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Prince Charles Is ‘Impatient’ To Become King

Prince Charles

Prince Charles has been waiting a very long time to become the next King of England, and the Prince spoke of his impatience during his 64th birthday celebration at the Dumfries House.

Joking with his guests Prince Charles proclaimed:

“Impatient? Me? What a thing to suggest! Yes, of course I am.”

Prince Charles then quipped:

“I’ll run out of time soon. I shall have snuffed it if I’m not careful.”

The Prince recently surpassed his great-great grandfather Edward VII as the longest-waiting heir in his nation’s history.

Queen Elizabeth has served England as its queen for 60 years. The Queen’s mother lived to be 101 years old, and Queen Elizabeth appears to be in excellent health at 86.

At this point, if Queen Elizabeth lives as long as her mother or even longer, Princes William and Harry will be well into their 30s or 40s before their great grandmother’s reign comes to an end.

PEOPLE is quick to point out that this is the first time Prince Charles has quipped about ascending the British throne.

Prince Charles did make a similar but not directed comment in 1992. In attending father-in-law Earl Spencer’s funeral, he noted:

“You are fortunate enough to have succeeded to the title when still young.”

Queen Elizabeth is a well beloved figure not only in England but around much of the world. While Prince Charles is no doubt excited at the prospect of becoming England’s next king, he will also have some very large shoes to fill when he takes over the position in the future.

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4 Responses to “Prince Charles Is ‘Impatient’ To Become King”

  1. Steve Davis

    Am I missing something or is Queen Elizabeth not Charles MOTHER and there Harry and Williams GRANDMOTHER and NOT GREAT grandmother?

  2. Eleanor Dorst

    Is this the first time he noticed his whole life has been on hold, till his "mummy" dies. She is in very good health and her mom was going full throttle over 100, so if she lives another 15 yr. or more he will be about 80. I don't mean to be cruel but, he looks like her age right now and the popularity of Will and Kate represents a more hip and happening royal picture than the sour old faces of Charles and Camilla. If I were him I would just enjoy the perks and privileges that one gets with being royal. Its not physical labour or rocket science.

  3. William Cohen

    there is no way charles should be then next king firstly he is reponsible for diana, s death with his adulterious affair with camilla , diana allways that there were three people in their marraige, also when he married camilla she was a confirmed catholic with a catholic family , convienetliy when they married she converted to anglian faith , they are a pair of hypocrites and should never rule us when the queen leaves us william and the duchess of cambridge should be our next monarchs without a doubt , long may they reign.

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