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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny And Carly Chaos Escalates, Ava Faces Lucy

General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 27 tease that there are buzzworthy moments on the way for many throughout Port Charles. Julian is presumed dead, and Alexis is on the verge of falling off the wagon as a result of her grief and Elizabeth and Franco are worried about Jake. Sonny and Carly are facing a difficult decision regarding their relationship and Ava’s antics regarding Morgan may finally be exposed. Anna and Valentin’s dance with one another will be continuing, and GH teasers hint that there is a lot of drama set to play out over the course of the next few shows.

Elizabeth and Franco are growing increasingly concerned about Jake as some hints about his years with Helena begin to surface. They have determined that they need to loop Jason into what’s happening and General Hospital spoilers via SheKnows Soaps share that he will be questioning Jake’s well-being. It sounds as if this discussion with Jason leads to some heavy-duty thinking on Elizabeth’s part, as she perhaps reconsiders whether having Franco move in with her and her sons is the right next step.

Lucy is popping up again, and GH teasers hint that she will be ready to cause trouble for Ava. Lucy has enough on Ava and the situation regarding Morgan’s medication switch to shake things up in a big way, and it seems that Lucy is about to get aggressive on this front.

As this all plays out, GH teasers suggest that Scott comes up with a plan that doesn’t work as anticipated and Ava makes a deal and has to give up a lot to keep her secret under wraps. Viewers know that the truth has to come out about this at some point, but will Ava manage to snag a bit of breathing room for a bit?

Maura West plays Ava Jerome on 'General Hospital'
Will Ava manage to keep her secret hidden from Sonny and Carly on ‘GH’? [Image by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]

Laura will be pushing Sonny for some details, and GH teasers point toward this being about Nelle. There have been hints that Laura may see Nelle’s new position as a nanny for Charlotte as an opportunity to help Lulu and she’ll be trying to learn more about the young woman from Sonny. Of course, Sonny will surely be surprised about this latest development and hesitant to necessarily say much to Laura about his issues with Nelle.

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central reveal that soon Lulu and Laura will put together a new plan and it sounds as if Lulu may orchestrate an opportunity to develop a friendship with Nelle to gain access to Charlotte. Will the Spencer women end up crossing some major lines to get Charlotte away from Valentin?

As for Carly and Sonny, there is more tension ahead for these two and GH teasers reveal that Carly will be facing an ultimatum, seemingly from Sonny as he pushes for clarity from his estranged wife. While fans may not want to believe that “CarSon” is over for good, there has been talk swirling that they may both get involved with other partners soon. However, Sonny and Carly do have a way of ending up together again no matter what obstacles they face, and everybody will have to stay tuned to see what comes next.

Alexis will get an unexpected guest at her place during Tuesday’s show, but viewers shouldn’t get too excited thinking that Julian is returning from the supposed dead, at least not yet. General Hospital spoilers note that Alexis and Ava will spend some time together, and this may be the surprise visit ahead. Will the two butt heads over what’s happened with Julian or manage to bond as they grieve?

GH teasers do indicate that Julian will be popping up this week, but it will seemingly be as a vision, dream, or hallucination of sorts, perhaps as Alexis tries to cope with her drinking issues in the wake of her guilt. Is Julian really gone for good? Nobody knows for absolute certain yet, but there have been hints that he’ll be back alive and well at some point soon.

William deVry and Nancy Lee Grahn play Julian and Alexis on 'General Hospital'
Will Julian be returning to Alexis on ‘GH’? [Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]

GH teasers reveal that there’s more drama ahead between Anna and Valentin, as she’ll be stunned by something he alleges. Valentin apparently will offer up some answers after playing games with Anna for months, and it will be interesting to see if the full truth about their past finally emerges. Also, teasers share that Tracy will get some shocking news and connect with someone as a partner and the sparks will be flying again soon between Curtis and Jordan.

Maxie and Nathan recently tied the knot at last, but there may be trouble ahead. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Kirsten Storms is taking another leave of absence, and the word is that the role of Maxie will not be recast while she’s gone. GH teasers note that Nathan will face some concerns in the episodes ahead, and everybody will have to wait and see if this connects to Maxie’s upcoming time away.

Viewers will get more of Ned and Olivia as he tries to sort through where things stand in their relationship and GH teasers indicate that Sam will be starting a new investigation. Will this be into Julian’s apparent death, since General Hospital spoilers suggest that she will have a hunch that her father is still alive? Elizabeth and Kiki will spend some time connecting, and Jason will make some moves to keep his family safe.

What is the truth about Valentin’s past with Anna and what kind of deal does Ava have to make to keep Lucy quiet? Will Sonny and Carly manage to figure out that Nelle has been lying about sleeping with him and what will Jason, Elizabeth, and Franco ultimately learn about Jake’s years with Helena? General Hospital spoilers note that the week of March 27 is filled with action and fans will not want to miss where things head next.

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