Google Chromebook With Touchscreen

Google 12.85-Inch Chromebook With Touchscreen To Launch By End Of Year

The Google Chromebook line of devices are selling out quickly thanks to pricing at low as $199. Because of the OS’ quick success, a new rumor suggests that Google will release its first touchscreen based Chromebook before the end of the year. The new device, according to several reports, will feature a 12.85-inch display.

The biggest news may be that Google will not use a big name OEM to produce the notebooks, names that have so far included Samsung and Acer. This time around, a source close to the tech giant says it will go directly to Taiwan-based Compal Electronics as its OEM while purchasing touch panels directly from Wintek.

If the rumor is true, it could mean that Google is preparing for a major jump into the hardware game. Google already has the ability to create its own smartphones thanks to its acquisition of Motorola Mobility.

Google’s strategy has always been simple: Get as many people online and using Google products as possible in order to churn out a profit. If the company creates its own Chromebooks, it could keep pricing down and therefore bring more people online.

Google is currently witnessing success from its Samsung built $249 Chromebook and its $199 Acer created notebook.

With 100GB of free Google Drive space for two years, seven second boot times, and the ability to update itself to avoid viruses and incompatibilities, the Chromebook is quickly becoming the next generation operating system for millions of people who simply want their device to work and offer the basic necessities of the web.

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