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‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Chloe’s Desperation Brings A Bombshell For Nick As Chaos Erupts

Friday brings a big day on The Young and the Restless. Spoilers tease that the fallout from Chloe’s confession will be intense as word quickly spreads and additional bombshells drop. She bailed on her wedding and is on the run, but Young and Restless spoilers reveal that she’s not headed out of Genoa City quite yet as she has someone to meet up with first. Where are things headed during the April 7 show?

Chloe knocked out Chelsea during their confrontation and Young and Restless spoilers detail that Kevin and Michael will quickly revive her as they try to figure out what happened. SheKnows Soaps details that Chelsea will not stop to explain much at this point, determined to find her supposed best friend, and Kevin will see a note from his missing fiancee that reveals that she’s in trouble. She’ll simply indicate that she doesn’t want to drag him into the mess she’s in and she’ll ask that Esther take care of Bella.

Chaos will break out as Gloria and Esther try to figure out what happened, Kevin gets emotional, and Chelsea rages about Chloe having killed Adam. They’ll discover that Chloe’s car is gone and Chelsea will start to explain about the confession she just heard. As this plays out, Young and Restless spoilers note that Mariah will consider whether the GC Buzz should start doing some coverage on this and Scott will hear her talking about it with Devon and tear into her. They’ll butt heads over the situation, Devon suggesting that Scott wants the scoop himself for his project with Victor.

As much as Gloria was desperate to ensure that the wedding didn’t move forward, Young and Restless spoilers detail that she will share some heartfelt words with her son in the wake of his fiancee’s disappearance. She’ll talk about how his bride did truly love him, but she’s unwell and is in need of professional help. Paul will start putting the pieces in place to track her down and Kevin will beg him to ensure she’s brought in to the station safely. Scott and Paul will speculate over whether she might have had some help in all of this and Young and Restless spoilers detail that Paul will note that he’s determined to find answers.

Joshua Morrow plays Nick Newman on 'Young and Restless'
Nick is about to be left positively stunned on ‘Y&R’ [Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]

The last that viewers saw of Nick, he was filling Sharon in on everything, including the friction his digging had caused in his relationship with Chelsea. Sharon encouraged him to head to the wedding and smooth things over with her, and Young and Restless spoilers they’ll further discuss the complicated situation. Sharon will point out that Nick never referred to Adam as his brother until he was gone, and that his decision to take the wrench and tranquilizer gun means it’s tainted evidence now.

Nick will head off in his car to head to the ceremony and Young and Restless spoilers tease that he’ll get a ping from the tracker he put on Chloe’s car, indicating that she’s on the move. Considering the fact that she’s supposed to be in the middle of her wedding, Nick is immediately intrigued and heads off to track her down. As for Chelsea, she’ll show up Sharon’s trying to find her beau, and she’ll start to fill her in on how he had been right about what happened at the cabin when Adam died.

Eric Braeden plays Victor Newman on 'Young and Restless'
Victor is about to be exposed on ‘Y&R’ [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Faith, Nikki, and Victor will be at the ranch spending time together and soon Abby arrives to share some updates on her new project. As Nikki and Victor talk about plans for the evening, his phone starts to ring and ring as someone desperately tries to get a hold of him. The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that he’ll ignore it at first, but soon he tells Nikki that he needs to leave for a bit.

The tracker Nick planted will lead him to the airport and Young and Restless spoilers indicate that Chloe will be there, clearly distraught as she paces. Soap Central teases that Nick will be getting a major shocker this week, and this is where it comes. As he watches her pace, Victor arrives and guides her into a building. It sounds as if everybody will be left hanging on that note for the weekend, but during Monday’s episode, Young and Restless spoilers share that Nick will overhear Chloe tell her mystery partner that she’s been busted. She’ll explain that Chelsea has information that implicates her in what happened to Adam and that this implicates him too.

Based on how Friday’s episode ends, it is clear that there is plenty of juicy drama coming during the week of April 10 as well. What will Nick do with the information he overhears and what comes next for Chloe and Victor? How will Kevin and Chelsea handle the revelations that just emerged? Is this really the full story regarding Adam’s apparent death and the cabin explosion or could there be some twists and turns still on the way? The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that things will continue to be intense during the coming week and fans can’t wait to see where things head next.

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