Dean Ambrose and Renee Young Comment On Her Wrestling Someday

WWE Rumors: Backstage Heat On Dean Ambrose And Renee Young With WWE Officials

Dean Ambrose and Renee Young are one of WWE’s most fun couples, but the newlyweds may also have heat backstage with WWE officials. The WWE Universe wasn’t aware of their relationship for a long time. Renee and Dean didn’t make their romance public until a few years ago. However, they’ve been dating since 2013.

After four years together, they got married last week during a small ceremony in Las Vegas. Their wedding wasn’t held in secret, but the event wasn’t rumored on social media or known at all. Renee Young revealed their nuptials on Twitter after Kevin Owens congratulated her during his interview on Taking Smack. WWE fans began speculating after Owens let it slip. Renee confirmed the speculation the next day on social media.

WWE officials only just acknowledged their relationship on WWE programming. It came to light while the Miz was being interviewed by Renee Young, which was meant to escalate the rivalry between him and Dean Ambrose over the Intercontinental Championship. Their relationship has been featured a great deal by the company over the past few months, but there is some speculation that the couple has some heat backstage.

Renee Young and Dean Ambrose Could Have Backstage Heat Together
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Last week during the “Superstar Shakeup,” Dean Ambrose was moved to Raw and Renee Young has become exclusive to SmackDown. Since the two are working separate brands, their time together on the road is a lot more scarce than it was before the brand extension. However, there is a bit of speculation about why WWE made the decision to split the couple onto two different brands while their relationship is becoming public.

Dave Meltzer has been speculating the potential reason why WWE officials sent Ambrose to Raw and Renee to SmackDown almost immediately after their wedding. It’s possible the powers that be did not realize their upcoming nuptials were so close. WWE officials are also not making decisions based on their personal lives, but some people are wondering if Ambrose and Young were split intentionally because of backstage heat.

There have been rumors about WWE punishing Ambrose for inappropriate behavior. However, he’s still the IC Champion, and Renee Young’s role on WWE programming is as solid as ever. It doesn’t seem like there is backstage heat on the newlyweds. WWE splitting them up is more than likely just a business decision.

Dean Ambrose and Renee Young Were Split By the WWE Superstar Shakeup
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The good thing about Renee Young’s role in WWE is she’s not an active performer. She’s really important to shows like Talking Smack, but moving her to Raw would not be as drastic a change as moving a top guy like “The Lunatic Fringe.” It’s been rumored that Ambrose and Young could work together on WWE television in the near future. On paper, they would likely work together much like John Cena and Nikki Bella just did.

Since Renee Young is such a likable personality, it would take a strong feud for her to step into the ring for a match. Renee has shown some interest in the idea before, but she would need to do some training. WWE fans adore her and Ambrose is capable of carrying a feud. The option will always be there, but it’s not likely right now because WWE officials split them up on Raw and SmackDown during the “Superstar Shakeup.”

Until recently, Renee Young and Dean Ambrose kept their personal likes away from the public eye. They’ve had more publicity because of Total Divas, being featured on WWE television, and their recent wedding. On paper, the WWE Universe can expect them to be mostly quiet going forward. They’ve emerged as one of the favorite couples in WWE. The future is bright, even if they’re on separate brands for the time being.

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