April the giraffe might give birth to another calf after she delivers her calf, watch live online

Watch Live Giraffe Cam As Animal Adventure Park Says Birth Of Calf May Not Be April’s Last [Video]

Update! April the Giraffe is giving birth now. Watch the Live Giraffe Cam via Facebook and YouTube.

Please be patient while the Facebook videos download. If you missed the birth, you are in luck. You may watch the live stream of the giraffe cam featuring April and her newborn calf in the video playlist above. The Facebook live videos below show the calf’s birth from a different angle.

While millions of people are tuning in to watch the live giraffe cam streamed by the Animal Adventure Park (AAP), that features YouTube star April, the upcoming birth may not be her last. In a new video shared on the official Animal Adventure Park Facebook page, AAP owner Jordan Patch stated that depending upon April’s labor, delivery, and post-partum behavior, it is possible the 15-year-old Reticulated giraffe and her 5-year-old mate Oliver may have one more calf. April has been the most watched giraffe pregnancy in history with millions having watched the live giraffe cam since it began streaming on Feb. 10 and hundreds of thousands tuning to the live YouTube feed at any given moment. If you have yet to watch the live giraffe cam, you may see it along with other featured Animal Adventure Park videos in the playlist below.

Watch Live Giraffe Cam Featuring April from Animal Adventure Park

Included in the video playlist is the official, live YouTube video featuring the giraffe cam and videos such as a quick barn tour and chat with AAP owner Jordan Patch, the April and Allysa bond, April the Giraffe sees Dr. Tim (her veterinarian), Q&A with Toys R Us Live, a message by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, a behind-the-scenes look at other animals in the park such as the park’s popular lynx and past streams from the live giraffe cam. Should the live feed from April’s giraffe stall go down due to weather or routine maintenance, the video will be updated in the player with the new and current stream. You can always check if the giraffe cam is live by clicking on the circle adjacent to the word live on the video. The circle will light up red when watching the live stream and turn gray when not. Be sure to click the circle when watching to skip ahead to the live feed as sometimes the stream buffers and may lag behind.

April the Giraffe is currently pregnant with her fourth calf. She became a viral internet sensation after Patch set up the live cam. The Inquisitr was first to report about the pregnant giraffe starring in her own YouTube television show and after that, the story went viral. The media picked up the story, shared the live giraffe cam and millions worldwide began watching and waiting for April’s calf to be born. More than just tuning to the live giraffe cam, the Animal Adventure Park has gone above and beyond to keep their fans informed on April’s progress and journey towards active labor. In the early days of the live giraffe cam, there was an open chat on the YouTube feed that was available 24/7. AAP staff regularly answered questions about life at the Animal Adventure Park, April’s behavior, her mate Oliver, other animals that call the Harpursville, New York petting zoo home, and giraffe conservation. Once the live giraffe cam went viral, however, it became difficult for staff to monitor the chat and ensure it was a G-rated environment. The live giraffe cam isn’t beloved by adults only. Many children across the world are spending time learning about giraffes, following April via the live cam and are anxiously awaiting the birth of April’s calf. To protect children from the abusive language that was taking place on the YouTube chat, the decision was made to shut down chat and only offer it during specified times.

The decision to remove chat from the live YouTube feed didn’t stop the Animal Adventure Park from conversing with April’s and the zoo’s fans. Instead, they provided daily and evening updates, special video updates via Facebook Live and speak directly to viewers in their Facebook page’s comments’ section. The interaction Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch has had with the viewers has undoubtedly propelled the zoo to success. Currently, the Animal Adventure Park’s Facebook page has over 1 million fans. The Animal Adventure Park’s YouTube channel has over 500,000 subscribers.

The AAP has been closed due to winter and will reopen on May 13, 2017. It is unknown what the turnout will be but if social media is any indication, it’s safe to assume opening day at the Animal Adventure Park may be standing room only.

Animal Adventure Park Owner Says April Might Have Another Calf

April the Giraffe has been pregnant for approximately 15 months. The public has waited since February to watch her go into active labor and deliver her calf live online. The thought of April being pregnant again might seem a bit overwhelming at this point as millions are waiting for calf number four to be born. Though it is too early to tell whether April’s body can sustain another pregnancy, Patch explained that should she be healthy enough, she could breed again, but if so, the fifth pregnancy would be her last. You can watch the video shared by the Animal Adventure Park where Jordan Patch answered the question and spoke about another pregnancy for April the Giraffe in the Facebook video below. Fast-forward to the 2:31-minute portion of the video. Patch stated the following in the video when asked if Oliver and April could breed again.

“Good question. It’s all going to depend upon April and a lot of variables we don’t know yet. Yeah, she’s 15-years-old. Could she support another pregnancy? Probably, but it’s all going to dictate on how this labor process goes, how the weaning process goes and also her body condition after the entire process. If she’s still in good shape and the vets deem it as safe to have another pregnancy we’ll do that. That would probably be her last.”

What do you think? Could you handle watching the live giraffe cam for another pregnancy? After April gives birth to her calf, the Animal Adventure Park will keep the live giraffe cam up for approximately one week. They want to ensure the public has time to see April bonding with her baby and continue the educational aspect of the giraffe cam. They will not keep the cam up permanently as they are opening the park on May 13 and will need to focus their energy on the zoo. They will continue to provide regular, video updates, and those who are subscribed to the Animal Adventure Park’s text update service (for a fee) not only get notifications when April is in active labor but also get first views of exclusive photos and videos.

Are you excited to watch April the Giraffe give birth live via the cam? Would you be willing to watch her go through another pregnancy, labor, and delivery to witness the birth of her fifth calf? April has met all the signs, requirements, and physical changes needed to go into active labor with her fourth calf. Labor may begin at any moment, and there is no way to accurately predict when her baby calf will be born. Is an Easter giraffe calf on the way? Are you still watching the live giraffe cam? Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments’ section below.

Here are some photos of April and Oliver that were taken at the Animal Adventure Park and shared through their updates.

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