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Jeb Bush 2016? GOP Rumor Mill Points To Former Florida Governor

jeb bush

Could there be another Bush heading to the White House? The 2012 election may have only recently ended but rumors about the 2016 race are already swirling. Jeb Bush hasn’t made any announcements yet but rumor has it that the 2016 ticket will have his name on it.

The New York Times reports that several of Bush’s friends believe he is getting ready to take a run at the White House. Bush is reportedly weighing “financial and family considerations” at the moment. The brother of George W. Bush is also debating the standing of his family name in the Republican party. Mitt Romney did his best to distance himself from George Bush during the 2012 election but that will be a little harder to do for Jeb.

Still, Jeb may be the GOP’s man for 2016. The Republican party blamed much of Romney’s loss on the Hispanic vote and believe that Jeb Bush could bring much of that demographic back to the party. According to the Business Insider, Bush is an “immigration heavyweight.” He has a Mexican wife, he’s fluent in Spanish, and he believes in reforming immigration laws to allow people who are already here to stay in America.

Marco Rubio’s name has also been thrown around for the 2016 ticket but Jeb probably won’t have to worry about running against the Florida senator. Rubio is Bush’s protege and could easily ask Rubio to step aside until 2020. Or, as BI speculates, Jeb could ask Rubio to join him on the 2016 ticket.

What do you think? Will Jeb Bush run for the White House in 2016.

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159 Responses to “Jeb Bush 2016? GOP Rumor Mill Points To Former Florida Governor”

  1. Justin Irwin

    Even if Jeb Bush decides to run, he will not go far. Nobody is excited to see the Bush's back in Washington, and nobody with a half a brain would run another Bush for a very long time. Jeb Bush would not make a good President, and he would not advance the Conservative cause.

  2. Anonymous

    Please Jeb don't waste the country's time with running for president in 2016! The republican party is already in shambles and with another Bush in the mix……NO!

  3. Dave Daniels

    ANYONE who ever votes for anyone named "Bush" in a Presidential election should be shot and their bodeis dragged through the streets on live television.

  4. Kris Galatas

    A logical move for the near dead Republican Party… an effort to change their image and appeal to the Hispanic vote, as Bush is married to a Hispanic….. BUT HIS NAME IS BUSH,,,, duh!

  5. Anonymous

    Go ahead and have him run. When the truth comes out about Jeb, he will lose any national election. And I will not vote for the Republican ticket.

  6. Christine Brown

    if the Rebups nominate him they just haven't learned. Besides do they think this a Monarchy? What a joke.

  7. Randy L Deitsch

    do we REALLY need another BUSH.. Heck the GOP did very very little mention of GWB in this past presidents race.. that ought to tell you something… Run Him, and watch him go down like the past two have…

  8. Brian L Brinkley

    Then there would be an opportunity to give him the Louis XVI treatment! Off with his head!

  9. Anonymous

    the republican party is sadly mistaken if they thing the reason why Romney lost is because of the Hispanic vote,

  10. Rich Morris

    mrs. clinton reallly?? that treasonist bitch? wow americans just havent learned enough yet…will you still vote for her when you find out she was part of the bengazi debacle that got chris stevens and 3 seals killed?

  11. Anonymous

    Remember; he was govenor of Florida when the country got the shaft in the 2000 election when the outcome depended on the count there, that's when his brother became president instead of Gore who won the popular vote. It's crooked man!

  12. Anonymous

    Just what we need, another BUSH, like a hole in the head. You would think two Bush's would be enough. One is dumb the other is dumber and Jeb would be? Dumbest?

  13. Paul Michael

    HAHAHAHA. Please. Even IF Jeb was the PERFECT candidate, American voters would be hesitant to place him into the White House simply because of his last name.

  14. Wallace Wilson

    I don't think Jeb Bush needs to run for President, after what his father and brother did in office, I don't think this country can handle another Bush in office, Period.

  15. Harry Cocks

    C'mon, haven't we seen enough of this Nazi clan to last 1000 lifetimes? Enough of the 2-party dictatorship… Let's give Jesse Ventura a chance to bring some sanity back to this country! Jesse/2016!

