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White Man From Massachusetts Survives Alleged Racist Hammer Attack From Black Woman

A man stopping for gas at a New Jersey service station was reportedly attacked by a hammer-wielding, racist black woman looking to take out “fancy white people.”

Newark resident Angela Jones, 26, has been officially charged in the racially-motivated attack that purportedly occurred early Wednesday morning, according to the New York Post, that involved the violent assault of a male Massachusetts resident and the near-destruction of his vehicle, a Porsche, at an Exxon gas stop near I-95 in Essex County, Virginia.

According to the alleged victim, who referred to himself solely as “Bob,” Jones first approached him as he stopped by to fill up his tank while on the way back from a Florida vacation with his wife, Katherine.

“This lady was a couple pumps over and [started] talking to me,” Bob detailed of the confrontation to WTVR.com, “yelling at somebody about having a message for her. I had no idea what she was talking about.”

jersey hammer attack
Twenty-six year old Angela Jones, a black woman from New Jersey, reportedly attacked a white Massachusetts couple with a hammer at a Virginia Exxon gas station after first making comments of a racist nature. [Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

“I was coming around the side of the car,” he continued, “and next thing I know, a car blocks me in. [Jones] comes out of her car, gets in my face and [starts] yelling at me about some sort of message I got for her,” Bob went on to say.

After choosing to ignore her vocal barrage, Bob claims that the angry Angela began threatening to cause damage to a “fancy boat” that was attached to his vehicle, which the Jersey-based racist ultimately followed through on, before turning her attention — and her hammer attack — back to Bob and his wife.

“Jones then allegedly busted up the victim’s Porsche and his boat with the tool,” the Post explains, “and spat in the face of the victim’s wife, according to Sheriff Armando Fontoura of the Essex County Sheriff’s Office,” who confirmed the disturbing incident in a press conference later that day.

“She actually took a hammer and she hit his vehicle and the boat,” Sheriff Fontana reiterated.

“She actually clawed him.”

Images of a purportedly-bloodied Bob, as well as of a broken Porsche taillight, currently circulating through social media following the supposed hammer attack, also seem to allude to the possibility of the violent event occurring as expressed.

The law enforcement officer went on to state that Bob was eventually able to beat his racist attacker by “[taking] her to the ground to prevent her from doing anymore damage” to himself or his possessions, but only after Jones managed to break the hammer in two as she continually bashed it across Bob’s busted face.

During the attack, the African-American Jones was claimed to have yelled that she was “sick of rich white people” to the Caucasian couple.

“I have no idea why she started going after us, but I guess she thought we were some rich people,” Bob surmised.

Bob’s wife, who initially was using the bathroom inside of the station at the start of the attack, was said to have walked out to witness her injured husband being berated with other negative racial terms by Angela, which caused Katherine to run back to the car to defend the innocent Bob, and being spat on in the face by Jones. Katherine’s husband, meanwhile, suffered severe facial lacerations following the altercation.

Virginia state police were purportedly able to track Jones to her residence through a witness photo that was taken on the scene where she was arrested and charged with assault and vandalism. Caroline County Sheriff Tony Lippa told CBS 6 that a hate crime upgrade is currently being considered.

As for the victim of the hammer-hitting Jersey racist, both he and his wife were both treated by medical officials and released sometime after the attack. Jones is currently being held in the Essex County Jail as she awaits extradition back to her home state.

[Featured Image by Essex County Jail]