Melania Trump Hit Piece? Magazine Reportedly Planning 'Mean Spirited' Takedown Of First Lady

Melania Trump Hit Piece? Magazine Reportedly Planning ‘Mean Spirited’ Takedown Of First Lady

Melania Trump could soon be the subject of a “mean spirited” hit piece from a left-leaning magazine, with reports that friends have been contacted in an apparent attempt to dig up dirt on the First Lady.

The rumblings came from the New York Post‘s Page Six, one of the most popular outlets for celebrity gossip. The report noted that the magazine, Vanity Fair, has been contacting some people close to Melania and may be planning a story about her that is not flattering.

“Melania Trump is expecting to be pilloried in Vanity Fair, even though her friends either refused to talk to reporter Evgenia Peretz or said only good things about the first lady,” the report noted.

“Melania declined to be interviewed for the piece, but a White House insider said it was clear from the questions Peretz asked others and the fact-checking being done that the story will be ‘mean-spirited.'”

Page Six went on to add that the reporter has contacted other parents at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory, where the couple’s 11-year-old son. Barron. attends.

“[The other moms] have all been running as far away from Peretz as possible,” a source told the outlet.

Vanity Fair has been a frequent critic of Donald Trump, including a piece published one month before the election titled “Donald Trump: The Ugly American.” The story was written by Graydon Carter, who has been covering Trump for close to three decades.

In the story, he wrote that Donald Trump was the culmination of a gradual dumbing down of American voters.

“It can reasonably be argued that the presidency of George W. Bush was an eight-year warm-up act for the final stage of a dumbed-down America: a Trump presidency. You can draw a relatively straight line from the Florida recount of 2000, which took Bush into office, right through to the shambolic Trump campaign. The election of Bush led to the invasion of Iraq, which led to the de-stabilization in the Middle East (Libya, Egypt, Syria), which led to the migrant crisis, which led to European nationalism, Brexit, and, at the tail end of all these disasters, Trump.”

If there is a hit piece on the way, it comes at a time when Melania Trump is raising her stature in the Trump administration. This week, she hosted Queen Rania of Jordan and brought her on a tour of a girls-only charter school.

Melania Trump has not been free from gossip during her time as First Lady. There have been a string of stories speculating that she and Donald Trump could be headed for divorce, based mostly on conjecture and video of some strange interactions between the First Couple.

Last week, comedian and Trump nemesis Rosie O’Donnell waded into the controversy by offering Melania Trump some unsolicited marriage advice.

As the Independent noted, the exchange was prompted after Melania Trump posted what appeared to be a mundane political quote.

“We must continually reaffirm our American values as we join with the international community to make our world safer!” Melania wrote on Twitter.

Rosie O’Donnell responded: “Which is why you need to divorce him – take your son and parents and FLEE.”

Melania has also come under fire for her decision to remain in New York City so Barron can finish his school year, rather than both of them moving to Washington to live in the White House.

Melania Trump has been a target for criticism from others as well. This week, the White House revealed her official portrait, one that drew some strong opinions. As the BBC noted, some fashion magazines took issue with the apparent airbrushing that Melania got in the portrait.

“But not everyone was impressed.”

“Cosmopolitan Magazine said the photo ‘appeared to be heavily airbrushed.'”

“The women’s publication – no stranger to Photoshop itself – added: ‘This soft lighting is like only the classiest ’90s mall glamour shot photo could offer!'”

It’s not clear if there is any truth to the rumor that Vanity Fair is planning a hit piece on Melania Trump. The magazine declined to comment for the Page Six story.

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