Animal Adventure Park's update says April the Giraffe is getting bigger and her udders remain full.

Animal Adventure Park Live Cam: April The Giraffe Is About Ready To Pop

It’s been two weeks since Animal Adventure Park’s live cam went online and thousands of April the Giraffe’s fans continue to eagerly wait for her delivery. It shouldn’t take long, as April’s veterinarian, Dr. Tim, and her keepers have said numerous times that the pregnant giraffe’s delivery could happen any day now.

Meanwhile, Animal Adventure Park continues to provide regular updates about April the Giraffe’s progress via their official Facebook account. As per latest update, posted on the night of April 4, April has shown “great demeanor,” especially when the park’s owner, Jordan Patch, and his support staff did a clean up of the giraffe barn.

“April continues to carry her great demeanor as you saw with Jordan, Corey, Joel and support staff today while cleaning the giraffe barn. She is big, udders are full, light discharge —-aaaannnnndddd thats it! She looks, and is acting, great!

Another day outside and we expect more time tomorrow!”

April looks ready to pop as Wednesday night’s update says she is “big” and her udders remain full. Interestingly, she had some light discharge as well — a signal that her body is preparing itself for the calf’s birth. Better yet, Jordan Patch says that April is looking and acting great.

Meanwhile, Animal Adventure Park’s text alert system continues to be a major success. According to the park’s latest update, a Labor Alert test was delivered this morning and successfully reached all subscribers within 17 minutes — a major accomplishment considering the massive amount of subscribers. The thought of being the first to receive updates on April’s journey must have been tough to pass up on. If you want to be a subscriber, simply go to and sign up!

At present, Animal Adventure Park’s Facebook page has over a million subscribers, compared to the 30,000 they had before they started posting about April the Giraffe. Animal Adventure Park’s live cam remains one of the most streamed YouTube videos, with tens of thousands of viewers tuning into the live feed at any time. While April continues to be an internet darling, some followers have been getting frustrated that the birth of her calf is taking so long, so much so that some theorized that the whole thing was just an elaborate April Fools’ joke. Of course, that theory had already died down, but some are still getting antsy over the fact that the pregnant giraffe has still not given birth.

Animal Adventure Park’s updates have been reassuring for most followers, however, as the park’s owner continues to provide them with all the important details relating to April the Giraffe’s progress.

April has been pregnant for a little over 15 months now, and while her delivery is a little late compared to what is usual for most pregnant giraffes, it’s not unusual for one to give birth at 16 months. At any rate, we should expect April to finally give birth at least within the week.

Interestingly, pregnant giraffes show little signs that they are about to give birth. Experts say that you won’t notice much that one is giving birth until you see the calf’s hooves coming out, according to When labor starts, it could take as little as 30 minutes. Once the baby giraffe pops out, its fall would break the amniotic fluid covering it. The calf struggles to stand at first, but once it finds its footing, its first order of business is to reach for its mother to nurse.

Below is a video of a giraffe giving birth. It’s a thing of beauty.

It’s been said many times in the last couple of weeks, but April the Giraffe’s delivery could happen any day now. If you happen to miss it, you can find comfort in the fact that Jordan confirmed that the park would release a compilation video of April the Giraffe’s journey once she has given birth, as reported by The Inquisitr. It could happen today, so do yourself a favor and tune into Animal Adventure Park’s live cam below.

[Featured Image by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images]