Yoona and Hyoyeon taking a picture together.

Hyoyeon And Yoona Next Girls’ Generation Members To Release Albums This Year

Ever since 2015, SM Entertainment has been featuring individual members of their most popular K-pop girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD), better known as Girls’ Generation, as soloists. It all started with Taeyeon with her debut solo mini-album I. After its debut, she exploded in popularity as a soloist and followed up with numerous other comebacks including another mini-album Why, a single album titled 11:11, and her first full-length studio album, My Voice.

Of course SM Entertainment hoped that Taeyeon’s success as a soloist would also happen for the other members of Girls’ Generation. Tiffany made her solo debut with her debut album I Just Wanna Dance. Seohyun followed after her with her debut album Don’t Say No. Both were popular in their own right but not as popular as Taeyeon’s debut.

Seohyun -- 'Don't Say No' Third Teaser
Seohyun was the latest Girls’ Generation member to release a solo album. It was called ‘Don’t Say No.’ [Image by SM Entertainment/Girls’ Generation’s Official Daum Cafe]

Now it looks like SM Entertainment has plans to role out the next Girls’ Generation members to have solo album debuts. They are Hyoyeon and Yoona.

The news of Hyoyeon and Yoona being next in line out of the remaining Girls’ Generation members to debut a solo album was made known on numerous Korean news outlets especially Sports Donga and Naver. Apparently, those reports revealed a ton of information pertaining to Girls’ Generation members as they’ve been greeting fans with new music and acting every month. This is definitely true for Seohyun, Yoona, and Yuri. It also brought up Taeyeon releasing her first full-length studio album too.

One of the details that got a lot of attention was that Hyoyeon and Yoona would be next to reveal new music. If said new music is not part of the second season of SM Station, then most likely they will be debut albums.

Hyoyeon makes sense in releasing a debut solo album because of her work as part of Triple T and her debut solo song ‘Mystery’ on SM Station. [Image by SM Entertainment/Screen Capture of ‘Mystery’]

Hyoyeon debuting her solo album actually makes a lot of sense given all the work she’s put in on the first season of SM Station. Last year, she teamed up with Jo Kwon of 2AM and Min of Miss A to form Triple T. They released the song “Born to be Wild,” a very interesting collaboration between SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. Also, Hyoyeon technically made her solo music debut with the song “Mystery.” Since it was released on SM Station, it does not count as an album release.

Still, we cannot take away anything from Yoona. Though she hasn’t released any solo music under SM Entertainment, she did make an impact with her singing when she played Anna Go on the popular Total Variety Network (tvN) K-drama The K2. In one of the episodes, she performed her rendition of “Amazing Grace.” It was one of the most popular parts of The K2 that earned high viewership ratings.

Ultimately, the aforementioned news of Hyoyeon and Yoona’s solo debut albums (if they are indeed solo debut albums) are bare bones. The release of “new music” could mean songs on a collaboration album such as an original soundtrack for example. We will relay any new information we get as soon as we get it.

On the other hand, we can say that Girls’ Generation is working on their tenth-anniversary album. This is huge news as K-pop fans, especially Sones (official fan club of Girls’ Generation) were wondering what they would do now they are a decade old. The report claims they are aiming for a comeback in summer which only gives Hyoyeon and Yoona about two to three months to release their debut albums if SM Entertainment wants them to release their music prior to Girls’ Generation.

[Featured Image by SM Entertainment/Girls’ Generation’s Official Daum Cafe]