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Suh’s Foot Controversy: Ndamukong Suh Kick To Matt Schaub Appeared To Be Intentional [Video]

Ndamukonh Suh Kicks Matt Schaub

Suh’s foot controversy strikes again on Thanksgiving.

Ndamukong Suh could again be in trouble for his on-field actions on Thanksgiving as it appeared that he intentionally kicked Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub after a play.

Suh’s foot controversy occurred in the first half of the Detroit Lions game against the Texans. After Schaub had thrown a deep pass, Suh was dragged down in front of the quarterback and flailed his foot as he fell to the turf. Suh’s leg swung directly into Matt Schaub’s crotch, sending the quarterback to the ground in pain.

Though the Ndamukong Suh kick appeared intentional to many watching, the referees either didn’t agree or didn’t see the play, as there was no flag.

As The Huffington Post noted, the play was reminiscent of another Thanksgiving hit by Ndamukong Suh. Last year, the defensive lineman stomped on Green Bay Packers guard Evan Dietrich-Smith, a hit that garnered a four-game suspension for Suh.

Suh’s foot controversy also fits in with the reputation that Ndamukong Suh has built with his NFL peers. Earlier this year, a survey of players found that Suh was seen by other players as the dirtiest player in the NFL. As notes, Suh earned 32 votes of the 103 cast by fellow NFL players, by far the biggest vote getter.

Suh’s foot controversy also follows some off-the-field trouble for the Lions lineman. In December, he crashed his car while driving 91 mph in a 55 mph zone and faces a $1 million lawsuit from a woman who said she was hurt in the crash. He got into more trouble this fall when he was accused of a hit and run accident, though that time Suh wasn’t charged.

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26 Responses to “Suh’s Foot Controversy: Ndamukong Suh Kick To Matt Schaub Appeared To Be Intentional [Video]”

  1. Jamie Bingham

    I garauntee this guy NEVER had the grades in college or high school but thy let hm pass 'cause he's an idiot. U wish they 'd quit givingthese loser thugs millions of dollars for ignoance.

  2. Mike Bush

    Wow everyone making a deal out of nothing.he was flung into the qb his head never looked at sports and those who keep brining this up are morons.and need to watch again.this shows no matter what he does if someone throws him into the qb he to some is a dirty player.he can't win with the media.

  3. Robert Sickinger

    someone needs to find something strong enof to break over this animals head he is a thug get rid of this trash.

  4. Gary Wiedel

    You people defending this bastard either need your eyes examined or get over whatever bias is blinding you. It's kind of sad actually. This guy is clearly out to hurt people. In this case he CLEARLY changes the direction of his foot to kick the QB in his genitals. If you think he didn't… watch it again. He is looking back at the QB and his foot changes direction directly into the crotch. I'm not sure which is worse… this guy trying to injure other players or fans defending his actions. Pathetic on both counts.

  5. Anonymous

    Yeah It everybody elses fault, Ah Poor Suh..Maybe that Dumb ass should ve thought of that before becoming The NFL's Dirtiest Player.He Brought it on himself

  6. Chris Siam

    He is a great player witha dirty disposition! he will kill you if he can legal or not! He has allways played this way even in college. Will never make the hall of fame! never stand next to the like of a Randy white or Joe Green.

  7. Lenin Gonzalez

    That is so lame. A qb gets tapped in the balls by a weak kick and you gotta throw the the offender under the bus. Please. This is FOOTBALL!

  8. Joey Mcmillan

    You wouldn't feel that way, Mike, if he'd put his size 15 into your crotch. It was clear he saw a chance to kick him and he took it. I've been falling nearby my antagonists in sports and wanted to do similar things. You can tell by the way he moved his leg, it was on purpose. If he weren't a constant offender, I'd say it wasn't that big a deal but in this guy's case, it's a suspension.

  9. Dana Motter

    really morons he gets voted as the dirtyest player and everything he does is unsportmanlike. anyboby that looks at the video can see his head was looking down at the ground when he was tackled.

  10. Terri Lefeber Deeg

    Oh, no it wasn't. In the second right before Schaub got kicked, you can clearly see him look at Schaub and then move his foot high enough to let him have it. Originally, I thought the same thing..and I don't like they guy, but thought they were making too much of it. But then I looked at the instant replay..he is obviously never going to learn a thing from being a plain meanass, he's been fined tens of thousands of dollars, been suspended from games, been forced to attend anger managment and yet he STILL pulls crap!

  11. Wendy Maddy

    bumpdraft024 the real kick in the nuts was the fake td after a houston texan was downed, then got up and ran for a td because no referee blew the whistle, then the play wasn't reviewed and the detroit lions lost a crucial game because of the dishonesty of that downed player and the stupidity of a rule that claims the play, which was subject to routine review, was not reviewable because schwartz threw a challenge flag, forgetting that he can't do that in overtime, and letting the stinkers get away with it! the game would have been over right there and the lions would have won. Suh was still in motion, having been rolled over involuntarily in the middle of a play, and his helmet was not aligned to aim at the qb, and schaub was looking to his right and not at suh, either. Suh did not do anything but extend his foot in the trajectory it was already going in prior to coming to rest on the ground. Suh was in motion laterally. one could say schaub might have over-acted, too, trying to get the guy who sacked him in that game thrown out, but who can tell? The Detroit Lions got hosed in that game, one which they won legitimately, but didn't get credit for. Lose Suh too, for extending his foot while in motion? I don't think so.

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