Chrissy Teigen Asks 'Fox News' Not To Tag Her On Twitter: Comment Causes Laughs

Chrissy Teigen Asks ‘Fox News’ Not To Tag Her On Twitter: Comment Causes Laughs

There was an incident that went viral recently, when Twitter user Shannon Watts posted what she witnessed at a United Airlines gate. As reported by the Inquisitr, Watts noted that two girls weren’t allowed to board a United Airlines flight because they were wearing leggings. The United Airlines response explained to the public that the girls were flying on “passes,” which meant they were held to a tighter dress code. That didn’t stop plenty of people from weighing in on the controversy, and Chrissy Teigen was one of those famous voices that spoke about how crazy it seemed for United Airlines to deny the girls boarding privileges until they covered their leggings with dresses or changed into something more appropriate. As seen in the below tweet from Fox News, the publication tagged Teigen and quoted her response about the girls being banned due to wearing leggings.

Chrissy admitted that she has flown United Airlines wearing no pants at all, with her attire strictly being a long shirt or similar gear.

After Fox News tagged Teigen in the above Twitter post, Chrissy responded to Fox News with a tweet that didn’t mention leggings. Instead, Teigen tagged Fox News back and asked the news organization to never tag her in anything. Chrissy explained to Fox News that she detested the news organization. As a result, Chrissy’s Twitter tweet received nearly 24,000 likes and thousands of retweets.

One of the comments that Chrissy received was so odd that Teigen chose to retweet it on her own Twitter account. One Twitter user commented that Chrissy had “back attach b**bs” hanging out, and called Teigen someone with no class. The tweet was so odd and confusing, Teigen retweeted it, and it began to receive a bunch of replies on Twitter, wondering what the person may have been trying to say.

“Back attach b**bs hangin out no class Teigen.”

After such a confusing and baffling tweet, comments like the following flowed into Chrissy’s Twitter.

“WTF are back attach b**bs? I want some.”
“B**bs you can attach to the front or the back?”

“I don’t know what back attach b**bs are but I’m intrigued. Following.”

“I hear that back attached b**bs are the hottest new plastic surgery trend.”

“Susan, calm your back attach b**bs down!!!”

“What the actual f??? Is this English?”

“OK….now can u say that without the bottle of whiskey attached to your lips?”

“Dying at the replies to this retweet.”


“I’m not gonna lie, I quite like this one.”

“You’re the one that seems to lack class–Fox bot with 1 follower.”


“What does this tweet even mean?”

“Sounds like breastfeeding would be difficult, but whatever works for you Egg Sue!”

“Eggs gonna hate Chrissy.”

“Back attach. I’m done. I physically cannot go on anymore.”

In the meantime, Chrissy’s tweet against Fox News continued to make news in and of itself.

Teigen wasn’t the only celebrity who had an issue with United Airlines and the gate agent’s choice to tell the girls to cover up their leggings. As seen in the below tweet from Time, Sarah Silverman and other famous women had a response for United Airlines as well. Detractors quipped that leggings represent business attire for 10-year-old girls, and that United Airlines should have let the girls get onboard wearing leggings.

As seen in the top photo above, Chrissy posed with her husband John Legend in the background as he and Teigen attended the 89th Annual Academy Awards. The duo was spotted there on February 26, in Hollywood, California.

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