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Heroic Police Dog Protects Home Despite Being Shot Several Times

Police Dog Defends Home After Being Shot

Drake was a hero and a loyal best friend. The former K9 patrol dog was just protecting the property of his master, Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Bobby Boody, when armed robbers broke into their house. Trooper Boody was not at home and Drake did his best to fight off the violent intruders, despite being shot several times.

The saga of the wounded German Shepard began on Sunday Night, when Bobby Boody returned from work and found his place ransacked, with blood splattered everywhere. The house was silent and Drake didn’t bound happily to the front door to greet his friend.

Rushing upstairs, Boody found Drake conscious and barely alive. He gathered the 100 pound animal in his arms, hurried to his car, and drove to the local emergency veterinary clinic. The severely wounded Shepard was stabilized and then transferred to the hospital of Dr. Ken Simmons in Lantana, Florida for surgery.

Dr. Simmons repaired the damage done to two of Drake’s legs, his brow and his jaw. Sadly, a bullet had also nicked the dog’s esophagus and Drake was having difficulty eating and drinking. The concerned Vet hoped the specialists at the University of Florida’s veterinary school could save Drake and he arranged to fly the dog and his owner to Gainesville.

The specialists did their best but they discovered more damage to a blood vessel in the dog’s neck. Trooper Boody and the doctors decided it was best to spare the dog any more pain and on Friday at 6:15 pm, Drake the German Shepard was euthanized.

Bobby Boody was too upset to talk with the press, so he asked Dr Simmons to represent him. The disappointed doctor spoke to reporters about the effort to save the canine hero.

“I’m really happy that I took him up to (the University of) Florida today because we had some of the brightest minds in veterinary medicine on the planet all gathered around this dog, thinking through how it was going to go. At the end of it, we didn’t leave any stones unturned, we didn’t put Drake through any pain. He didn’t feel any pain at all.”

“I’m just totally emotionally spent. I so bad wanted this to be something good for all of these people that were so enthralled with this dog’s fight. At the end of the day, you feel like you let them all down.”

Police have arrested a 16 year old male as the prime suspect in the shooting and robbery. The unnamed minor was traced by the ankle monitor he was wearing while while on probation for burglary and grand theft. The police are also looking for 2 other suspects.

Investigators said the house was chosen for the robbery because the suspects knew a police officer lived there and they thought they would find guns and money. Authorities said the youth confessed to the crime and expressed no guilt over the death of Drake.

Detective Philip DiMola commented on the coldness of the suspect.

“He had no remorse. I asked him, ‘Did you think about that dog today?’ He said no.'”

The Inquisitr sends our condolences to Trooper Bobby Boody over the loss of his loyal companion, Drake the German Shepard. We salute all the brave dogs who have comforted and protected us, no matter the risk or danger. The beloved dog truly is humanity’s best friend.

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68 Responses to “Heroic Police Dog Protects Home Despite Being Shot Several Times”

  1. Maria Matero Doviken

    This breaks my heart. Sometimes I think people who can commit this type of action, really don't have a heart, and if they do it's very black.
    I'm sure this trooper will remember his loyal companion and partner as a hero….

  2. Vickie Mann

    No Susan, they should do to them what they did to this dog!!! Let them live in pain then euthanize them!!!!!!!

  3. Linda Dienno Howald

    This was just not any dog. He was a K-9 and he was shot by these fools who have nothing better to do. Were they after the Trooper? This should be treated as though they shot a State Trooper, plain murder.

  4. Wolff Bachner

    actually, linda, they waited till the Trooper left hoping he would have guns they could steal and sell, according to the confession of the one suspect, who was wearing a ankle monitor when he committed the crime. He was on current probation for a previous burglary. i tried to be as neutral as i could when i wrote this article but shooting an animal is a very low life crime.

  5. Melissa L Hutton Adams

    they should be charged with killing a police officer, he's a retired k-9. Poor brave dog, my heart goes out to Trooper Boody. Shoot the pieces for crap that did this and be done they are beyond redemption.

  6. Charlotte Burch Tacon

    how sad! how sad! I hate to hear about animals being tortured and having to endure pain to save the family they so dearly love! R.I.P. Drake!

  7. Judi Fryer

    I wish I could convey my sympathy to Trooper Boody over the loss of his best friend. Just so tragic!

  8. Brian Cozza

    You know that poor dog, all he was trained to do his whole life is to protect his owner and the home in which he lives. Then because some ignorant little bastards who probably get a job due though their inability to think decided to pick a home to rob and in the process they ran into a beautiful but strong dog who knows nothing but to defend what is theirs. I say let the kids who did this serve as adults non the less and put them in a place where they can feel the pain they did to not only Boody but to poor Drake who did absolutely nothing but serve and love unconditionally. Like Linda said it's just plain murder! :(

  9. Maurice R Mizrahi

    Send the kid my way- I bet some wild dogs would like some dinner.

