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NYC Train Rider Gets Head Stuck Between Subway Doors As Passengers Pass On By [Video]

A New York City train rider became an instant viral star after somehow managing to get her head stuck between two closing subway car doors.

Even worse for the unnamed woman, who the New York Post says was inconveniently delayed at the Bronx-based Woodlawn IRT No. 4 train station early Wednesday afternoon for an undisclosed amount of time, several passengers traversing the subway platform were filmed by a fellow rider, located inside of an adjacent Manhattan-bound train, seemingly ignoring the view of the woman’s head stuck between the subway doors while continuing on to their final destinations.

“Fellow strap hangers walk by the seemingly helpless woman on the subway platform,” ABC-7 stated, “without stopping or offering assistance.

Sources connected to the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) relayed to the media that the female passenger had explained to them afterward that she had ridden the train all the way to its last stop on the uptown route, but hadn’t known that Woodlawn was the final station.

Realizing her mistake long after the other passengers had exited the train, the rider attempted to make a mad dash for the now-shutting doors, with her shopping bags in hand, and made it as far as getting her head, neck and forearm through the vertical opening, before the contraption closed on her.

The full video can be seen below.

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Despite all appearances, MTA spokeswoman Beth DeFalco affirmed to WPIX that the woman was never in any real danger of being injured due to the train being completely stopped at Woodlawn.

“While this is an unfortunate incident,” Ms. DeFalco expressed, “the passenger was able to get out safely with assistance from our train operator. [Also], because the doors were ajar, the train was never in danger of moving.”

Additionally, an unknown female MTA employee, who appeared to also ignore the head-locked subway rider in the video, was mentioned by DeFalco as being the person who first noticed that the rider was stuck and offered to help.

“An MTA worker can be seen strolling past the trapped woman in the clip,” the Post further details, “but the agency said that the employee had already spoken to the woman and told her that workers would have the doors open soon.”

Moreover, ABC-7 claims that the helpful subway employee first tried to free the passenger’s head from the doors on her own with a manual override key, but was unsuccessful in doing so.

Footage from the embarrassing event was first uploaded to the Instagram account of The Shade Room, an entertainment gossip website, who shared the moment for those who “were having a bad day” and garnered more than 1.3 millions for the post.

head stuck subway
An NYC subway passenger on-board an uptown No. 4 IRT train to Woodlawn somehow managed to get her head stuck between the car doors during her departure from the mass transit vehicle. [Image by [Image by DanTD/Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and Resized|CC BY-SA 2.0]

“If you thought you were having a bad day,” the entire caption read, “just be glad this isn’t you. [Personally], I’m just trying to figure out why everybody walking past like nothing is happening!”

Even though the stuck, New York City subway rider was said not to have truly been in harm’s way, some who viewed the incident still chastised those who walked on by with their heads in the proverbial clouds.

“It’s sad to say [that this is] life as I know it; regardless of city, state, color, [or] religion,” one Instagram follower offered, while another user also commented on the disheartening sign of our current day and age.

“It’s funny, but scary at the same time,” user suech_2017 mentioned, “[how] people are just ignoring and just passing through.”

MTA sources say that the woman’s head was eventually freed from the subway doors by medical officers. Further treatment was offered, but the passenger purportedly declined to accept it.

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