  16. Anonymous

    Rich Morris maybe you should learn to spell benghazi! correctly and watch your filthy mouth…and i wasnt aware she was there when the 3 seals and ambassador chris stevens was killed?!?!?! youre brain dead if you think Jeb Bush…will be a successful commander in chief…i mean cmon his name is Jeb

  17. Anonymous

    Who puts this garbage out here to fill spaceA? One Bush was to many 1 two was a diaster and now we are talking about Three. This must be a conspircy to take down AMERICA AND COLLASPE THIS COUNTRY. This country really need help if we continue to run the old retreads who couldn't even run a McDonalds. If this all the better we can do we need a revolution.

  18. Gary Groves

    I think we have seen the last of the Bush Dynasty – At least I hope. We'll be paying for that idiot for generations to come.

  19. Erich Niner Borjas

    Rich Morris .. you are right.. Clinton send those rebels to attack that embassy.. she also told the seals to "stand down".. is all her fault! … LOL.. moron!

  20. Anonymous

    And all this shit about old Bag clinton. Jesus why is this name even being brought up? God help the American people The Clinton clan in office was bad enough for the American people to endure. The world must be laughing at America for the idiots that we run for the hightest office in the land, Jesus, dog face john Kerry, horn dog Clinton, Two idiot Bushes, African who cant prove where he is from. My forefathers fought and died for this country and all we get is this group of dummies to run the country! It get worse every election time with nothing but idiots to choose from!

  21. Anonymous

    It looks like they want the bush family to become King of america or a dictatorship if that is the case I would rather hITLER!

  22. Fed Jean

    As a democrat, I want Jeb Bush to run for the for President, because he doesn't stand a chance to become President that will be an easy win for the Democrat even Texas will be a blue state that night.

  23. Jason James Rubadeau

    Please, let him run, on the same corporate tool/racist/white-guy-only platform just like Mitt. This why the Republicans lost So out of touch. They invited not 1 senior official from the previous administrtaion at their convention due to his worst-president-ever reputation…but they will nominate his brother, who has the exact same plans and ideas..

  24. Jason James Rubadeau

    Let's see..4 Killed in Benghazi, 5,000+ Americans and up to 1,000,000 Iraqi's killed in a war based on complete lies from start to finish..oh yea, and we LOST! But yea, let's focus on the terrorist attack that killed 4; also, pay no attention to the guy behind the curtain…you hicks need to go to school, and when not there, stay in the trailer parks, please

  25. Roy Wright

    Another Bush? Can we get a break from this family for at least a decade? This is starting to feel like a monarchy!

  26. Samuel L. Keifer

    He would be 20 times better than what we will have for 8 years.

  27. Paul Andrews

    260 people like this , wtf is wrong with u people , ready to elect another from that family , are u kidding me , let's see , daddy bush put us in a recession immediately after Reagan , invaded panama and Iraq in just four years , 8 years later lil Bush gets nominated , shortly there after we are at war again in Iraq and Afganistan and in anther recession , now u want to elect another idiot from the same family , not to mention grandpa Bush who was an active member of the American Nazi party in the 30's , war , war , war , recession , recession , n there is talk about another , I hope we all learn how to speak Chinese real quick , cause that's the only path if another fuck up Bush is ever allowed to be put in white house.

  28. Anonymous

    Please, not another Bush! The U.S. is still trying to recover from the damage cause by "W".
    Hopefully people are smart enough not to vote by name recognition, and the Republicans need to run as fast as possible from Jeb. I'd much rather see Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, or Chris Christy make a run for the Oval Office. We need much better candidate selection at the next go around. The last selection was awful, and unfortunately Obama was the better choice.

  29. Chris Gordon

    Republicans, I'm going to go ahead and save you a lot of time, money and embarrassment right here and now.

    I know you are extremely out of touch with reality, caught up in your selfishness that you can't think clearly and see your latest 'let's candidate a hard-hitting self-righteous a-hole' idea for the blatant absurdity that is clearly is, so I'll do the thinking for you.

    Same thing as Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich, that freak from Texas, and all the rest.

    Jeb Bush 2016. No way in hell. Never going to happen.

    Just take my word for it. I've been right about everything else so far.