  10. Joanne Christie

    Put this punk & his accomplices away for good. I am so sorry for your loss & the pain this has caused you.

  11. Linda Dienno Howald

    Yes I agree it is a very low life crime. This animal was a law enforcement trained dog. Killing a K-9 is the same as killing one of our Troopers. My daughter serves as a North Carolina State Trooper. We just lost a fine Trooper two months ago by another low life. May it be human or animal, we respect them for serving us and protecting and giving their lives for us all. May God Bless all our men and women and four legged Troopers during these tough times.

  12. Deirdre Cohan

    I feel horrible for the police officer. This kid had no care or concern for what he did. Well I have no guilt for what punishment he gets! Rest I dog heaven sweet animal.

  13. Jessica Ute Schaefer

    Thank you to everyone trying to save Drake's life. I certainly hope that justice will be served. Not only was an innocent being brutally murdered, but this is also an indication of what might happen if this scum is not found and locked up. There is no regard for life, period. These P.O.S.'s are not worth the air they're breathing. Find them, lock them up and lose the key!

  14. Carole Mitchell Lewis

    I totally agree with you. This is such a sad story. I don't care if Drake was a dog, he was a police officer. The ones that shot him need to be punished severely for what they did. My condolences go out to Bobby Boody. It's so hard to lose a pet. Drake may have been a police dog but he was still a loyal pet. I know Officer Boody is having a hard time with the loss. He died doing what he was trained to do but the knowing it was some young thugs that were responsible for his death makes my blood boil. I hope they catch the other two that were involved. God Bless all the doctors that tried to save him. RIP Drake

  15. Maria Ann Smith

    That poor little face. He looked so scared. It just kills me. What the hell is wrong with these people these days? The laws have gotten so lax on parents being able to pusnish their kids because of abuse, kids aren't afraid of consequenses anymore.

  16. Wolff Bachner

    I understand you feelings and i do feel that shooting any law enforcement officer, human or canine, is a crime against a law enforcement officer. it also brings up a new issue, which is what special protection and laws need to be enacted for crimes against retired police officers; especially if committed by someone they dealt with while active as a police officer. Drake was retired and simply Bobby's best friend. a role just as important as k9 patrol. even worse, the kid who killed him was on probation for a similar crime and even wearing an ankle monitor at the time of the murder. CAN WE SPELL INCORRIGIBLE.

  17. Myjken Lynn Roberson

    My heart goes out to Trooper Boody and his family. So sad to lose such a wonderful dog. The ones who did this should be charged with murder, if a peerson had been home they would have met with the same fate. Heartless people like this need to be incarcerated.

  18. David Juhn

    This is why I always say not every lives are precious and some people are better off not being born at all. What good do these little bastards serve? Nothing at all.

  19. Linda Dienno Howald

    Kid? He knew exactly what he was doing. Try him and his buddies in the court of law as grown men! This country of ours needs to stop babying these murderers. He is not a kid in my mind. We have 17 year olds fighting for our country. Now they are real men. Way to many excuses for this behavior which continues over and over. Slap a ankle monitor and set them loose to continue on being the cowards they are. Bread and water and a good kick in the six! Bring back the chain gangs.

  20. Al Chaffee

    I agree with melissa hutton adams and too bad its only a 16yr old cause he will prob just get a slap on the wrist even though hes already in the system that would be a life sentance as far as I'm concerned.

  21. Irma L Montanez

    I'm in so much in tears i hope this bastard get kill in jail RIP Drake

  22. Glenna Bible

    My heart goes out to the officer, it hurts to lose a dog. My sister, a big animal lover, always said if they are eating, there's hope. If they can't eat, it's kinder to put them down.

  23. Donna Marie Beall Morris

    prime example of what wrong with our criminal justice system. they are busy making money off criminals on house arrest and probation instead of making them serve their time in jail, and it puts innocent citizens at risk constantly. obvious making that money off scumbags is more important than protecting the innocent…..sad state of affairs. RIP DUKE.

  24. Andie IAm

    As the wife of a police officer and an animal rescuer this makes my blood boil These feral thugs need to be shot on sight. Save the taxpayers the time and money. These thugs treat each OTHER that way, what do you expect? Rest in peace, Drake.

  25. Andie IAm

    They need to end the welfare state that created him and all the other criminals just like him.

  26. Jayli Thomas

    Vickie Mann — I don't think they should euthanize them. Let the little turds suffer and mock them while they're begging for help.

  27. Jayli Thomas

    I'll bring marshmallows. We'll have smoores. And then giggle when they whine in pain. I'm not a total inhumane sadist.. but there's a difference between breaking into a home and locking an animal in a room to get what you want and straight up being an inhuman little fuckass. Pardon my language!

