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Scarlett Johansson Stays Grounded And Balanced By Taking On This Important Role

Scarlett Johansson is opening up about motherhood. She finds that she is able to balance her acting career with being a mother. In a new interview with E! News that was published on Monday, March 27, Scarlett said that nursing has helped keep her “grounded” in Hollywood.

The actress has been busy filming her latest movie, Ghost in the Shell. She has also been in the headlines for her split with Romain Dauriac and for her personal life. Scarlett shares her 3-year-old daughter, Rose, with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Romain Dauriac. Following their shocking split, the couple is now in a bitter custody battle over their daughter.

Johansson has found a way to avoid talking about her personal life in the press. In her interview with E! News, she said that while she had a busy schedule filming for Ghost, she successfully was able to balance motherhood with her career. She was able to leave her work behind when she came home. Johansson also revealed that nursing her daughter helped keep her “grounded” amid her hectic schedule.

scarlett johansson on motherhood
Scarlett Johansson talks motherhood. [Image by Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images]

“That is a very grounding [thing, to nurse],” she said. “If you ever needed to return to yourself, that is a pretty wonderful way to come back to yourself when you go home. You have to leave all that work stuff behind and be able to present with your kid. I am very thankful that’s my reality at the end of the day.”

Scarlett also sat down for an interview with Extra TV’s AJ Calloway to talk about her film. She said that her daughter was not into her character. Scarlett had to don a dark wig and sexy bodysuit for the movie, and her daughter wasn’t feeling it.

“[Rose] wasn’t totally crazy about the transformation. I think she just wanted me to look like her mom. I was still nursing her when I was making this film, so she looked up one minute and see a blonde person and then look up and see this wig and she was like… she did not like that, of course. She was like, ‘No,'” Scarlett added.

scarlett johansson on balance
Scarlett Johansson finds balance in her life. [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

Even the 32-year-old actress was “surprised” when she saw her costume for the first time. She said that it “feels like a wetsuit” every time she slipped it on. However, Johansson was able to slip into character every time she wore it.

“That’s really something your audience does not need to know. But it happened. I can guarantee you. It happened. Couple times a day,” she added.

Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac called it quits after two-and-a-half years of marriage. Scarlett’s attorney, Judith Poller, served Romain’s lawyer, Harold Mayerson, with divorce papers, according to Metro. Romain reportedly wants their daughter to live with him in his native land of France, and the proceedings will take place in front of a judge.

“He plans to petition the court to allow him and his daughter to move to France,” the lawyer said in a statement. “He [Romain] believes that her schedule makes it impossible for her [Scarlett] to have physical custody – unless she intends to have her children raised by nannies and helpers.”

Scarlett swears that she can handle being an actress and a mom. She has kept tight-lipped about their split and their custody agreement. She has only released a statement to People about their split and asking for privacy for their sake and her daughter’s sake.

“As a devoted mother and private person and with complete awareness that my daughter will one day be old enough to read the news about herself, I would only like to say that I will never, ever be commenting on the dissolution of my marriage,” Johansson said.

“Out of respect for my desires and as a parent and out of respect for all working moms, it is with kindness that I ask other parties involved and the media to do the same. Thank you.”

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