  30. Chris Gordon

    And, uh, his name is 'Jeb.' Seriously. 'Jeb.' Wasn't that the name of Jethro's brother on the Beverly Hillbillies? President Jeb. LOL!

  31. John McTeague

    Samuel L. Keifer suck it bagger. at least our actually WON the elections

  32. Jaime Martin

    LOL Seriously? This guy can't even keep his own house clean, and he's your pick? His kids are always in trouble with the law.

  33. Anonymous

    The GOP is just dumb enough to run him. I like the idea of another 8 democrat years….Hillary 2016-2024…

  34. John McTeague

    Rich Morris your the one who hasn't learned. America just overwhelmingly rejected your candidate and your stupid fucking ideas for the second time. Do you understand your in the minority? That your views are unAmerican and its losers like you who make it easy to vote for ANYONE else?

  35. Anonymous

    Jeb Bush,,,, Not going to happen. I believe Rubio will be supported and if he run's with the ability to debate, the GOP nomination is his to lose.

  36. Robert Cote

    And yet Obama is still 100 times better than his predecessor and Jeb's brother W. The W stands for worst president of all time.

  37. John Putnam

    Please America, no more Bush's, no more Clinton's, no more Romney's, no more Ron Paul's no more 0bama's no more Bidens, nore more bullsh! t! We need to start with some fresh meat, not this same rhetoric.

  38. Anonymous

    The idea of yet another Bush in the White House makes me want to puke!

    Guess Republicans never want another stint in the White House!

  39. Larry Butler

    I think a Bush/Rubio ticket would be better then want has been in the white house for the last 16 years.

  40. Anonymous

    Marrying someone Latina and speaking the language? Really? The GOP really are limited in their train of thought if they think that's all they need in a candidate to win over the Latino vote. And with another Bush no less? – Desperation is an ugly stink. Back to the drawing board if that's the best they can come up with…(morons).

  41. Robert Chavez

    that was part of the problem why mittins lost there so narrow minded sorry but the GOP need to look again and open there eyes were not in the 50's there were alot of votes that the GOP could have had but instedthey refused to take off the blinders

  42. Jason Richard Glynn

    don't judge a man by his last name ; the gop lost because they didn't adapt to the change in demographics maybe Jeb can bring hispanics and possibly other groups into the GOP we're already having members of the GOP rejecting the Norquist pledge so don't judge a person by their last name or by their party as a whole.

  43. Lin Frank

    go ahead and run his butt…he won't get the nomination way too much like dumbo and I don't think America is ready for Bush act III.

  44. Jay-c Lucien

    Whether he speaks Spanish or his wife Hispanic, Jeb Bush is Jeb Bush. And beside that, immigration will no longer be an issue by 2016. Our current administration is working hard to fix the immigration problem.

  45. Anonymous

    Well if he is going to be the Republicans go to guy, guess it's Democrat in 2016!

  46. Anonymous

    Being a Floridian myself, I can safely say "Forget the Mexican wife, that was considered by many as a convenience marraige for political gain. You want to see his real stance there, look at how he stripped the money from South Florida where the most money from taxes is gathered, and shipped it to central and north Florida. This includes most of the hispanic areas and haitian areas, and was specifically target to the areas with high income and white conservative values. Don't believe me, do the research yourself it's in the official budgets from those past years, a matter of public record. See what he did, then you decide!

  47. Anonymous

    I wouldn't vote for another Bush unless it was the one growing in back of my house!

  48. Anonymous

    Even though he's married, I know a lot of men like him…….light in his loafers!

  49. Anonymous

    What do you suppose Barb & Hubby fed these guys that make them hungry for power? I know they don't want to help the country!

  50. Mary Thompson

    I think he would make a terrific president. Experience and back ground in politics as well as business is well rounded. Unfortunately liberals will paint him as extreme and stupid. He is neither. He should be in a place of influence but I don't believe he will subject his family to the stress of lies and the power mad liberals.

  51. Jo Gar

    No bush!!!! No more weak leaders!!! After these 8 years I'll be completely through with liberals. After the crap he pulled with rove?

  52. Shannon Baraclough

    We don't need another Bush in office…especially one that wants to enhance immigration to help all the illegals stay IN the country. What next? Will we have to learn Spanish instead of them learning English?

