Vanessa Grimaldi Reportedly 'Hated' Behind-The-Scenes At 'DWTS': Will She Ruin Nick's Chances To Win? [Featured Image by ABC]

Vanessa Grimaldi Reportedly ‘Hated’ Behind-The-Scenes At ‘DWTS’: Will She Ruin Nick’s Chances To Win?

Nick Viall continued his impressive run on Dancing with the Stars Monday night. Although the Bachelor star scored in the 30s with dance pro Peta Murgatroyd, his fiancée, Vanessa Grimaldi, is getting on everyone’s nerves.

An insider told Radar Online that the cast and crew of DWTS can’t stand Grimaldi’s constant presence on the set. She apparently won’t leave Viall alone and “has become a complete nuisance” for everyone on the show.

Before Viall took the stage Monday night, he shared a photo of him and Grimaldi making out while he was rehearsing for his routine. The only problem is that Grimaldi isn’t supposed to be at the studio. Is she ruining his chances at winning?

At the end of Viall’s dance with Murgatroyd, TMZ reports that he grabbed Grimaldi from the audience for a prolonged makeout session in front of the judges. Viall may have scored a few extra points with the judges but he almost lifted Grimaldi’s dress up a little too high for comfort.

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If Vanessa Grimaldi is creating problems between Viall and Murgatroyd, they definitely didn’t show it. According to Us Magazine, Viall and Murgatroyd performed a rumba to “Shape of You” for the theme Most Memorable Year. The two chose 2016 for their inspiration, the years that Viall and Grimaldi met on The Bachelor.

“Looking back at 2016, [it] was kind of the year that I feel really paid off from just being willing to take risks and take chances and not give up on some things, even though at times, it would have been easy to walk away,” Viall shared before taking the dance floor.

The judges were impressed with Viall’s performance and Len Goodman, a notoriously difficult judge, said it was his best dance yet. After Viall’s steamy kiss with Grimaldi, which eventually prompted host Tom Bergeron to tell them to cool it, fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the moment.

The feelings from fans were a mixed bag. Some followers were happy to see Viall and Grimaldi expressing their love but others thought the whole thing was little too awkward for national television. On the whole, most agreed that the kiss was a touch too long.

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“I have watched the bachelor religiously and tonight @viallnicholas28 finally seemed real and genuine… That kiss!!! #dwts,” one fan wrote.

“Me: OH CUTE. He brought his fiancé on stage,” another fan added. “Also me: *watching them kiss for more than three seconds* Okay. That’s enough.”

Other fans noted that they thought the kiss was a little tacky and that the couple was desperately trying to show how they are still in love and engaged. Despite the negative comments, Viall’s move paid off with a great score from the judges. If he keeps this up, the reality star will likely make it far on DWTS. Of course, that also means that more makeout sessions are probably on the way.

Viall and Grimaldi have not commented on the rumors about her involvement on set. But, their romance has been hounded by breakup rumors since Viall proposed on The Bachelor finale a few months ago. Grimaldi reportedly is not happy with the amount of attention Viall has been getting since their romance went public. Is that the reason for their cringe-worthy public make-out on DWTS?

Either way, based on their latest appearance together, it doesn’t seem like they care what anyone thinks about their love. Fans can only hope they keep things under control in coming weeks as the competition heats up.

Fans can watch Viall compete for the mirror ball trophy when new episodes of Dancing with the Stars air Monday nights on ABC.

Tell us! Do you think Vanessa Grimaldi’s on-set behavior could hurt Nick Viall’s chances at winning the mirror ball trophy? Let us know in the comments below.

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