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Alleged Rapist And Kidnapper Phones 911 After 13-Year-Old Victim Escapes

Timothy Marble, an alleged rapist in Sonoma County, California, has been arrested after he called 911 when his 13-year-old victim escaped his clutches. It is unclear why he felt the need to call the emergency number or if he thought they would actually bring the victim back, but instead, he was arrested and booked into jail without bail.

Timothy Marble, 50, was arrested after he called 911 when his victim escaped from his moving car. The 13-year-old, who was covered in scratches from tumbling out of the car, as well as superficial cuts from being tortured by Marble, smartly waited to emerge from the bushes that she was taking cover in until the police arrived.

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The alleged victim jumped out of a moving car to escape the suspect [Image by plusphoto/amanaimagesRF/ThinkStock]

When responders showed up, she told them that Marble had raped her repeatedly. She also claims he cut her on several parts of her body using a razor blade, as well as carved his name into her leg with a knife. She has also accused Marble of not only rape but also injecting her with meth, likely in order to keep her from fighting him as he allegedly sexually assaulted her.

The police took her to the hospital and arrested Marble. The young girl was subsequently reunited with her mother after her long and painful ordeal.

The girl says she ran away from her Napa home after having a fight with her mother. She made her way to a local gas station, though it is unclear what she was doing there.

She alleges that Marble offered her a ride, and she accepted. However, it is unclear if Marble said he would be taking her home or somewhere else.

According to reports, the pair smoked pot and Marble made advances toward the 13-year-old, but she rejected them. However, after they were in the car, he reportedly drove her to an abandoned area in the middle of nowhere and tied her to a tree. There, she says he made cuts all over her body, injected her with meth, and raped her repeatedly.

He loaded her into the car once more, though it is unclear where the two were headed. Determined to get away from the man who had allegedly raped her, she opened the door of the moving vehicle and jumped out around 5:40 a.m. in the morning. The pair were driving down Highway 1 at South Harbour Way.

Downtown Napa Valley, California
The alleged attack occurred in picturesque Napa, California. [Image by MasaoTaira/ThinkStock]

Although she got herself a pretty good case of road rash from her leap, she was lucky enough that her alleged rapist called 911 and saved her from further abuse at his hands.

While Marble is a convicted felon, this is the first time he has been accused of sexual assault or any sexual related offenses. Although his criminal past does not include rape, it does include a long list of drug-related charges. If it is true that he did inject his victim with meth, it is clear that he is still using and, therefore, may also be violating parole.

This isn’t the first time a victim was able to get help immediately after their assault and escape the clutches of their kidnapper. In December of 2015 near Atlanta, Georgia, alleged rapist Robert Giles asked his victim to call her boyfriend so he could hear the alleged attack on his girlfriend. Instead of calling him, she called the police and explained that suspect Giles wanted her boyfriend to hear her be raped. With that in mind, the police were able to come immediately and pick up the suspect, arresting him without question.

In both cases, the alleged victims were able to use their wits to escape a potentially terrible situation.

[Featured Image by Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office]