  53. Anonymous

    John McTeague Suck it bagger? Another foul mouthed liberal… You didn't win anything.
    The country has lost. The MO of this illegal is to deconstruct the country one brick at a time. With his lack of business knowledge and attention to the massive deficit, it will be much faster than that.

  54. Glenn Sycip

    Rich Morris – if you blame Mrs. Clinton on those deaths, you should also blame the entire Bush clan on 9-11 . What other chaos will the GOP allow — the American people have suffered enough lies about navel career, stealing the presidency.. what is jeb or george bush III going to do.

  55. Linda Jones

    no more bushes, please. I hope our country can find two good, decent and honorable men to run next time but for some reason those characteristics and politicians don't go hand in hand. Would love to see Colin Powell run.

  56. Anonymous

    Bush = wars + economic collapse…once I saw this story, i was like "Oh no…not again….another bush?"…But let not my will but God's will be done…All works out well for those that love God, let's stay focused on that.

  57. Surfcity SoCal

    No way will another privileged white guy beat Hillary. Apparently, the GOP has not learned its lesson.

  58. John Wilson

    I guess they want the third one to finish America off. If it's Jeb vs Hillary, two words sum it up. Hillary, Landslide…

  59. John Wilson

    jackdavishall, I agree, when Obama won in 2008, they quickly voted in a black man, Michael Steele for the RNC Chairman. We all see how well that one worked out. What do they think Jeb is gonna do, speak Spanish and dance around a hat and all the his panics will fall in luv with him and vote for him? Hell, Mitt Romney spoke fluent Spanish AND painted himself orange for Mexican TV stations and he still lost the Hispanic vote badly. This is like a bad horror movie series that won't end!

  60. James McCown

    No way, Jose'. Rubio Si, Jeb, no. We've had enough Bushes in the white house and their performance has been mediocre at best.

  61. Ed Gaddy

    John McTeague I have to tell you if you look at it from a median of intelligence you would see that Obama stole the election and you should be offended by that. Fair is fair and if the shoe was on the other foot I would be just as mad. I and my family and so many others fought bled and some died to make sure our nation was and remains the greatest on Earth. Republican inspectors certified by the state are kicked out of polling places for 3 hours in Philly on Election day. It took 3 hours to get a Court order to allow them back in. Doesn't that bother you? Then they report that 59 precients reported 100% of the vote went to Obama.Can you honestly believe that? There were other candidates too. The same thing happened in Cleveland and Cincinnati . In Swing states only, where there were digital touch screens with no paper back ups people who tried to vote for Romney kept registering votes for Obama. It happened in Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina! Does that bother you? It should. When liberty is in peril we all will suffer. As for 2000 I'm sure you are referring to. That election was messed up by the Voters News service that all networks hired to tabulate and project states results. They called Florida for Gore without realizing that Florida was in two time zones and the pan handle was severely Republican and still had over an hour to vote. They also called Georgia for Gore.Bush won that by 20 % History is a funny thing. I majored in it. It's like Hollywood. Someone is always trying for a re write. It is what it is. We should not insult each other, move on and work for the betterment of our Nation.

  62. Anonymous

    Rich Morris 3 ex-Seals working as private contractors. Second, Are you really one o f those who have left the perpetrators off the hook in favor of playing political football?

  63. Anonymous

    Jeb Bush, known as Bush the 4th, Mitt being Bush the 3rd. You ask how could Mitt be Bush the 3rd? While GW Bush was hiding during this election, his White House crew was running Mitt's campaign. Look it up! Just what we need is a fourth try at this.

  64. John Lackey

    Hahahahaa, Good, That's just good. Bring him on folks, because it will be another crying episode for all of you as CONSERVATISM IS DEAD! Never again will you be in power spewing your vermon and sucking the blood of the poor. We will die if need be before we as a nation taste your arrogance again. All of you are careless and greedy people who want nothing to do with social programs, that is of course they benefit you such as the free healthcare that most of you get at the top. We detest you to the core. We want a nation where everybody benefits and not just the wealthy who decides our fate. So be warned!

