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Angus T. Jones: Charlie Sheen Reacts To ‘Two And A Half Men’ Video

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Charlie Sheen weighed in on the growing Angus T. Jones Two and a Half Men “filth” video controversy. During an interview with People magazine the former sitcom star called the CBS show “cursed.”

The Anger Management star had this to say about the Jones video for Forerunner Christian Church:

“With Angus’s Hale-Bopp-like meltdown, it is radically clear to me that the show is cursed.”

Sheen’s statement about the bombshell video was unusually short. The actor watched Jones grow up and perhaps did not want to be too negative or judgmental about his former co-star’s publicly voiced beliefs.

Angus T. Jones had been a relatively quiet member of the Two and a Half Men cast, according to Inside TV. The 19-year-old actor managed to stay out of the limelight when Sheen and producer Chuck Lorre poked sticks at each other almost two years ago.

Charlie Sheen’s “cursed” observation may have some merit. The ratings of Two and a Half Men have reportedly suffered since Sheen’s womanizing and bottle-tilting character was written-off the show. Replacement star Ashton Kutcher was embroiled in a highly-publicized split from Demi Moore not long after taking center stage on the CBS sitcom.

Angus Jones had this to say when participating in a video interview for Forerunner Christian Church:

“A lot of people don’t like to think about how deceptive the enemy is. There’s no playing around when it comes to eternity. People will see us and be like, ‘I can be a Christian and be on a show like Two and a Half Men.’ You can’t. You cannot be a true God-fearing person and be on a television show like that. I know I can’t.”

Despite his tirade Angus T. Jones plans to stay on the show.

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13 Responses to “Angus T. Jones: Charlie Sheen Reacts To ‘Two And A Half Men’ Video”

  1. Ron Carpenter

    Sheen is probably 100% accurate. This kid is a dime a dozen anyway. Get rid of him and bring in another kid if he wants to go let him go!

  2. Tish King Wilson

    You know… I recall Kirk Cameron, as he got older, got all holier than thou too when he was on his show. See what church does? Ruins a perfectly good person and make them think they are better than others.

  3. Tina Harner

    I have no problem with him doing his religion stuff. More power to him. But it's a TV show make believe and I honestly think he just ruined his career honestly…

  4. Daniel Miller

    You know, if you don't like any show, change the channel, or better still turn the TV off- Get a life! I think the show is funny with the Mom, and maid actresses, and the balcony chick. There are books worse than that show, and for "God's" sake, keep the Lord out of it. He/She has enough on it's plate to contend with. Oh, yeah, give the money back, I know kids who could use it.

  5. Tammy Koenig Wolfe

    Everything he said in his initial statement was "true". You can't be a Christian and participate in that show. Unfortunately, his God is still Money and/or Fame.

  6. Lawrence Gaydos

    How do you know what is God is… Clearly by walking away from the show and quite possible ending his career over this… you have the gall to say his God is money and fame… he is 19, up until now he has been a child in an adults world being told what to do… he is becoming a man and made a Christian man's decision… I hail him for that! He could be in the news for bad behavior like Lindsey Lohan, but he isn't … he is there for standing up for his Christian beliefs… radical or not… at least he shows moral fiber!!!

  7. Tammy Koenig Wolfe

    But that's the problem. He hasn't walked away from the show. At least now yet. That will be the true test of where his faith is.

  8. Lawrence Gaydos

    if your kid could grow up to be like angus or lindsey lohan… who would you pick? think about it…

  9. Anonymous

    The producer of Two and a Half Men can easily have Angus remain in a innocent role.

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