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$300K In Gold Dust Found By HVAC Installers

gold dust

You never know what you’ll find in an old vent. Workers from Clark & Rush, a California heating, ventilation and air conditioning company, found more than $300K in gold dust while working on an old home in Sacramento.

According to UPI, Steve Ottley and his partner were conducting an HVAC installation when they stumbled on the lucrative gold dust. Ottley said that the gold dust was stored in a dozen baby food jars and was worth more than $300,000.

Ottley said:

“I still can’t believe it today. It’s unreal. We kind of just looked at each other and said ‘wow’.'”

What’s even more unbelievable is that Ottley and his partner didn’t pocket their discovery. Instead, the workers at Clark & Rush gave the gold dust to the home owners.

Mark Thyne said that the company can’t guarantee that they’ll find gold on your property but they can guarantee that they’ll report if if they do find it.

Thyne said:

“That’s one promise we can’t make, but I can say this, the integrity and professionalism of Clark & Rush, every time we find this type of thing, we are always trustworthy and upfront.”

And this isn’t the first time that the company has stumbled upon a figurative gold mine. In the 1980s, the company found about $25,000 worth of gold coins in a home.

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96 Responses to “$300K In Gold Dust Found By HVAC Installers”

  1. Mike Johnson

    what a class act , if only all of us were that way,,,, hats off to clark and rush and especially to the installers, they should get reward,,, surely,,,,

  2. Daphne Wallace-Edwards

    I found something, in a dresser out in an open garage, of abandoned/foreclosed home.. We can barter for food with it- if worse comes to worse.

  3. Anonymous

    Found $ 300K worth of Gold and they turned it in. Now that this has gone viral, you can't buy that kind of publicity for $ One million dollars. Nice going Clark and Rush. your a stand up company! Don't find that much these days. Only one unanswered question, did the homeowner at least give you something for your honesty?

  4. Daphne Wallace-Edwards

    How OLD is the home? They can research the records- maybe find relatives, if person who put it there, is deceased.

  5. Gray Porcella

    Wouldn't it be ironic if the people who bought this house got it at a foreclosure sale? I wonder if the homeowners are going to try and find the real owners of this gold. Obviously, it wasn't put there by them.

  6. Neil Imbornone

    they didn't do it because they are honest they did it to boost their business.think about it. nobody is that stupid plus it didn't most likely belong to the owners otherwise they would of gave them a 10% kick back.

  7. Anonymous

    Honest working men = nothing finer. Hope the home owner gave them a nice 'finder's fee' as I would.

  8. Brenda Tyler

    It was the installers who were the honest guys.. they didn't have to tell anyone and could have split up the jars. Instead they did the honest thing. My Husband works in HVAC and he never came across anything valuable like that but I know that he would have given it to the homeowners if he had. Most of these guys know that it is the right thing to do.

  9. Anonymous

    I know some nobody who found three thousand dollars, and all he got when he turned the money in was a slug in the nose and a kick in the groin area; LOL.

  10. Anonymous

    Being in the home repair buisness myself. I would have done the same!" More flys with honey".

  11. She Taggart

    Good news will drum up good business looking for lost treasures in attics now. Not everyone is trustworthy but glad to know there are still those out there you can trust. Good job Clark & Rush, I hope they give you a bonus. Why isn't more of these articles reported rather than all the spam they report daily.

  12. Joyce Morris

    It's probably the stuff that was stolen from the Yreka courthouse last year…jus sayin'.

  13. Anonymous

    Someone at the us. postal service stole $ 1500.00 of scrap gold from me. Can I get this company to deliver my mail from now on.

  14. Kevin Glenn Sr.

    so who was the "ace reporter" that dug this up? what started to be a good story and just completely blows it by not following through with 1. what the owners said 2.did they get a reward did they truly find it 4.did it belong to the current owners or how long has it been there and how old were the baby food jars 6. well I'm sure you get the picture "no pun intended" it the reporter that supposed to build a story sell it then Finnish it. totally amateurish at best.

  15. Kevin Glenn Sr.

    so who was the "ace reporter" that dug this up? what started to be a good story and just completely blows it by not following through with 1. what the owners said 2.did they get a reward did they truly find it 4.did it belong to the current owners or how long has it been there and how old were the baby food jars 6. well I'm sure you get the picture "no pun intended" it the reporter that supposed to build a story sell it then Finnish it. totally amateurish at best.

