Gabriel Aubry says Olivier Martinez threatened to kill him

Halle Berry’s Ex Gabriel Aubry Says Olivier Martinez Threatened To Kill Him Before Thanksgiving Brawl

Los Angeles, CA — Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry is claiming the actress’s fiance, Olivier Martinez, threatened to kill him during a Thanksgiving confrontation that ended with Aubry having his ribs broken, his face bruised, and being placed under arrest.

Aubry’s claims are included in court filings that led to a judge granting a restraining order against Martinez Monday.

Thirty-seven-year-old Aubry was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor battery after his confrontation with Martinez Thursday, but he says he was not the aggressor and that Martinez started the fight without provocation.

In the court filing, however, Martinez says that Aubry attacked first.

Aubry’s court filing claims that Berry’s fiance threatened him the day before the fight at an event at his daughter’s school that all three attended.

The proceedings have been confidential, but Aubry states a major aspect of the case was Berry’s wish to move to Paris and take her daughter with her.

The request was denied November 9, Berry’s court filings say. Aubry and Berry share custody of their four-year-old daughter.

Gabriel Aubry claims Olivier Martinez told him, “You cost us $3 million,” while he was punched and kicked in the driveway of Berry’s home. Aubry had gone to the home to allow his daughter to spend Thanksgiving with her mother.

Aubry claims Martinez threatened to kill him if Aubry didn’t move to Paris.

Halle Berry was not in the driveway during the confrontation, and neither was their daughter, Nahla.

A judge set a hearing for December 17 to consider whether a three-year restraining order should be granted.

Aubry has a December 13 court date for the possible battery case, which has not yet been filed by prosecutors.