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24 Bloopers In Skyfall: Fans Catch Errors In Latest James Bond Movie

24 Bloopers In Skyfall: Fans Catch Errors In Latest James Bond Movie

There are 24 bloopers in Skyfall, fans have found as the noticeable errors in the latest James Bond movie appear to add up.

The Skyfall bloopers were caught by eagle-eyed fans, who so far have noticed two dozen blunders in the blockbuster movie, reported. The 24 errors in Skyfall range from the small, like a train missing a stop during its journey on the London Underground, to the more obvious, like 007 star Daniel Craig’s lace-up shoes magically changing to slip-ons during another scene on a train.

One of the most grave of the 24 bloopers in Skyfall was a handbag disappearing after it was placed on the floor by Dame Judy Dench. In another scene, a glass of whiskey held by Javier Bardem’s villain Silva seems to have a different level of liquid in it every time the camera pans back to him.

Fans have begun compiling the 24 mistakes in Skyfall to Some would only be noticed by the most knowledgeable of viewers.

“In the opening scene on the train the coupling is shot away and the rear wagon separates, this ruptures the continuous brake pipe, which would cause both halves of the train to stop immediately,” one viewer found.

Another wrote: “While talking with Severine in the casino bar, Bond gets his martini in a frozen glass. He picks it up, the camera’s point of view changes, and the glass is now completely unfrozen.”

The 24 bloopers in Skyfall haven’t hurt the film too much at the box office. The movie has grossed $200 million internationally its first weekend, the best opening ever for a James Bond movie.

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23 Responses to “24 Bloopers In Skyfall: Fans Catch Errors In Latest James Bond Movie”

  1. Jon Lee Wilson

    Didn't notice those bloopers. too busy WATCHING and ENJOYING THE MOVIE.

  2. Anonymous

    I want to know what about the story line and plot of Casino Royal and Quantum Solace? It seems they reset the Bond line yet again.

  3. Scott Johanson

    There not bloopers, they're errors, mistakes, oopses, whatever. Bloopers are you see a scene and someone does his lines and oops, laughter, take 2, or a scene is given say a fight scenes and someone slips, take 2 idiots.

  4. Phil Ryan

    I think the official term for this is continuity errors. There's someone on set that gets a credit at the end for "continuity." But on a massive film like this, 24 is not bad at all!

  5. Randi Middleton

    Not all are continuity errors. Some are anachronisms, crew or equipment in shot, etc. The correct term would be "goofs".

  6. Phil Ryan

    Im talking about the ones referred to in the article. frosted martini glass, level of whiskey in glass, Jude's handbag disappearing…. change of shoes….

  7. Neal Holland

    A blooper would be James Bond saying Stocks and Bond. This article just shows someone in the production department screwing around.

  8. Susie Fontana Holland

    I did notice a few of the bloopers! I am not always that was a BAD MOVIE he is too old.. not handsome & the movie was mostly just BORING!

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