  16. John Volinkaty

    I once found a couple of Playboys in my vents from the previous homeowners. Must have been the 14 yr olds room. Probably didn't think his parents would ever look in the vents.

  17. Anonymous

    If they kept it that's considered theft, they darn well better give it back to the homeowner.

  18. Bobby Boyer

    lets see $300,000.00 or a marketing gig to get a few more customers? hmmm…

  19. Anonymous

    If you are unimpressed with Tom's comment then feel free to contact Pacific Gas and Electric Company at 1-800-468-4743 and file a complaint. Have the approximate time of Tom's comment, date, site found and Tom's department of "Gas Service". It took me only 5 minutes to file my complaint. By doing so maybe this idiot will learn a real hard lesson in racism!

  20. John Z Prosise

    Major stock indexes finished one of their best weeks of the year with the Dow closing above 13,000 for the first time since Election Day. USA Stock Markets are the Strongest they have Ever Been in USA History thanks to Democratic Superiority.

  21. David Gripon

    Why? what effect does that comment have on everyday life? He can say what he wants to and there is no reason to make anything more out of it that a simple comment.

  22. Nick Nelson

    What a stand up company. From being a side worker in HVAC off and on for 10 years, I've heard of this company quite often in the local area. Stand up and honest people are always the words that follow this company name. In estimates and their work. This story, just solidifies the theory. Way to go guys. In this time of disparity, it would be easy to morally justify (in some's mindsets) a 'jar in the pocket' for a self proclaimed finders fee. Duct runners are typically paid lower wages, and to report this finding without squandering profits is absolutely upstanding. There are still good people in the world.

  23. Lynn Faylor

    There was a time when this was no big deal, it was what you would expect a person to do.. nowdays it is definitely the exception. Given that.. we applaud you.

  24. Aaron Schmitz

    Honest? How do you know there wasn't a million dollars worth in there and they stuck the rest in their tool bag. Were talking about attic monkeys who make $10 per hour to crawl around attics. Get real people! This is the REAL World.

  25. Anonymous

    Im a white guy, and I discovered theres some black people I like a lot more than some white people.

  26. Anonymous

    Why all the praise and hyperbole? So now if you're in someone elses house and don't STEAL their property you're an honest and upstanding, a "class act"? lol. That's all it takes? Were you guys raised in a cave? I wouldn't even think for a millisecond to steal something I found in someone elses house. That's theft, and you're not an upstanding citizen just because you don't steal and you certainly shouldn't be praised for it.

  27. Anonymous

    sure as hell they should of gave it back, when your working on someones house its not finders keepers… duh!

  28. Anonymous

    Well, I don't know if they are white as stated by your comment but what I can certainly guess from your statement is that you probably are white to make a statement like that but, then again, that might make me a racist 'cause you could be a troll, you could be of color yourself but, perhaps, Latino, Asian or you found this website after finally moving that heavy rock above your head, who knows.

  29. Peter McCann

    I'd rather get the simple facts then a hyped up medias version of the story. Some news outlets would have made up how they made off with the gold and led police on a high speed chase across all 50 states before giving it back to the Homeowners. Simple is sometimes better.

  30. Felipe Burgos

    A high school senior found a briefcase in a street in Chicago, turned it over to the police. The owner claimed the briefcase, left without even saying thank you. There was diamonds and cash. Estimated in the six figures if memory serve me right. The community pull together and gave the young man a reward. After all this is Chicago for you.

  31. Anonymous

    Tom, that was a dumb move, naming the company you work for after that remark

  32. Edward Kelly

    Hey Tom- I just forwarded your racist comment on to the Pacific Gas and Electric Company. If they are your employer, i am sure they will be thrilled to see their name next to your ignorant beliefs. Have a nice day.

  33. Rodney Mcneal

    Bernie Madoff is "white"! I am sure MOST of the Wall Street bankers are "white! Most company "leaders" are "white". The very ones that people like you bitch about stealing your money. How many times have you lost money to anyone of any race other than "white"?! Dishonesty comes in ALL colors and STUPIDITY certainly knows no color!

  34. Neil Imbornone

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  35. Neil Imbornone

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