  65. Ed Gaddy

    matt17gill first off his name is John Edwin Bush. Initials JEB, get it? Second She and the rest of the Administration should be investigated for Benghazi. They had real time e-mails, faxes, Predators flying overhead taking video all sent to the Pentagon and the White House Situation room which is manned 24/7. All indications were Terrorist operation. So what's up with the Video nonsense? Attack was in 2 waves lasting for 7 hours. The USS Stennis Carrier Group was in the Med. 20 minutes could have had fighters over Benghazi. The USS Truman Carrier Group was in the Gulf. F-16's in Spain ,Italy, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The Med is not that big and Supersonic get's you there in a hurry. They left our own to die. 2 of my brothers Chris Stevens and Shawn Smith were murdered while they watched. What about the Predators? They are armed for targets of Opportunity, Hellfire missles are a great equalizer. All of them from Hillary to Obama took an oath to support and defend the Constitution and nation from all enemies Foreign and Domestic. That includes it's people! What happened was literally shirking that oath and duty. Think, those guys who got Alamoed could have been your brother ,son, uncle, father, Friend! You should be angry and Ashamed that we left others to die who were putting it all on the line for their Country. Oh one more thing, did you know that the 2 Seals were there to secure the Enormous inventory of Surface to Air missles left over from Khadaffys Regime? A lot of those missles are ending up in Syria. The nonsense continues. Be well.

  66. Susan Laporte

    It's time for the RNC and the GOP to pack up and move on. Jeb Bush, really? The media hated his father and his brother and they think Jeb Bush will be different. A tad out of touch I'd say. Joe the plumber would have a better chance.

  67. Anonymous

    I guess the republicans want another 4 yrs of dems in office.
    The GOP has 3 yrs to get a great candidate for 2016 and another Bush is not the answer.
    Don't get a Born with money Republican , One that made it on their own.

  68. Serena Kirby

    dude the American people will never vote another Bush into the White House. Right, wrong, or indifferent, that's how it is. I think Jeb Bush is a good candidate but he will never win.

  69. Anonymous

    Jim Beaman You PUBS are not smart enough to change keep losing elections

  70. Nattanun Meeob

    This is so bad I don't even want to see this in print again. The people will embarrass the family, the party, and the nation. George was the worse president ever in the entire world now you think his brother has a chance. The people will go crazy even at the thought of a Bush as president. Ok, go ahead and talk about it. Every day you talk about it the Republican Part will get a little more removed from the public. Come on Republicans; keep talking about him so we all will know how evil you party has become.

  71. Daniel Taft

    Samuel L. Keifer does really appear to be suffering in this economy, I mean look at his Facebook cover photos- clearly in a dire situation…

  72. Fran Tomi

    Samuel L. Keifer speak for yourself. We don't need a 3rd Bush in Washington. Don't you Republican's ever learn?? I much rather have the eight years than a #3 Bush running my country. Forget it!

  73. Add Add

    Rich Morris "treasonist bitch"? How disrespectful of women…typical teabagger sexist and a bad speller.

  74. Fran Tomi

    Larry Hamilton, don't underestimate the power of Hillary Clinton. She would probably whip Jeb's butt come 2016. She has the caliber as well as the intelligence to be our commander-in-chief unlike Jeb Bush who just don't get it. He couldn't do much for Mitt Romney in his own state, what makes you think he can do our country, huh?????

  75. Add Add

    Yeah, his daughter was arrested for prescription fraud….she tried to fill a phony prescription at Walgreens in Tallahassee, Florida. hmmm….this family has a rich history of drug and alcohol abuse. He must be high now thinking he stands a chance.

  76. Anonymous

    Seriously? Oh crap! If another Bush ends up running this country – – – why don't we all just kill ourselves and spare us the pain?

  77. Anonymous

    And how in the almighty F___ did Dubya get elected? Twice! There are a lot of F'ed up people in the country!

  78. John Wilson

    There is no such word as "treasonist" it's treasonous, that just shows you the level of education these conspiracy nuts have.

  79. Anonymous

    Dear republicker party,
    How about a Jeb/Michelle Barkingwoman ticket?

  80. Judy Doran

    Please say it isn't so. Not another Bush for President. We are still trying to get out of the mess the last one made.

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