you happy… I hope i'm by the gates of heaven when it's your judgement time so I can watch when god presents his son and he has skin of bronze and hair of wool like the bible states, unlike the savior you have been worshiping with blue eyes and blond hair. Remember you are a man of color also, people of color did not come from white skin you can't pull color from it but you can sure pull white skin color from dark skin so by stating this what color are you??? An oreo also… So go back to the barn and put on your hood and stick it up your own arse. I hope you like the heat. Get over the picture it's art and that's all it is.

  135. Paul Bodnick

    Obamacare is supported by Jesus. We talk every night. He sent us Barack. He wants the rich to pay more taxes. Oddly, he wants pot legalized and says he smokes regularly with St Peter,

  136. Nate Ross Sr.

    I don't think you know your beliefs either because if you did you would know that our God and savior (as the bible states) said not to worship idols which you do when marching down the street with Mother Mary with blond hair and blue eyes and treating the pope like he is God by kissing his hand and washing his feet. Jesus had hair of wool and bronze skin, why not march with that. For you to defend the Catholic church like it's the real deal is just crazy, just ask the parents of the kids whom were molested by the priest that were shipped around the country by the Catholic church to continue to take advantage of peoples beliefs and rape young men in hope to not make the church look bad. Is that God-like?

  137. Michael Smith

    Although this is wrong in most peoples eyes. He is protected by the 1st amendment. And getting upset about it is just the response the guy was looking for. Besides, religions have been bashing one another for centuries.

  138. Jackie Leddy-Wiklanski

    Well – put it this way. If Obama resigns or is impeached, Biden will take over – and all heck will break loose. … It's not in my hands – so I will just respect Obama for taking the next 4 years and HOPE that he does make some changes for the better and not increase our debt. – Not starting another WWII on facebook – be glad that I am actually being civil now.

  139. Malcom Lagauche

    Maybe Catholics don't realize that some of their art and depictions offend some people. It's okay for them to do that but not for anyone to do something that upsets them. Leave art alone. It's art for a reason. It's meant to be thought-provoking.

  140. CharandMike Van Horn

    Kev Skuthan, “but this whole theory that the bible is accurate is laughable.” Please hear me because I don't mean this in a mean or condescending way, but you need to really read and research something before you make a comment like that. I, like you, thought for a long time that the Bible had no historical or reliable value, that it was considered a book of faith because that's what it took to believe anything that was written in it. What I found was will quite literally the exact opposite of the statement that you made. Critical scholars, however you want to define then liberal or non-Christian, have found that the Bibles transmittance over two centuries is at least 99.5% accurate. It is by far the best documented and authenticated book in all of history. Let me summarize what I mean, the best historically documented book besides the Bible, is a ancient writing called the Homers Iliad, perhaps you're familiar with it. We have 643 original manuscripts for this writing. The New Testament alone, not including the Old Testament, we have almost 5700 original Greek manuscripts. If you take the 643 copies of homers Iliad and compare them they are 95% identical whereas again overlaying the 5700 copies they are 99.5% identical. With the New Testament most scholars agree that the original writings took place within or shortly after the first century A.D.and the earliest manuscript that we have is dated well within 100 years after the original writing 115-135A.D. Compared to the homers Iliad, which was written in 900 A.D. and the first manuscript occurring in the 1400s almost 500 years later. The New Testament was written almost a century before Homers Iliad, yet it has nine times the copies, we have manuscripts within a generation of the original writings and has a much more accurate transmittance. These are the facts not my opinion but what non-biblical scholars affirm about the New Testament text.

  141. Mutahi Gatere

    Thankfuly my God does not ask me to avenge for Him. You can insult Him all you want, He is big enough and if He doenot like it He can take his own action. In fact He would judge me if I took any action on any one. So for all you Christians who are comparing Christianity with Islam please stop it as there is no rewad for you in heaven for committing any crime in the name of God, thisincludes even hate.

  142. Wesley Martin

    Read Isaiah Ch. 1 America is already under judgement and still refuses to repent. Thiis backslidden nation has changed her gods and embraced the gods of this world . The only remedy is found in verses 16-18 .

  143. Sue Norton

    Lloyd Domres Because He didn't stay dead! He rose from the grave, which is the most convincing evidence that He is indeed who He says He is: God.

  144. Gregory L Iezzi

    It's just a picture for Christs sake, displayed as part of an art gallery at a community college. Get a grip man. Actually, as I think about it, the GOP and the Tea Party have been trying to crucify our president for four years now, so the picture is fitting. By the way haters, enjoy FOUR MORE YEARS. :) National Healthcare got a foot in the door.

  145. Jim Fulloon

    A picture of Jesus on the walls of a school or govt office is just a picture too. And it graced those walls for a hundred years. Now all of a sudden you have these brain dead Atheists with the most pathetic life and don't know how to spend it but to change American culture forever. Leave everything and everyone be to all the complainers. I don't give a flip what you all do. Why not just ignore others who may be different. Nothing can be more simple.

