Teen Mom 2 fans don't think Kailyn Lowry knows who her baby daddy is

Kailyn Lowry Fans Believe She Doesn’t Know Who Fathered Her Unborn Baby

Kailyn Lowry is trying to keep the father of her third baby a secret, but fans are speculating the Teen Mom 2 star doesn’t even know his identity herself.

Teen Mom fans shared their opinions on a Facebook post by Wetpaint that suggests Lowry is hiding her baby daddy’s identity because she doesn’t want other girls going after her man. However, viewers are speculating that’s not the case as Kailyn probably doesn’t even know who fathered her third child.

One fan commented she “truly” feels as if the MTV star really doesn’t know who the father is and is waiting until the baby is born to find out.

“I truly feel Kail doesn’t actually know who the father is. Sad to say but that’s my opinion.”

The commenter also states she believes Kailyn doesn’t want to be made a fool of by naming the wrong man as the father until she can get a paternity test.

“She has an idea but until baby is born she won’t say for fan reaction. Too much speculation and if she is not 100% then she will be legit made a fool of. Got to get that blood test!!!!!”

Little one ????

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Another commenter on the Wetpaint post suggest Lowry has been seeing multiple men, and that’s why she’s waiting to release the name of the father.

“That’s what happens when you screw around.”

Others seconded the opinion that Lowry really doesn’t know who her baby’s dad is as they left comments.

“Don’t think she knows who it is..”

The Wetpaint article quotes Kailyn during the Teen Mom 2 Ask the Moms special, which was filmed in November, saying she was “kinda seeing someone” who was both nice and attractive.

“…he’s super nice, he’s super hot. He’s like a 12 (out of 10).”

Kailyn went on to refuse to state his identity as she didn’t want competition going after him.

“I don’t want anyone finding him because I don’t need the girls going after him.”

Wetpaint speculates this is the father of her unborn baby as the pair were together around the time she conceived. However, it’s also reported Kail and this mystery man are no longer together as her publicist said he “was” a friend the reality star was briefly dating.

“The father is a friend [Kailyn Lowry] was briefly dating.”

Lowry’s publicist went on to say it’s not clear how involved the father will be in the baby’s life as the duo are no longer dating.

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“We don’t know how involved the father will be. [She] will release that information when she’s ready.”

While some fans are assuming Lowry doesn’t know her baby daddy’s identity, others are saying the Teen Mom 2 star got pregnant on purpose to trap the “super hot” guy.

“Sooooooo… she got pregnant on purpose because he’s hot and nice so she wanted to keep him around?”

Either way, it seems fans are not too happy to learn about Lowry’s third pregnancy as she continues to make headlines over the controversy. In fact, Kail canceled a book signing after fans showed up wearing shirts supporting her ex-husband Javi Marroquin.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup covered the drama as some fans showed up wearing shirts with Javi and Kailyn’s photo on them.

“…two ‘haters’ showed up to meet Kail at the signing, wearing ‘Team Puta’ shirts that also featured photos of Kail and her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.”

Lowry caused quite the ruckus after announcing she and her husband of four years were divorcing when he returned from a deployment. Since then, Kailyn has continued to push away Teen Mom 2 fans with her antics as her messy divorce played out on TV.

Now, fans don’t seem to be embracing Lowry’s pregnancy as people continue to bash the MTV star online.

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