Brazilian Angler Chokes On Sole Fish

Brazilian Angler Chokes On Live Fish After Bizarre Stunt

A Brazilian angler has died after choking on a live fish he was holding in his mouth, according to The Telegraph.

The fishermen reportedly got his hands on a small sole fish while casting his lines off a beach in Icapui. Once he’d reeled in the tiny fish, he decided to impress his friends by holding the creature in his teeth for a minute. It was then that the poor guy’s life took an unfortunate turn for the worse.

Almost as soon as he put the fish in his mouth, the Brazilian angler found his catch making a B-line for his windpipe. Once it had reached its destination, the fish effectively blocked the flow of oxygen to the man’s lungs.

According to the Mirror, the man hopped in his car and drove himself to an area hospital. Unfortunately for the fisherman, he collapsed and died before doctors were able to properly treat him.

Police chief Carlos Alberto explained that doctors eventually removed the fish from the man’s throat, though it was too late to save his life.

“It was a silly thing to do but he didn’t deserve to die because of it,” Alberto added.

Shortly after his death, the Brazilian angler’s wife posted a message about the incident on a social networking site. She explained that she was struggling to come to terms with the situation.

“Only one thing comforts my heart, that I was the best wife and friend that I could have been. The best woman that I could be, there, in every hour and in every moment,” she wrote.

Wikipedia explains that sole fish are a part of the flatfish family. In English and French, the fish’s name comes from its resemblance to a sandal. In other other languages, the fish is named after the tongue.

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