Anna Duggar Plans Jinger Duggar's Bridal Shower, Reappears On 'Counting On'

Anna Duggar Plans Jinger Duggar’s Bridal Shower, Reappears On ‘Counting On’

Anna Duggar has been a hot topic in recent weeks, especially after announcing she was pregnant with her fifth child. She faced some pretty harsh judgment but has not responded to critics. In fact, there was only one statement put out about Anna and Josh Duggar being pregnant again. Aside from the shocking news, the Duggar daughter-in-law has been busy helping the family.

There has been speculation that Anna Duggar could return to Counting On with the news of her pregnancy. She has not officially been barred from appearing on the TLC network and did appear on the earlier version of the show. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Anna Duggar could be returning to Counting On and the upcoming season would be the perfect time. It was revealed that Anna was the planner for Jinger Duggar’s bridal shower, planning everything for the event. There were roughly 80 guests in attendance, which is definitely a large crowd by most standards.

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Counting On will be returning this summer with more events and surprises for fans. With Joy-Anna Duggar engaged and Joseph Duggar courting, family gatherings will be busier than ever. Things with Anna Duggar have likely slowed down a bit, and fans are hoping that she will appear on Counting On more than she has in the past. If she is doing the planning for events and attending parties for the Duggar sisters, there is no reason she has to hide. Josh Duggar wouldn’t attend things like that, and there would be no need to cut him out of any footage. The TLC network did that with Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s wedding, and it was a sore subject for several weeks following the wedding airing for the first time.

Many fans have voiced their preference to see Anna Duggar on Counting On along with her family. The children are often posted on social media accounts by the Duggars, but Anna has been away from the public eye for several months. Speculation was that had to do with concealing the pregnancy while others believe she just wasn’t comfortable with the reaction she was receiving from the media and critics. During the initial show that aired before the name was changed to Counting On, Anna did talk a little bit about the situation and how she was affected. She also talked about visiting Josh Duggar at the rehab facility in Illinois at one point.

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It has been almost two years since Anna and Josh Duggar were publicly shunned. She was damaged during the falling out of her husband’s actions, mostly due to the Ashley Madison scandal. Anna was informed about the molestation that occurred back when Josh was a teen as it was presented to her and her parents before the two married. Unfortunately, she was lumped into the scandals her husband brought on, and that was a huge stress for her. Anna decided to remain married and work things out with her husband. That has not been a popular decision, but it is what she believes is best for her children.

In just a few weeks, Counting On will return to TLC. Anna Duggar may have a bigger role in the show because of her pregnancy, which is what fans hope to see. There are so many things happening in the family right now and shutting out two members has been a daunting task. Josh Duggar will not be allowed to film, but Anna should not be punished for her husband’s mistakes according to fans. No exact date has been released for the Season 4 premiere, but Jessa Duggar has spilled some tea on what to expect with no mention of Anna Duggar.

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