  28. Jayli Thomas

    I'm pretty sure my 90 lb German Shepherd would love some dinner too. The fact they're men [and likely black, this isn't racism speaking, this is statistics] she'd have even more of a field day. She was a rescue from a puppymill run by a group of men, most of which were black and she was treated very horribly. She likes women.. men? My poor tiny boyfriend is scared crapless of her! Please send these little bastards my way so Maurice and my dog can eat them!

  29. Jayli Thomas

    It won't happen. It was only a dog. He's 16. This little shit could have murdered the dog, Boody and his entire family and he'd get away with it because he's a minor. "he doesn't know any better" "he came from a broken home" "he's a poor put upon minority" name your pathetic excuse, at 16 you know it's wrong to shoot something living and break into homes.

  30. Jayli Thomas

    Jail is too good for him. I vote we toss him in an gator pond. They can munch on him for dinner. Too bad zombies in the Walking Dead aren't real… hmmm…

  31. Jayli Thomas

    I like how you think. As racist as it might sound, I'll put $10 on it that the kids aren't white. As much as I hate saying that because it makes me sound ill-bred, but statistically you don't see a lot of punk ass white kids [especially in Florida] breaking into homes in groups of threes and fours wielding guns and shooting animals. The majority of them know their butt holes from holes in the ground and know that it'll get them sent away. This kid has a rap sheet longer than my arm though. Sad state the US has come to that he'll get off, do it again. They could spare themselves the time though. Anyone that would do this to an animal, would do it to a human with even less thought. I'd be surprised if he hadn't already shot or killed another person.

  32. Andie IAm

    The area is 34% black. Facts aren't racist. I wish they would break into my home. I'm ready. :)

  33. Jessyka Brown

    Give them the death penalty they will always be in trouble one of them had on a ankle bracelet so he hasn't learned RIP Drake.

  34. Carlton Taylor

    Shoot him in exactly the same place's and do nothing for 7 time's the length of time Drake was left alone to suffer, Remember dog's age 7 time's faster than us, then just tell him that nothing can be done and put him out of our misery :-)

  35. Justice for Boyd, Murdered by Garland SWAT

    "Drake was a hero and a loyal best friend. The former K9 patrol dog was just protecting the property of his master, Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Bobby Boody, when armed robbers broke into their house. Trooper Boody was not at home and Drake did his best to fight off the violent intruders, despite being shot several times."

    I pray for this dog's recovery for his sake and his owner's….

    But reading this is like eating a greasy coin… Many and most of our dogs were doing just as they should be – just as Drake did. Only they are not hero's – they are threats worthy of justifiable shooting. Tell me – when police break open your door, or enter your property do you think any dog on earth determines that it's a cop and not an intruder? Don't our dog's have the very same right to valor as Drake? 250K pets annually are shot by police with many owners powerless to fight.

    Get well soon Drake – you are a gooooood boy!
    Dogs Shot By Police!/pages/Dogs-Shot-by-Police/188434097845629. (Ace) (Ava). (Bandit) (Baxter) (Bear Bear). (Bella) (Belly). (Big Daddy/Big Boy). (Blue) (Boo Boo). (Boog) (Boogie) (Boomer Florida). (Bos) (Boyd) (Boozer). (Brad) (Bucky) (Buddy). (Bully, Boss & Kahlua). (Bugsy) (Cammie new format). (Cammie) (Capone) (Champ). (Champ new format). (Cisco) (Coco). (Dakota). (Dakota) (Diablo). (Dudley). (Eve & Ruckus). (Gizmo) (Gloria). (Harley) (Yes, they shoot cats too.) (Ice) (Johnny Cash). (K9 Partners of Monroe County). (Killer). (Kimbo). (Lacy & Kirra). (Laila) (Lilo & Stitch). (Licker) (Meaty) (Melmo). (Moco) (Mopz) (Nellie) (Nikki) (Parrot) (Parrot) (Robine, Hood & Aidan). (Roscoe/Rosco) (Rosie) (Scar) (Thunder) (Myron’s Shadow). (North Meyers, FL Shadow). (Shadow) (Xena).

  36. Charlotte A Garsteck

    The sad thing is they will get what is it 90 days in jail and a fine and out free to do it again. The laws on animal abuse is to light. An animal is a living thing just like a persons child. They should get the book thrown at them. And not in a juvi system they should be tried as adults and it should be a murder charge.

  37. Nancy Young

    Hope he is going down for the crime to shot a K9 dog is like shotting a police officer. Really stupid and wearing a ankle mont.

  38. Jan Dykema

    it is very sad.. and yet dogs are shot by the POLICE everyday.. and many times for no reason at all.

  39. Alexa Bourbonnais

    Drake deserves justice and he has a very good chance of getting it. Tragic circumstances. However, tell me – when police enter your property do you think any dog on earth determines that it's a cop and not an intruder? Don't our dog's have the very same right to valor as Drake? Justice is also deserved for Cisco, Ice, Buddy, Boyd, Moco, Penny and many more.

  40. Mildred Martin

    This really broke my heart. I hope they all get prosecuted to the fullest!

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