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‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Takes Aim At MTV On Twitter

Jenelle Evans’ custody battle with her mother, Barbara Evans, was mentioned by the official Twitter page of Teen Mom 2 earlier this week — and she was not happy about it.

As the drama between her and her mother continued to play out in the Season 7B reunion special, Jenelle Evans took aim at MTV after noticing the Twitter page had engaged with a fan who asked, “Do you think Jenelle is ready to have custody of Jace?”

“Why would [you] respond to someone being so negative towards me?!!” Jenelle Evans wrote in response to the Teen Mom 2 Twitter page. “You already knew their answer, my god. The drama never ends with MTV.”

Jenelle Evans also re-tweeted several messages from fans in regard to MTV’s behavior.

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“Some of you need to imagine what it feels like having a show create a public jury over your own child’s custody,” one person wrote.

“[I] cannot believe what I am watching [Jenelle Evans] being blatantly mistreated by [MTV],” added another

Jenelle Evans even seemingly called for the moderator behind the Teen Mom 2 Twitter account to be fired when she re-tweeted a message, which read, “Whoever runs the Teen Mom account should be fired for not knowing how to keep things neutral about their peers.”

During Monday night’s episode of the Teen Mom 2 Season 7B reunion special, Jenelle Evans was seen at odds with her mom over their ongoing custody battle for Jace. As fans of the show well know, Barbara Evans has been caring for the 7-year-old since shortly after his birth and chose to do so due to Evans’ inadequacies as a parent. Now, however, Jenelle Evans claims to be in a better place and wants custody of her son back.

Although Jenelle Evans is Jace’s biological mother, saying she wants Jace back simply isn’t enough — especially considering her past drug use and evolving door of men. In recent years, Jenelle Evans has been pregnant by a few different men, including her ex-husband Courtland Rogers (the pregnancy ended in miscarriage), her ex-fiance Nathan Griffith (the father of 2-year-old Kaiser) and her current fiance David Eason (the father of 2-month-old Ensley). As for Jace, he was conceived during Jenelle Evans’ past relationship with ex-boyfriend Andrew Lewis.

Despite Jenelle Evans’ many relationships, she feels she is now stable with David Eason, who she began dating about a year and a half ago, and soon, the couple will tie the knot.

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“We haven’t set a date, but we want to get married either this summer or next summer depending on how quickly we plan it,” Jenelle Evans revealed to MTV News last month. “I’m saying next summer, but he’s saying this summer… We know we want a rustic-themed wedding, nothing too fancy. Something simple, maybe backyard and outdoorsy. We want just close friends and family, not anything crazy.”

Jenelle Evans went on to reveal her excitement about marrying her “loyal” partner.

“I want to marry David because he’s a great father, he’s a great best friend, he’s faithful, he’s loyal to me. It’s the best relationship I’ve ever had,” she gushed.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason moved in together quickly after their relationship began in 2015, and months later, they confirmed on Instagram that they were expecting their first child together (Eason also has two older children from previous relationships).

To see more of Jenelle Evans and her family, tune into new episodes of Teen Mom 2 Season 7B on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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