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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Sam Be The One To Find Julian Alive?

Julian Jerome is presumed dead on ABC’s General Hospital after he was apparently shot by his sister, Olivia Jerome, and then went over the bridge to the water below. There are very few people who are heartbroken over this loss. Only his estranged wife, Alexis, and his other sister, Ava, are the only two who seem to be upset over losing him. They may not have to grieve for too long as his body was never found, so that pretty much means that he will turn up alive eventually.

What about his daughter, Sam Morgan? She has not really mourned the loss of her dad yet. She seems to be okay with it since he had ruined her mother’s life and was the main reason she took to drinking so much after he tried to kill her. Now, it looks like Sam will be pondering on whether Julian really is dead or if he is in hiding, according to General Hospital spoilers put out by Soaps She Knows.

Sam has her hands full right now with just giving birth to her and Jason’s second child, Emily Scout Morgan. With being a mom of two kids now, you would think that she would take it easy for a while, but she just can’t help herself. She is expected to be launching an investigation on her own soon and that will most likely be about finding her dad.

Jason may be a little preoccupied with his fury over Franco’s involvement with his son, Jake, so Sam may just want to handle her suspicions without him. However, there is someone else who will end up helping her with the investigation. According to TV Source Magazine, Curtis will be hired by Sam in an effort to get some answers.

One person who definitely won’t be involved in this whole thing is Alexis. She is right on the edge of going back to the bottle once again. On Friday’s episode of General Hospital, she had pulled a bottle of booze out of her purse and set it down in front of her. Further spoilers say that she will fall off the wagon again.

Alexis was supposed to go to her AA meeting and to find a new sponsor since her previous one turned out to be a homicidal maniac. Liv had set it up so that she would be Alexis’ sponsor to keep Julian in line and doing whatever she wanted him to do. Now that she is off to Darkham mental facility, Alexis needs to get back on track with someone else. How long will it be before she gets herself together?

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Will Julexis get back together? [Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]

If Sam can locate Julian and let Alexis know that the man she still loves is alive and well, that may just be the key to getting her life back. General Hospital fans are a little upset that their favorite couple, known as Julexis, is such a mess right now. While many of them still want Julian and Alexis to find their way back to each other, others maintain that they are done since Julian tried to kill her. They may even be more upset that the writers took such a strong independent woman as Alexis was and made her into someone needy and falling apart at the seams.

As for Curtis, it will be fun to see him in action once again. Even though General Hospital spoilers say that it is Sam who hires him, viewers are hoping for some more magic between Curtis and Jason. This bromance between these two men came to an end, but maybe not for long. They have been compared to the pairing of Robert Scorpio and Luke Spencer from back in the 1980s and fans love seeing them take on the bad guys together.

Julian Jerome is probably still alive and may end up suddenly appearing during May sweeps, or even sooner, on General Hospital. Will Sam be the one to uncover the truth about what happened to her dad? Do you think that Julexis is beyond repair with all that has happened between them?

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