Chelsea DeBoer Reveals Just How Dramatic Her Birth With Watson Could Have Been

Chelsea DeBoer is enjoying her role as a mother these days, as she gave birth to her son Watson Cole about two months ago. Chelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer were super excited to become parents, as this is Cole’s first child. And it sounds like Aubree loves being a big sister, who is often snapping photos with her brother. But since Chelsea has been so preoccupied with the little guy, she hasn’t really opened up about her birthing story. Fans of DeBoer saw her birthing experience on 16 & Pregnant, where she gave birth to Aubree, but she hasn’t shared much in regards to Watson.

According to a new tweet, Chelsea DeBoer is now revealing that the labor and birth were very quick. It was so quick that it could have gone wrong, as Watson decided to show up in the middle of a snowstorm. She opened up about her pregnancy on this past season of Teen Mom 2, as she learned she was pregnant and announced it to the world. And everyone was thrilled to learn that she was having a baby boy. At some point in January, Chelsea DeBoer revealed that she had given birth, but she didn’t share too much of her birthing story. And that’s because it happened super fast.

“Watching “Ask the Moms” did you have a natural labor with Weston?” one person wrote to Chelsea DeBoer, getting her son’s name incorrectly.

“Watson! But yes I did! My whole labor from start to birth was an hour and 20 min almost didn’t make it to the hospital bc of snow storm!” Chelsea revealed on Twitter, sharing an amazing birthing story, which involved the shortest labor ever.

As it turns out, this is something DeBoer has experience with, as her daughter Aubree also made a quick arrival into the world. It is scary to think that Watson was born in an hour and 20 minutes, especially since she wasn’t at the hospital and there was a snowstorm. This could quickly have gone bad if she hadn’t gone to the hospital in time. In fact, it sounds like DeBoer was waiting for her contractions to get stronger, so she could go to the hospital just as soon-to-be mothers are told to do. One person remembered something about Aubree’s birth, asking her about her shorter labor experiences.

“Wasnt Aubree a fast delivery? Or did the tv just make it look like it lol,” another person asked DeBoer, who replied with, “3 hours! Still pretty quick!”

Chelsea DeBoer has had quite the year, especially since she had a son and got married within the past 12 months. While she chose not to include her wedding on Teen Mom 2, she did gush about why she loves Cole and why she chose to marry him.

“Cole is such a great guy, all the time,” Chelsea has previously revealed to PEOPLE magazine last year before she got married to Cole, adding, “He’s so calm, even when I’m worried about something.”

“He’s just so great to me and to Aubree, so to be able to know that I can have that person forever is the best feeling. That’s what I’ve always wanted – a family – and I feel finally like that’s exactly what I have,” DeBoer gushed about her then-boyfriend, adding, “He works a lot so I’m kind of the one that is going [to all the appointments,] but I don’t make any decisions without running it by him first. We have the same taste and the same ideas, so far it’s been really easy.”

What do you think of Chelsea DeBoer’s birthing experience? Are you surprised that Watson arrived so fast?

[Featured Image by MTV]