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Christina El Moussa’s Bikini Photo Of Young Daughter Tay Angers The Internet

Christina El Moussa shared a photo of herself and her seven-year-old daughter, Tay, on Instagram, showing mother and daughter wearing matching purple bikinis, and the internet appears to have collectively lost its mind. Haters on the social media site are accusing the Flip Or Flop hostess of exploiting the young girl, or, at the very list, failing to think things through in posting the photo.

On Friday, El Moussa took to Instagram to show how she and her family celebrated National Puppy Day – by showing off their newest addition to the family, a French bulldog named Cashie. In the photo, a bikini-clad Christina holds the puppy, while Tay, also in a bikini, sitting on a shelf, appears to be enjoying a cookie or doughnut.

Welcome to the family!! @cashiethefrenchbulldog???? Click link in my bio!!????????

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It’s an innocent photo of a mother and daughter sharing a fun moment, right? Apparently not to internet busybodies who are on the lookout for something to complain about: not long after posting the photo, the comments started to pile up, with haters taking the mom to task for putting a photo of child in a bikini out there on the internet.

“Totally inappropriate.”

“She’s pretending this is about a dog while she’s broadcasting a 7 y.o.’s body all over [Instagram] when that child can’t give informed consent. She could have taken a picture of the dog and the child fully clothed.”

“Weirdest dog announcement ever lol i mean great body but like whats the correlation between the dog, the bathing suits, and the donut lmao.”

If you think of the outrage at the bikini pics is Much Ado About Not A Lot, you’d be right. And you’d be joined by the hundreds of commenters who couldn’t possibly see what all the fuss is about.

“Anyone that’s says this is inappropriate is just jealous and wishes they could look that good. Don’t listen to the haters.”

“Love your swimsuit and that it matches Tay’s. Geez not gonna lie I wish I looked that good in a bikini.”

Not that it matters, but the photo wasn’t actually a candid shot taken of mother and daughter in the moment: it was a planned, professional photo shoot, designed to show off the L*Space Swimwear Collection, according to E! Online. There were several other photos shot that day, some with Tay and some without her.

In case you were wondering, Tay’s bikini is a Little L* Shimmer bikini, so if you have a daughter Taylor’s age and are impressed with what you see, you can buy one for her for $82.00.

In fact, the bikini photo wasn’t the only picture of her kids Christina posted that day to draw hate on social media. Another photo, posted a few hours later, shows the family and some friends enjoying a moment by another pool.

Our first slumber party!!… 6 kids, a dog and 2 moms. So fun, crazy, but so fun… @caraclarknutrition… love you always ❤️???????? *sorry just realized kids in swimwear again.. it’s cali people it’s what we do*

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Not unexpectedly, the haters came in with their remarks on Christina’s parenting.

“As a mother it is scary to have a toddler being that close to a pool!”

This time, Christina herself shut down the critic.

“OMG 1. It’s a beach entry if he fell in it’s only a foot high, he would be ok 2. It’s not his first time in or around the pool,but thanks for your “concern” aka judgment. 3. AND most importantly I am right there and could be to him in 3 seconds SMH at this …..!!!!”

Maybe Christina El Moussa should take a break from posting pictures of her kids on Instagram for a while. Either that, or only show them fully-clothed and doing “safe” and non-controversial things.

Do you think Christina and Tay’s bikini pics were inappropriate?

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