Ubisoft's For Honor updates on PC with revenge and guardbreak changes

‘For Honor’ Contracts Can Now Be Completed In PvP Or Against The AI, Duel Event Begins This Weekend

Changes to Guardbreak, fixes to the Nobusi’s Hidden Stance, and an update to Orders are coming to For Honor today. The third-person fighter is now updated with patch 1.05 on PC, with content coming soon to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The patch, which is live right now on PC, also changes many statistics on gear, alters the Revenge mechanic in major ways, and increases point gains in Elimination modes.

Patch 1.05 makes a plethora of changes to For Honor, including bug fixes and balance modifications. First, the update changes gear in a pretty substantial way. Values of Revenge on gear are down in almost all aspects of the statistic. Basically, the maximum bonus of Revenge statistics are down. For instance, Revenge Mode Defense on gear could be as high as a 48.2 percent increase. After the update, the maximum increase can only be as high as 32.1 percent. Revenge Gain by Defense, Revenge Mode Attack, and Revenge Mode Duration maximum increases on gear are also all lower after the update.

For Honor contracts can now be done in PvP or PvE
The Raider saw no changes in patch 1.05 [Image by Ubisoft]

Another gear change that players will notice is that a Guardbreak counter no longer benefits from the debuff statistic on gear. According to the patch notes on the game’s forums, players were able to minimize the time available to Guardbreak with the debuff statistic and the update removes that possibility.

“The way we’ve handled this mechanic so far caused that time window to shrink if you were using Gear with Debuff Duration Stat. It wasn’t intended, so we’ve updated how this works to guarantee the 200ms Guardbreak Interrupt window regardless of Gear.”

Next, today’s For Honor update fixes bugs affecting several of the game’s 12 fighters. The Berserker, Conqueror, Kensei, Lawbringer, Nobushi, Peacekeeper, Shugoki, Valkyrie, and Warlord were all addressed in some way between patches 1.05 and 1.05.1. The Nobushi’s Hidden State, for example, should be more easily activated and function similarly to other fighters’ Full Block Stances. Changes to the Peacekeeper’s Zone Attack, the Warlord’s Headbutt, and other fighter balance changes can be viewed in the patch notes.

Finally, the For Honor patch made a serious change to how players complete Daily and Contract Orders. All Daily and Contract Orders can now be completed in either PvP or versus AI. Previously, an Order was to either complete something in PvP or against the AI but now players can choose which they prefer. Not to mention, new Daily Orders will be available that can be completed in any mode instead of a specific one.

For Honor update changes revenge and guardbreak, updates contracts
If the goal is reached on a platform, all participants will receive 2,000 Steel [Image by Ubisoft]

All of these changes are now available on PC versions of For Honor. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game will be updated as soon as possible. All fixes and changes are expected to come to consoles unless otherwise noted as specific to the PC in the patch notes. Players across all platforms can also contribute to the weekend Duel event starting soon, though. Players can earn 2,000 Steel for completing the Community Order of dueling against other players. Check out the official website for the specific number of duels required on each platform.

Clearly, Ubisoft continues to support For Honor on all platforms with patches and fixes. In fact, the fighter title was recently updated just last week with a welcome change to the amount of Steel rewarded to players across all multiplayer activities. As the Inquisitr reported, players now earn 25 percent more Steel from multiplayer matches. Daily Orders now reward 33 percent more Steel and other Orders are worth 50 percent more Steel. Even Community Orders offer more Steel to players like the upcoming 2,000 Steel reward for this weekend’s Duel event. Previously, an event would likely be worth just 1,000 Steel to players.

The For Honor update last week also reintroduced two removed maps. River Fort and High Fort were removed in early March due to a stability issue. Last week, after a month of unavailability, River Fort returned to rotations again. High Fort was reactivated later and was not available again until yesterday. Today, both previously removed maps should be ready for players in the multiplayer mode.

Of course, PC players can benefit from the most recent update right now. However, there is no tentative launch date for the patch on consoles at this time. As stated, For Honor patches 1.05 and 1.05.1 are available now on PC with their release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One soon to follow.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]