Erika Jayne from 'RHOBH' and 'DWTS'

Erika Jayne’s Sexy Style Costs How Much Per Month?

Erika Jayne has “XXpen$ive” taste! According to E! Online, Erika opened up about her pricey lifestyle and how much her monthly expenses are to keep up her fabulous look.

“It’s a lot. Maybe $40,000 a month on clothes, shoes, and accessories,” the reality TV star admitted.

Her budget is massive. Most people make under $40,000 per year, which pays for all their bills and housing for the typical family size of four.

Jayne just released a single titled “XXpen$ive” that pokes fun at her over-the-top purchases and the extent she goes to look young and beautiful.

Erika admitted that the reason she spends so much per month is because she is on television. If she wasn’t on TV, Jayne doesn’t think she would spend quite that much.

Erika Jayne discloses how much she spends to keep up with her fabulous look
Erika Jayne pays $40,000 for her signature look. [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

“But it’s all for work. I’m on television, this is what I do for a living,” the RHOBH star said. “It’s part of the job.”

Erika appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and she revealed a few of her favorite indulgences including cosmetic procedures.

Cohen asked her if she ever had gotten a nip or tuck. Jayne replied that she had, admitting that she frequently has work done to her face. She added that she gets Botox three times a year, but Erika wasn’t sure how much each procedure cost.

Erika revealed that she works hard with a personal trainer to keep her incredible physique. She tries to fit in four days of exercise, stating that her trainer keeps her in great shape.

She doesn’t typically get a regular massage, but she schedules “really heavy ugly muscle treatments” every couple weeks.

Every day she works, she has a full hair and makeup team that helps her look her best.

“You don’t have to have a glam squad to channel your own Erika Jayne, what you have to have is a sense of self, a sense of fearlessness and a sense of wanting to be comfortable in your own skin,” Jayne explained.

“And through that, you’ll find your own glam squad. Maybe you are your own glam squad! You don’t have to have a pack of people around you telling you you’re fabulous—if you believe it, they will come to you. There’s a lot of information on YouTube, or online, and you can get a great makeup tutorial and whip yourself up and hit it! You don’t have to have a ton of cash and people around you to feel fabulous.”

Instead of hiring a personal chef, Erika goes out to eat every single day. And, Andy added that her taste “is very expensive.” It’s pretty safe to assume that Erika isn’t eating a Burger King or Taco Bell.

Erika Jayne reveals her expensive beauty regime.
Erika Jayne reveals her expensive beauty regime. [Image by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]

The RHOBH star says that she cannot live without Aquaphor for her lips and mouth. She applies it under her eyes, as well.

“I like beauty, glamour and drama. I’m really inspired by Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth and those old movie screen goddesses. I just like to be a girl; I like to be pretty; I like to be sexy. As stupid and as elementary as it sounds, that’s kind of what it really is.”

Erika said her first job was a waitress and admitted that she had come a long way since then. Erika and Thomas Girardi have been married for 18 years. She realizes that many people may not understand their relationship, but the 45-year-old reality TV star doesn’t care what other people think, Daily Mail reported.

“People can call em whatever they want. It’s my life, and I know the truth at the end of the day. I don’t care what people say,” Erika stated.

“The older you get, the more comfortable you get in your own skin. That takes time, though.”

Are you surprised that how much Erika Jayne spends each month to maintain her fabulous look?

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