Cash Me Outside girl Danielle Bregoli might land a deal with famous record producer.

‘Cash Me Outside’ Danielle Bregoli To Launch Music Career, In Talks With Eminem, Jay Z Producers

Danielle Bregoli continues to steal the spotlight, this time with a possible music career. The “Cash Me Outside” girl seems to be taking advantage of her instant fame, grabbing all the opportunities coming her way.

In a recent report by TMZ, the 14-year-old viral sensation met with two of the biggest names in the music industry — Mark Batson and Che Pope. Apparently, Danielle is taking necessary steps in preparation for her rumored music launch. According to reports, Bregoli had meetings and lessons from the big-time record producers, and by the looks of it, they were impressed.

In the short video clip, Danielle can be seen sitting next to Mark Batson for a one-on-one piano lesson and a bit of career coaching. Although short, Batson commended Bregoli’s performance. “Look at this girl right here!” Mark beamed. “I told you, she can do anything.”

If Bregoli is planning to push through with her music career, many believe that Batson and Pope will be a huge advantage to get her name out there. Mark and Che are well-known for their collaborations with the biggest stars in the music industry. Batson has numerous Grammys for teaming up with Eminem, Alicia Keys, and Beyonce. He also produced for rap superstars Jay Z and Dr. Dre.

On the other hand, Pope is known for producing solo hits for all three Fugees and was president of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music circa Cruel Summer and Yeezus. He also collaborated with the rap genius Eminem.

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Danielle’s music genre is yet to be known, but many assume that it’ll likely fall under hip-hop. Bregoli is not a newbie when it comes to hip-hop music as she already made appearances in music videos for Kodak Black, Stitches, and Mook Boy.

Fans and haters alike shared mixed reactions about the “Cash Me Outside” girl’s possible stint as a music artist. Some expressed their admiration to the rising star for being eager to follow her dreams despite not having many experiences in the said field. Some even praised Danielle’s wise move of choosing the famous producers.

“Now she is getting in the hands of the right people. I think this is a great step forward for her. If she keeps up, she actually has the capabilities to become something great. Beyonce and Kanye west are both icons, and this is fact. This is a good push forward in her career,” one user wrote.

Others expressed their dismay, saying, “Why isn’t she going away? Singing? Really, folks, the little snip can’t even TALK properly…… ‘Cash me outside…'”?

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Aside from trying to make it big in the music world, the “Cash Me Outside” girl is also on her way to take Hollywood by storm. In a previous report, it has been confirmed that Bregoli signed a deal with a major TV production company. Apparently, Danielle is all set to star in her very own reality show. It can be recalled that Danielle’s team claimed that they have been tapped by seven production companies — four of which expressed interest in doing a reality show with the troubled teenager and her mom.

Although filming has not officially started, the producers were reportedly confident that Bregoli’s upcoming TV show will be a big hit, considering that she allegedly signed with IMG’s original content department.

Danielle Bregoli’s rise to fame all started on Dr. Phil where she uttered her now infamous catchphrase, “Cash Me Outside, Howbow Dah?”

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