Box of Nintendo entertainment system classic edition.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition: Possible Reasons Why It Was Discontinued, How To Buy When The Last Stock Arriv

Nintendo NES Classic Edition stock has been a cause of concern for both the company and the gamers. Nintendo could never match the high demand, and as a result, most fans were unable to get their hands on the device.

Nintendo shocked the gaming world recently when it announced that it was discontinuing the NES Classic Mini after April, and will not provide any shipments to North America after this month. The news has resulted in more frustration for the fans that already were unable to get the console since its launch.

Nintendo spokesperson told IGN in a statement that the company had provided more NES Classic Edition stock than planned earlier. He further added that it was not meant to be an ongoing, long-term product.

Nintendo NES Classic edition has always been out of stock
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This move by the company has spawned a lot of “Nintendo hates money” jokes. However, there are a few possible genuine reasons that might have forced the company to take such a step. Although the company has not revealed any further information, it is important to try and understand their side of things to predict next stocks.

One of the most plausible reasons is that Nintendo is unable to keep up manufacturing for both Switch and NES Classic Edition. It is worth noting that Switch is also in high demand, and it looks like the company had to choose between the two products.

It is also possible that Nintendo was not making enough money on the consoles. The margins on the gaming hardware are slim, and companies usually make money from the software. However, with NES Classic that was not the case as it was pre-loaded with all the games.

The last possible reason that may have caused Nintendo to discontinue the console will definitely cheer the gaming fans. It is speculated that the company is gearing up for the holiday season. At present, it can only provide small quantities, too intermittently.

The demand for NES classic was always ahead of the supply, and Nintendo was never able to provide sufficient stock. Now after discontinuation of the console, the company will have enough time to build up sufficient stock.

NES consoles could be back in Holiday season
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Nintendo could be banking on the fact that gamers who want to buy the console now would still want it during the upcoming holidays. So, by the holiday season fans can expect sufficient NES Classic Edition stocks that will last the entire holiday season.

For fans who do not want to take this chance, as there is a possibility that NES Classic might not return, there are a few retailers from whom you can still buy the consoles. The good news is that Nintendo has assured that a few more shipments will be provided in April.

The most important thing that you need to do is to call your local retail stores and check for the arrival of the new stocks. This will give you a head start before the online portals update the stocks.

You can also check the online stock tracking portals such as BrickSeek and NowInStock. These sites are accurate and quick in updating the stocks. Also, sign up for their alerts to be notified as soon as new stock arrives.

As it has been the case over the past few months, expect Target to get more stocks than other retailers. Don’t forget to check Target stores outside the major cities as they too get a considerable number of consoles.

Other retailers such as Walmart and Toys R Us will also get new stocks. However, again do not expect huge quantities of consoles. Be prepared to rush to the nearest store as soon as the announcement is made as it will be sold out quickly.

If you do not mind spending up to five times the original price, then please head to Amazon and eBay. Scalpers are selling the consoles for about $300. With the NES Classic Edition being discontinued, expect the prices to go higher.

Nintendo had announced that the product would be discontinued in North America, but there was no mention of other countries. Post-April you can also check with retailers in the UK who ship internationally. Even with shipping, the cost would be less than that of eBay or Amazon.

One can only hope that Nintendo will re-launch the consoles during next holiday season with huge stocks, and finally gaming fans would be able to buy them without the terrible experience.

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