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Tyrese Apologizes For Comments Made About ‘Promiscuous Women’

Singer Tyrese recently put his foot into his mouth when he spoke out about promiscuous women. During a recent interview with BET, Tyrese shared his opinions about how he feels women should carry themselves. It turns out that some of his views are quite antiquated.

“I appreciate all the ladies out there that are still single and they’re holding out. Don’t settle. Don’t settle,” he said.

“Because I’m gonna tell you all right now, and this might be harsh, but sluts, sk–zers, h–s, tr-mps and overly aggressive, promiscuous women, they are never without a man because they don’t have no standards. They ready to have sex with any and everything that want to have sex with them. But when you are single and you actually love yourself and you know your value and your self worth, you hold out until God sends you what’s yours.”

Many people, including Wendy Williams, called Tyrese out on his comments, citing them as sexist. Much of the criticism was directed at the fact that Tyrese talked down about women who choose to explore their sexuality, but not at men who do the same thing.

I just love this life………… I just realized that tomorrow isn’t promised and as you’re doing interviews you MUST leave real insight and details cause when you die one day people will be able to look back and watch and listen to your wisdom insight and info that you’ve decided to share and pass on……. Other people will JUST have interviews about movies and albums – I wanna be like bishop TD Jakes, Denzel Washington, Pastor Creflo Dollar, Rev Run and PAC, I wanna be like Steve Jobs, I wanna be like Martin and Malcolm and leave a legacy……… When you jump out there be ready for the push back and feedback- Life is good keep smiling keep shining and keep passing on what you know and feel…..

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During the March 13 episode of Wendy Williams, the outspoken talk show host held nothing back, when she responded to Tyrese’s comments. After stating that she didn’t like men telling her what to do, she said she would listen if it was a boyfriend of more than three years. Wendy added that she thinks Tyrese just doesn’t like women.

“Tyrese, you never say anything bad about men,” she said directly into the camera. “You’re always talking bad about women. He likes men.”

Apparently, Tyrese is now feeling a little remorseful about his comments. The singer/actor took to his official Instagram account to post a lengthy apology.

“My mother taught me better than this,” he said. “Lesson learned in life you will learn that It’s not always what’ you say, it’s the how’ we choose to say it. For the record I’m far from a misogynist, a male chauvinist or flat out mean….. My intentions were there but my delivery f***king horrible…. And clearly all the way off…. And for that I sincerely apologize to all of the ladies,” he wrote. “Please accept this as my sincere apology for my poor choice of words S- gets real when it goes from a social media dragging to my own wife giving me the side eye and coming at me, even she’s not happy with the way I’ve conducted myself.”

He added: “I want to truly say that I’m sorry, I’m not APOLOGIZING in an effort to be politically correct, I apologize as a man first for the things that I’ve recently said about choices women have the right to make, for the terms that I’ve used and the way I’ve come across. I was raised to think and feel certain ways, and I’m learning new things that combat those messages.

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What do you think about Tyrese’s apology? Do you think that it was sincere? You can add your thoughts in the comment section below.

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