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Duggar News: How Josh Duggar Supports Growing Family Revealed

Forced to maintain a distance from his family’s popular television series, Josh Duggar’s source of livelihood remains an intriguing question. Though many theories abound, it has been learned that the 29-year-old, who has never been away from news in the last two years, bets big on cars.

Word has it the oldest Duggar child’s new car lot in Siloam Springs is thriving. Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray posted images of the car lot and reported that the family’s warehouse, also in Siloam Springs, is seeing a lot of activity with construction trucks parked. After he made news in 2015 for the wrong reasons, Josh Duggar has been seen in images suggesting he may have fallen back on the Duggar clan’s used car sale business.

News of Josh owning the car lot, if true, suggests he may be doing better than what is often reported. With a baby on the way, a family of five including pregnant wife Anna Duggar to care for, a lawsuit to fend and with no sight of a TLC return, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s firstborn is going to need more than family support.

The disclosure about Josh’s car lot raises questions including whether he really owns the place, with some suggesting that it is part of the family business while others questioned Josh’s ability to afford it. More importantly, the news of ownership holds significance given that Josh may be headed for a court battle with LA-based DJ Matthew McCarthy. The latter had sued him last year for an undisclosed amount and served him a subpoena earlier this month. Incidentally, Josh and wife Anna sold their Siloam Springs home in August 2015, just days after Ashley Madison scandal became public and two days before porn star Danica Dillon claimed she had sex with him, Daily Mail had reported. Dillon threatened Josh with a lawsuit and claimed $500,000 in damages.

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McCarthy has accused Josh Duggar of illegally using his image on the latter’s Ashley Madison as well as Twitter profiles that allegedly damaged his reputation and affected his work, besides claiming he was struck by depression, anxiety, and humiliation after Josh allegedly used those images, People reported. The DJ also claimed his religious family had faced harassment after news of Duggar’s actions reached them. It remains to be seen if ownership of a car lot is perceived a liability in the context of the recent lawsuit.

The Duggar’s car business has been featured in its show 19 Kids & Counting, which TLC pulled off air after Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal made news in 2015. Josh was often seen on TV handling the business in Springdale, Arkansas, and providing advice to youngsters on saving and advantages of buying a used car.

After news of him operating an Ashley Madison profile broke, Josh was forced into a faith-based rehab for six months after which his public appearances became limited. However, one of his first photos after he returned from rehab showed him interacting with prospective customers for used cars. Reports then suggested that Josh may be putting his life back together and may even return to television.

With advertiser concerns prevailing, TLC, however, did not bring him on Counting On, likely forcing him back to Duggar’s used car business. News of Josh owning a car lot also comes amidst his pregnancy announcement with wife Anna Duggar. The couple announced it will welcome its first fifth child later this year. The announcement received mix reactions, with fans lauding the couple while others questioned Anna’s wisdom.

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