Aries Spears Was Repeatedly Punched By Zo Williams

Aries Spears Was Repeatedly Punched By Zo Williams During A Live Radio Show, Calls Him A ‘B**ch N***a’

Aries Spears was repeatedly punched in the head by Zo Williams during the Corey Holcomb 5150 online radio show last Wednesday. The radio interview became intense after Spears interrupted Williams off during a debate about former president Barack Obama triggering an exchange of racial insults and cursing. This all happened while they were on a live broadcast, and TMZ managed to get its hands on the censored video. Aries Spears was repeatedly punched by Zo Williams after the latter was angered by the comedian’s rude behavior.

Aries Spears Was Repeatedly Punched By Zo Williams
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However, it seems there’s going to be a rematch after Spears refused to back down and acknowledged his mistake. Instead of settling the issue peacefully, Spears blasted Williams on Twitter calling him a “bi*** n**ga.”

A one-sided boxing match happened live on the radio show

That was insane! The boxing incident happened during the Corey Holcomb 5150 online radio show. Witnesses of the feud told TMZ that Zo and his co-hosts were angry with Spears for being rude. According to Aries Spears, he said that he was drunk during the show which explains his rude demeanor. However, no apology was heard from him and instead dismissed Zo as a “b**** ni**a” on Twitter.

What exactly happened at the live broadcast?

The heated radio interview turned violent last week after co-host Zo Williams repeatedly threw blows at Aries Spears. Their exchange convos were tainted with racial insults and profanities before it got physical. The altercation started when comedian Spears interrupted William during a debate about former president Barack Obama.

Williams was heard yelling, “shut the f*** up!’ to Spears as he cuts him off. Their exchanges boiled up to a racial argument with both men calling each other names and explicitly yelling at each other. Williams threatened to hit Spears with his comment, “a motherf***er will put hands on you and give you real black eyes.”

In reply, Spears yelled back, “come on don’t do that n****.” A few moments later, a feud broke out between them after Zo took off his glasses and said, “I’ve had about enough of you s***, that’s the truth, shut the f***up while I’m talking.”

Aries Spears Was Repeatedly Punched By Zo Williams
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Spears threw a mouthful of a rant and repetitively called the co-host as a “light-skinned ni*** who wish [he] could be black.” That was the last straw! A woman was seen trying to dissipate the fight but to no avail. At that time, Williams then claimed that he isn’t drunk at all. But, Aries boldly announced that he is drunk and that he’s going to f*** him up.

After Zo jumped out of his seat, Aries Spears was repeatedly punched in the head while he used his arms and hands to protect his head. Security was immediately called to the scene and the footage cuts off. The whole thing was caught on video and although the management has censored its release, leakage of the footage was still seen online.

The aftermath of their physical quarrel

If you think Spears owned up to his embarrassing mistake, you’re wrong. After the incident, the MADtv star took to Twitter to angrily voice out his sentiments. He tweeted, “So on the 5150 show wit @thecoreyholcomb I touched dudes feelings so much he off on me w/o warning! Peep it lol b**** n****. Oh, the nerve of that guy!

Luckily, host Corey Holcomb slammed Spears for his seeming unapparent comment. Fellow Comedian Corey replied to Spears’ comment and saying b**** n****a to a guy isn’t a joke. “I got a room full of people who saw who the b**** was.” In a second tweet, he insisted that Spears act like a man and apologize. He is willing to call off the matter if he owns up to his mistake. He even sends his prayers that Spears may learn what the truth is.

Currently, there are no reports of injuries from Spears and no lawsuits have been filed by both parties. Perhaps, the persons involved have agreed to a private settlement.

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