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Matt Lauer’s Popularity Decline Blamed On Twitter

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Matt Lauer has been declared the culprit behind the Today show’s ratings slump by many, but NBC News President Steve Capus points the blame in another direction: Twitter. During an interview with The Daily Beast, Capus praised the $25-million-a-year morning television show host for his news coverage.

The NBC News president had this to say about why he believes Matt Lauer has been unfairly targeted as a ratings wet blanket:

“Sadly, this is the era in which we live. Venomous tweets somehow threaten to drown out all of those who praised Matt for his coverage. The Twitter snarkiness is an unfortunate result of misdirected anger that’s been unfairly placed on Matt. There has also been a lot of mean-spirited piling-on, which has been manufactured by many anonymous sources.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Good Morning America replaced the Today show in the top spot among morning news shows. The dip in Today’s ratings came not long after Ann Curry’s sudden exit from the couch. Capus acknowledged that the 54-year-old morning show host faced a plethora of backlash after Curry left. The network executive does not believe the angst is warranted. Capus had this to say about Lauer’s role in cast selection:

“He does not make those types of decisions. There has been an incredible amount of misplaced blame on Matt.”

An unnamed Radar Online source claims that the transition after Ann Curry was essentially forced off the Today couch really hurt the show. The source, which is supposedly an executive at NBC, allegedly maintains that Matt Lauer was involved with Curry’s ousting but preferred to have her make a gradual exit and not the quick parting which actually occurred.

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10 Responses to “Matt Lauer’s Popularity Decline Blamed On Twitter”

  1. Bobbie Nakamura

    Now "Lauer's debacle" is more than hilarious! When you treat others negatively, this is what usually happens, Lauer! The golden rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you! Have you not learned that? In other words KARMA! You are no better than anyone else! Tired of the tweeters? have you ever thought that the tweeters are tired of you & striving to stand for moral truth? Yet you're not listening & you need them more than they you! Perhaps time of repentance and solace? Take the time out & do some meditating; it's good for the mind, body, & especially the soul! Do away with your unrighteous pride; admit your fallacies to the Supreme Being and change for the better! Tell the viewers that you have misjudged & erred; it's a strength not a negative! Do that and who cares what anyone thinks! You definitely need to clean yourself first: within & without! If you have not had any spiritual learning, now is the time to start; and by all means teach your children; it'll be more than an anchor for them, especially in today's society! And it is not every man for him/herself! We are our brothers' keepers; we need to help & lift another in any and all means, especially praying for each other! Ann Curry has been taught well (her DNA & upbringing); it is admirable & you could've learned a lot from her; give her chance & she'll teach you!
    What's lacking today is spirituality; learn it then learn how to discern spiritually!

  2. Julie Jaworski Smith

    Sounds like NBC News President Steve Capus needs to be fired along with Matt Lauer. Twitter at fault, come on! America just doesn't want to watch Matt anymore, NBC, you need a new News President!

  3. Michelle Goosen Anderson

    Matt Lauer is the reason I've stayed loyal and watch TODAY. They should have filled Ann Currey's seat with Natalie or AMY Roebach! Stop playing musical chairs, NBC with ridiculous "fill-ins"! If they get rid of Lauer..Im done watching!

  4. Heidi Hogeman Legendre

    Yuck! Can't stand Matt Lauer, The Today Show or NBC! Not a big fan of cheaters, liberal news media and personnel.

  5. Anonymous

    We watch GMA now. The person they need to get rid of is Matt. He is boring, stiff and does not have a fun bone in his body.

  6. Sally Birdsall

    so now in lieu of a classy woman, there is a ditz – not for me (and obviously, a lot of other viewers. Mr. Lauer had some influence in Ann's demise, that is firmly believed.

  7. Sally Birdsall

    so now in lieu of a classy woman, there is a ditz – not for me (and obviously, a lot of other viewers. Mr. Lauer had some influence in Ann's demise, that is firmly believed.

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