Tyga faces money woes.

Tyga’s Money Woes: Rapper Faces $250k Compensation For Injured Fan Who Says ‘It’s Been 5 Years’

It seems that Tyga continues to face money woes amid his rumored split with on-and-off girlfriend Kylie Jenner. This time, the rapper is being asked to pay a whopping $250,000 compensation for an injured fan, reports claim. Apparently, the amount he owed has been long overdue, and Tyga has yet to “prioritize” the issue.

According to TMZ, a concertgoer named Shyanne Riekena was injured during Tyga’s concert in Grand Rapids, Michigan five years ago. Apparently, a light stand fell and hit her head during the event, leaving her with injuries. Riekena sustained a four-inch gash on her head and suffered head trauma as well as permanent scarring. The fan also endured back injuries.

In 2015, Shyanne decided to sue Tyga Music, LLC over the injuries. The Michigan resident was able to win the case, with a judge awarding her a total of $235,000 in compensation. However, Tyga Music made it clear that they will not shell out any amount of money for Riekena.

This year, Tyga Music remains firm in not paying the injured fan. According to reports, the compensation amount has now ballooned due to interest, raking in almost $250,000. Shyanne, who has been suffering from the injuries for five years, is now indignant at Tyga and his business for now owning up to the responsibility.

Sources revealed that Riekena hired attorney Boris Treyzon for the third time in hopes of collecting the overdue money from Tyga. In addition, the victim also demanded the rapper to prioritize her case despite everything going on with him right now.

“I know that Tyga has a lot going on right now with other people but my situation happened five years ago so on the list of priority wise I should be taken care of. This was a big incident, it caused a lot of chaos in my life and it’s been five years, so he needs to take this seriously.”

So far, the “100s” rapper has not commented on the issue.

This is not the first time Tyga has faced controversial money issues. It can be recalled that the rapper has been criticized in the past for allegedly flaunting an extravagant lifestyle despite numerous complaints of debts.

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Last month, Kylie Jenner’s rumored ex-boyfriend was asked to pay $65,000 after a promoter sued him for allegedly “breaking a performance contract.” According to reports, Tyga was signed to perform at a Las Vegas show and contracted not to perform at competing clubs. However, the controversial rapper ignored the contract and violated its rules. Tyga was MIA in court, making it an easy win for the promoter.

The “Rack City” rapper also owed almost $200,000 in a lease and alleged damage. F&S Investment Properties claimed that Tyga rented a space for his company, Egypt Last Kings Clothing, and allegedly poured ink down the drain. The rapper also allegedly angered other tenants.

Also, the 27-year-old musician faced another hefty lawsuit, charging him a whopping $200,000 for jewelry debt. According to reports, a famous jeweler claimed that Tyga stiffed him in 2013 for an expensive golden watch and chain. He also owed $150,000 to a car lease company over alleged missing payments for a Ferrari 488.

With all of Tyga’s money woes, many were quick to speculate that Kylie Jenner has been helping him out to pay some the debts. However, the reality star has not confirmed or denied the allegations.

Aside from controversial money woes, Tyga also had a run-in with the law amid his rumored split with Kylie Jenner. On Tuesday night, the rapper was spotted being hauled by LAPD officers after leaving a Hollywood nightclub. According to reports, Tyga was pulled over, boarded into a squad and taken away. Apparently, the rapper’s new Mercedes G-wagon has paper plates.

“Officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that had paper plates,” a police officer revealed to People. “However, due to a lot of paparazzi being at the location, they transported Mr. Stevenson to the Hollywood station. He passed the field sobriety test and was released. He was cited for a minor traffic violation.”

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