Liam Payne Denies Dating Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis Dating Liam Payne? One Direction Singer Denies It

Rumors about Leona Lewis dating Liam Payne have been swirling for a while, and even Lewis herself has alluded to the rumor being true in recent interviews, but the One Direction singer has set us straight.

Payne took to Twitter to deny the dating rumors, confirming that he is in no way dating Lewis, reports Yahoo. Payne wrote:

“Okay bored of constant news articles… I’m not dating Leona… My YouTube channel isn’t for a solo career and I didn’t insult Kim k…Pow!”

So, that’s settled, at least on Payne’s end. But at the same time, we have to take into account Leona Lewis’ response to the dating rumor last week. She was asked outright if she was dating the One Direction singer, to which she responded:

“I’m not saying. I’m having fun and enjoying myself.”

It’s certainly not an outright, “Yes, we’re dating,” but at the same time it’s not an outright, “no” either, alluding to the idea that there may be something going on between them that they’re not ready to share just yet.

The Examiner speculates that something may have happened between Leona and Liam, but there are no pictures or social media messages to confirm or deny it, making the question of whether the two X Factor stars are dating or not a mystery.

Reports of the two dating first surfaced in September when Payne admitted that he and Leona Lewis had gone on a few dates. Lewis has not publicly confirmed or denied this statement and has also not responded to Liam’s tweet.

Do you think Liam Payne and Leona Lewis are dating, or should we take the One Direction singer at his word that they are not?