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Kelly Dodd Looking Better Than Ever: Is She Returning To ‘RHOC’ With Friends?

Kelly Dodd was brand new to The Real Housewives of Orange County last year, and she made quite the impression. She became close with Vicki Gunvalson and had no problem sharing her feelings with the other ladies. Kelly shocked Heather Dubrow when she used foul language to make a point, and Meghan King Edmonds, who was her friend prior to filming, questioned whether it was a wise decision to bring her on the show. But viewers really enjoyed Kelly Dodd because she called out the other ladies when she caught them lying or scheming. Therefore, many viewers are hoping that she will come back to the show.

According to a new Instagram post, Kelly Dodd is now revealing that she’s hanging with some close friends — and none of them are from The Real Housewives of Orange County. Kelly hasn’t confirmed whether she’s returning to the show, but she truly questioned whether the show was right for her. Is Kelly distancing herself from the ladies from The Real Housewives of Orange County?

Dodd didn’t write anything to the various pictures she shared with her friends, but it’s clear that she’s having a blast. Bravo hasn’t announced who is filming the show these days, but Heather Dubrow has revealed that she’s no longer filming The Real Housewives of Orange County. Meghan King Edmonds is rumored to be leaving because of her daughter, but she hasn’t confirmed anything. But fans love Kelly Dodd, and they want her back on the show to really stand up to the ladies who have been on the show for years.

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“I love that you’re such a badass, and just say exactly what you think! Plus, you definitely don’t take any sh** from anyone! We could be separated at birth! My mouth is always getting me in trouble too. I’ve never been accused of hiding how i feel! Lol!” one person wrote on Kelly Dodd’s Instagram post.

While some people were rattled by Dodd’s big mouth and her outspoken personality, including Heather Dubrow, many viewers felt that she was refreshing because she didn’t sweep things under the carpet.

“Heather broke out her lexicon and wanted to explain my algorithm. I am pretty sure they don’t teach algorithms in drama school. Sorry Heather, you’re not the only one married to a smart man. Then she started trying to play shrink again, telling me I’m insecure and having a mental breakdown. Enough with your self-righteousness! You are no more qualified to evaluate someone’s mental health than you are being a Michelin rated chef. Oh that’s right, you don’t cook,” Kelly Dodd wrote on her Bravo blog for the last episode, revealing that she has learned quite a bit by being around her co-stars.

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“Lastly, I have learned that these mean, cliquey women have at least one thing in common; they all have no reservations about confronting people. They like to get in your face and assert their self-perceived dominance. Just because you have the balls to confront somebody doesn’t mean your should. Especially since Vicki, Meghan and I will not cower to bullies,” Kelly Dodd pointed out, which could be a great reason to return.

However, it could also be a great reason to leave The Real Housewives of Orange County behind for good. Kelly did say things about her marriage that caused some tension with her husband, and Meghan questioned their friendship. But it sounds like Dodd has remained friends with Vicki Gunvalson, and she’s definitely returning to the show.

What do you think of Kelly Dodd hanging out with some new women? Do you think she is returning to The Real Housewives of Orange County?

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