flynn might have cut a deal with the FBI

CNN Analyst: Mike Flynn Might Have Cut A Deal With FBI To Witness Against Trump

Juliette Kayyem, CNN national security analyst and former Homeland Security official under the Obama administration, set social media alight on Friday evening after she claimed that sources have told her that Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn might have secretly cut a deal with the FBI to witness against Trump on matters relating to potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

During a CNN panel discussion on Friday evening, Kayyem, a former assistant secretary for intergovernmental affairs in the Obama administration, claimed that information from sources suggest that Flynn might have struck a deal to become a witness for the FBI against his former boss President Donald Trump. According to Kayyem, Flynn is suspiciously the only one of Trump’s former four advisers, believed to be subjects of ongoing FBI investigations, who has not volunteered to testify to the House Intelligence Committee about alleged ties to Russia.

Three former key Trump campaign aides, the ex-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, former Trump foreign policy consultant Carter Page, and staunch Trump ally Roger Stone, have all offered to testify before Congress.

But Kayyem said she was not particularly interested in the fact that the three former Trump aides, Manafort, Page, and Stone, were testifying before Congress because she did not think they would be under oath. But she was intrigued by the fact that Flynn’s name never came up and that he has been quiet lately.

“It’s not that interesting to me [that Page, Manafort and Stone are testifying] because I don’t think they’ll be under oath,” Kayyem said during the panel discussion. “The one name not mentioned is a name I mention often on this show: Mike Flynn, the former national security adviser.”

“It is starting to look like, from my sources and then also from open reporting, that Mike Flynn is the one who may have a deal with the FBI and that’s why we have not heard from him for some time,” Kayyem added.

Kayyem’s claims sparked excitement on social media, with thousands sharing and commenting on clips of her CNN segment.

However, while it is impossible to verify Kayyem’s claims or the authenticity of her alleged sources, it is important to note that she did not say that her sources actually confirmed that Flynn has struck a deal with the FBI. Her alleged sources only said that it was likely that he has reached a deal with the FBI.

Bill Palmer, writing on his blog Palmer Report, speculated in a similar vein in an article published on Friday, March 24.

The Daily Caller said it reached out to Flynn and his aides in an effort to confirm ongoing speculation, but Price Floyd, a spokesperson for Flynn, refused to confirm or deny the speculation.

“I don’t have anything on that,” Floyd said, according to the Daily Caller.

When the Daily Caller pressed him further for information and asked him to clarify whether he was denying the claims or only declining to respond, Floyd said, “Not responding.”

Floyd’s refusal to comment on the matter only helped to reignite speculation on social media, with everyone pointing out the obvious fact that a deal between the FBI and Flynn could spell doom for President Donald Trump.

And there are obvious reasons why Flynn might have thrown in the towel and chosen to cut a deal with the FBI.
He has been involved in several serious scandals lately.

Trump fired him as national security adviser last month after it emerged that he lied to Vice President Mike Pence and top White house officials about his contacts with the Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Based on the information received from Flynn, Pence had defended him publicly, saying that he (Flynn) did not discuss sanctions imposed by the Obama administration against Russia following allegations of Kremlin interference in the 2016 general election.

Analysts observed at the time that Flynn’s resignation would not stop FBI investigations into his contacts with Russian agents during the 2016 general election and prior to the inauguration of Trump as president. The Inquisitr reported that Flynn could still face felony charges if evidence emerges that he maintained improper contacts with Russian operatives and agents before, during, and after the 2016 election.

Observers also speculated that it was likely that Trump knew about Flynn’s contacts with Russian officials and agents and that he may even have personally instructed Flynn on matters relating to such contacts. This means that Flynn could have information about impeachable acts committed by Trump.

Flynn’s vulnerability was further compounded in recent weeks when information emerged that he failed to disclose that he was acting as an agent of a foreign government while he was national security adviser.

Flynn eventually disclosed earlier this month that his firm, Flynn Intel Group, had a contract with Inovo BV, a company with links to the government of Turkey. On Friday, former CIA director James Woolsey under President Bill Clinton alleged that while he served as an adviser to Flynn’s firm, he was present at a meeting during which Flynn and top Turkish government officials discussed the possibility of extrajudicial removal of Fethullah Gulen, a U.S.-based cleric that the Turkish authorities accuse of involvement in the last coup attempt against the government of President Recep Tayyiq Erdogan of Turkey.

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