Tony Romo takes the football field.

NFL Rumors: Do Not Rule Out Tony Romo Return To The Dallas Cowboys

The Tony Romo soap opera is not coming to an end anytime soon it seems. As of now, it seems that the former starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys is retired. And while that may be the case, there is at least one former NFL head coach who believes that Romo has not shut the door on a return to football. In this former coach’s eyes, even a return to the Dallas Cowboys appears to be realistic.

To some people, the Tony Romo saga has gotten out of hand. The talk of will he play football, will he remain as analyst conversation has now taken over for the original narrative.

Before Tony Romo decided that it was best that he walked away from the NFL (courtesy of the Dallas Morning News) the story was about which team would he play for next. The answer thus far appears to be the Dallas Mavericks. At least that is what the Mavericks had hoped.

The celebration of Tony Romo (via was on full display courtesy of the Dallas Mavericks.

Romo participated in the Mavericks’ shoot-around and layup drills. He would even tease the Mavericks’ fans with a faux entrance in a game. It was safe to say that Tony Romo was enjoying the spotlight. Because he likes the attention, the question of will he return to the NFL will linger on until he shuts the door on the possibility. But again, one former NFL coach does not believe Tony Romo is done.

Former New York Jets head coach Eric Mangini went to Fox Sports Radio and expressed his thoughts on Romo staying retired. The former coach does not appear to be convinced that Tony Romo will keep away from an NFL sideline. Mangini’s reasoning was based on Romo becoming frustrated with the play from the quarterbacks he will be covering as the lead analyst on CBS.

Eric Mangini brought up some valued points (courtesy of the Dallas Morning News via Fox Sports Radio) while discussing the former Cowboys’ signal caller.

“How many games is he going to broadcast and see average quarterbacks and be frustrated with the fact that he’s not playing? And you look at a situation like Oakland last year, that for me would’ve been a perfect scenario for a guy like Tony Romo.”

Mangini did rule out the possibility of Tony Romo returning to the Dallas Cowboys if he decided to step out of the television booth. The scenario in which Mangini painted was a legitimate one.

“I could see if Dak Prescott gets hurt in Dallas, him coming back and playing in Dallas. I think he’s got a lot of good football left in him and as long as this isn’t an injury situation where his doctors said don’t play, I think it’s going to be too hard for him to say no when an opportunity comes up, with whoever that is, if he has a chance to win.”

Mangini struck a cord when he mentioned the possibility of current Cowboys’ starter Dak Prescott getting hurt. As covered by Inquisitr News, the Cowboys are now dangerously thin at the quarterback position.

Something else to consider is the fact that Tony Romo has yet to sign (via Dallas Morning News) his retirement papers. That does not mean he will follow through with his broadcasting career, but it is curious that Romo has not filed his paperwork.

Are we to assume that Tony Romo is retired? Yes! While Romo has enjoyed the adulation he has received after leaving the game, he has to think about life after football. His recent string of injuries may he led his decision.

Will Tony Romo come back to the NFL?

If Jerry Jones calls and offers Romo the starting quarterback’s job, he will consider it. For now, nothing is certain.

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