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Kailyn Lowry Pregnant: Will This Be The Last Pregnancy For ‘Teen Mom’ Star With New Man?

Kailyn Lowry shocked everyone when she announced that she was pregnant with her third child. For a while, Teen Mom 2 fans thought that she was done having children, as she wanted to focus on school and starting her career. Javi Marroquin, her then-husband, really wanted another baby and fans thought that a third baby would make sense since they were happily married. But Lowry revealed that she was far from happy, and she wanted out of the marriage. So it was a complete shocker when Lowry revealed she was pregnant with her third child. But is this her last one?

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she’s done having children after this baby, as she won’t be shopping for maternity clothes after this baby. Of course, Lowry has already opened up about how this pregnancy was a decision she made because of the chances of having a high-risk pregnancy. While Kailyn wanted to start a career, she knew that if she wanted another baby, she would need to start now.

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“Trying to find cute maternity clothes,” Lowry revealed on Twitter a few days ago, to which one person replied, “Anything with “maternity” attached to it is so dang expensive now.”

While Kailyn got plenty of advice about getting bigger clothes, such as just buying larger clothes, she revealed that she isn’t about to spend a lot of money on clothes she’s only wearing this once. In other words, Kailyn indirectly revealed that she’s done having children after this third baby.

“Girl. $100+ for jeans I’ll never wear again after this. #nopantsnation,” Kailyn Lowry replied to the follower, sharing that she will never be shopping for maternity clothes again after this one.

However, fans are curious as to who the father is. When she first announced her pregnancy, many thought that Marroquin was the father of the baby. Maybe they had reconciled. Maybe they had worked things out. However, it quickly became apparent that even Marroquin knew nothing about this baby until friends told him about it. And Kailyn is steadfast in her decision to divorce him.

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“An agreement was made, we are divorced. It’s hard enough dealing with it but it’s harder dealing with in the public eye. I will not sit here and go back and fourth. There are always two sides to every story,” Kailyn Lowry has revealed on her personal blog about her decision to divorce Javi.

Of course, this pregnancy has people talking, and she’s getting a lot of hate on social media for essentially fooling fans and keeping information from them. But Kailyn Lowry wants her haters to reflect on their own behavior before judging her.

“Here I am again setting the record straight. If you don’t read my last post on this topic do yourself a favor and read it now right here. Please do not judge me. Before you leave a comment on my social media or tweet me remind yourself how would you feel if someone wrote that about you? You really don’t know me. You aren’t with me 24/7. You have no idea what I go through and deal with on a day to day basis so please don’t judge me. I’m sure many of you would be really surprised if you knew all everything and I am sure all of those things will come out in time,” Lowry has added on her personal website about Teen Mom fans who judge her.

Do you think Kailyn Lowry is done having children after this third baby? Do you think her new relationship with her baby’s father could possibly result in more children?

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