  146. Gregory L Iezzi

    I went to public schools only and never saw a picture of Jesus on the walls there. I don't remember pictures of Jesus in government offices but I do believe in separation of church and state.
    As far as "Why not just ignore others who may be different" my question to you is why don't you follow your own advice? This post is YOUR complaint about a point of view different than yours. :)
    "Brain dead Atheists" Jim? You judging your neighbor Jim? LOL Check this out:

  147. Jim Fulloon

    So you are for taking "In God we trust off money" It's only been there for 300 years. If you change your channels on TV and a porno movie is on, do you sit and watch it and complain to anyone who will listen or just keep on flipping channels? That plaque in front of the courthouse with a prayer on it that's been there for hundreds of years, why is it a bad thing now? Saying the pledge of allegiance we been saying in school for hundreds of years as well as in all govt buildings before the start of day. Why is it wrong now? All those stupid idiotic brain dead pathetic dopes with no job who just drive around neighborhoods all day looking for nativity scenes on private property as well as church lawns then reporting them and filing charges to get it removed…what is their major malfunction? Just like the channels on TV. If you don't like it then don't look at it. Complaining to Mommy is what a rat does. Do you know what happens to rats? Come on now how silly is this crap. I do follow my own advice. I let others live their lives and don't give a damn if they hang Santa or Easter Bunny on their front door. Nor do I care if they hang the Jewish star or the fat belly of Budda.

  148. Jim Fulloon

    Why do you have to fight on everything I say anyway. Why do I have to hold back posting things for fear of you fighting with me? If I answered all the false nonsense you post you'd likely hang me. I know I am right and that is not my opinion or anyone elses. It's whats right and wrong. Isn't this sorry excuse what people who fought wars use? That fighting for our freedom crap? Freedom of speech and all that nonsense? Yet everytime there is an anti Obamba post your govt has it removed. Piss on the govt. No one is fighting for my or your freedoms overseas. They are just fighting, period. On issues I and you probably don't give a damn about. Now have a little sympathy for those with opinions, facts and thoughts different then yours.

  149. Lo Taylor

    No serious mind blames our president for this painting. Mr. Obama didn't paint or pose for the painting.. Mr. Obama never owned slaves, never tried to keep women from voting, is trying to end wars He did not start. Compared to many of the other 44 presidents and what they represented I am proud of my president…. Its those sons of Japeth the republicans, that blame Him for things THEY veto.

  150. Gregory L Iezzi

    Jim, I didn't say I am for taking "in god we trust" off our money, it's meaningless to me. I really don't care if it stays or is taken off, same as nativity scenes etc. What is much more important to me is when the religious try to impose their will on all Americans through their influence on law and lawmakers. I was very happy to see the "religious right" defeated in November.
    Although I don't look for it, sometimes I'll watch that porno flick. :) If people didn't watch it they won't show it.
    Why do you assume that Atheist activists are brain dead and jobless. What do you base that on? You know you shouldn't judge others. :(
    Again you say "If you don't like it then don't look at it" – "Complaining to Mommy is what a rat does., I reminded you of that before because this whole thread started by a picture of Obama that you didn't like but looked at it and made a big deal out of. You are the one complaining here. It is clear that you do not take your own advice Jim. Makes no difference to me if people have jesus, santa, the easter bunny, the jewish star or even the gloriously fat Buddah on there doors. :)

  151. Gregory L Iezzi

    Jim, we do have plenty of disagreements on many issues but I consider it spirited discussion not fighting. I think it only seems like I "fight" you on everything you say but I don't really. "Hang you", nah; maybe correct or oppose what you say, point out your inconsistencies etc at times. You have no problems speaking your mind on my posts so you should not have a problem when I respond to your posts. It's only fair. Don't hold back postings, you have the right to post whatever you want. You can delete my posts or block me from posting to your wall.
    Is it true that " Yet everytime there is an anti Obamba post your govt has it removed." I see plenty of anti-Obama posts, like yours right here. I post some anti-Obama stuff myself. For example I oppose his signing the NDAA, use of drones and support of Israel.
    The government must have a criteria for deleting posts, if you catch one that you think may be deleted post it on my wall. I will comment on it, track it and protest any unwarranted deletion.
    Merry Christmas. :)

  152. Alice Coffman

    I think maybe the painter was being sarcastic. His way of pointing out what appears to be a certain lack of humility and respect for our Christian Nation.

  153. Kerry W. Greene

    Not only would the Islamic crazies be upset but I bet my last dollar that ANTI-CRIST OBAMA would blow his mind and probably have the artist arresred for treason. This painting just inflates his already sickining veiw of his self as GOD. OVER ALL MEN AND WOMAN. He needs no more help from a left wing RACEIST LIKE THE ARTIST WHO painted it. It should be broken up and burnt as trash to warm the homeless. Since the God Obama has put millions ont the street and has children starving while he spends millions of OUR TAX DOLLARS ON HIS LAVISH VACATIONS. What a peice of work those two are. The Anti-Christ and his minion.will do all then can to kepp the people in the dark abyss of dispare and doom.

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