Nokia Lumia 920 Pushes Nokia Stock, Extremely Popular At Walmart

Nokia Lumia 920 Pushes Stock Shares, Extremely Popular At Walmart

The Nokia Lumia 920 is apparently very popular with Black Friday shoppers. The new Nokia Lumia is based upon Windows Phone 8 and has many of the features of high end smartphones. Based upon strong sales of the Lumia, Nokia stock shares have rallied up roughly 30 percent in the last week or so.

Microsoft might be rumored to designing its own Windows Phone 8 smartphone, but in the meantime mobile manufacturer Nokia is leading the charge. During the Black Friday campaign, the Nokia Lumia 920 was one of the best-selling devices at Walmart. The Nokia Lumia 920 is so extremely popular that the retail giant has said that “due to overwhelming demand, the nationwide supply of the Nokia Lumia 920 Red is limited.”

The Nokia Lumia 920 offers a touchscreen 4.5 HD+ display that’s so sensitive it can be used while wearing gloves. The phone also features wireless charging and near-field communication technology, which will become useful for shopping and sharing information with your friends. According to a November 26 report from Yahoo China, Nokia has already sold more than 2.5 million of its Lumia 920 handsets.

The Nokia phone is popular enough that even its fans are defending a botched Nokia advertising campaign by recreating it exactly. According to eWeek, the original ad was supposed to showcase the PureView image-stabilization technology in the Nokia Lumia 920. This ad featured someone video recording while bicycling, but people soon realized that it was being faked.

But Nokia fans are defending their new favorite toy. A Russian Nokia user who goes by the Twitter handle Revazrezo set out on a bicycle with a Lumia 920 and sure enough the video was smooth.

According to Forbes, Raymond James analyst Tavis McCourt reports that calls to AT&T stores find “demand is solid,” but still behind the sales of the Apple iPhone 5 or an Samsung Galaxy S3. McCourt says the Lumia 920 release is similar to the April launch of the Windows Phone 7-based Lumia 900, “but with a lot more supply issues.” AT&T is aggressively positioning the 920 with a $99 price point and free wireless charger.

“Nokia has certainly put together a solid launch for the 920, just as it did for the 900,” McCourt says, “but follow-through after the initial advertising ramp and carrier focus will be more difficult than creating the initial demand.”

After all, if you can’t buy the smartphone you want then you’ll probably buy the competitors rather than wait. Supply issues seem to be hampering all Windows Phone 8 devices, including the HTC 8X and Samsung ATIV S. The HTC 8X is back-ordered on both AT&T’s website and on The ATIV S “has barely launched at any carrier globally.”

Do you plan on buying a Nokia Lumia 920 featuring Windows Phone 8?