‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For March 27-31: Sonny Targets Ava, A New PC Baby?

general hospital actress Rebecca Herbst posing during the Daytime Emmy Awards

Given the recent developments in the soap, General Hospital spoilers hint going to Cassadine Island to solve numerous riddles is next. Jake (Hudson West) is finally regaining some of his memories during his time in Helena Cassadine’s lair. His art session with Franco (Roger Howarth) has been a big help, although it made him and Liz (Rebecca Herbst) realize what Jake is going through.

Jake has been entering a trancelike state, and he has been saying troubling things like the Cassadine curse. Based on the General Hospital spoilers, Jake’s memory will include the image of a prison cell in Helena’s island. Jake’s memories will not only concern his immediate family although Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) fears this could have something to do with Emily Scout. It seems that Jake’s immediate family are not the only ones who will be affected by these memories.

Cassadine Island

Franco’s interference with Jake’s therapy had positive results. General Hospital spoilers indicate these new revelations would lead to an island adventure. In his memories, Jake is not the only one in the island, he has a female playmate with him too. Based on spoilers, this playmate is not Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez).

It appears that the playmate Jake is referring to is Athena. Hence, there are many speculations on where the story is going next. General Hospital rumors suggest Lulu has no right over Charlotte since the child is not her daughter. If Athena is important enough to be staying on Cassadine Island, she could be Lulu’s child. This is also leading to speculations that Valentin has been using Charlotte all along.

During the trip to Cassadine Island, Liz and Franco could discover more secrets and answer a lot of questions. Nikolas Cassadine, who is supposed to be dead, could be hiding on the island. Nick Stabile could be back in General Hospital to play the role. As of yet, there is no confirmation but many fans are hoping for his return.

Franco’s involvement with Jake led to a closer bond between him and Liz. Even if Jason is not happy with his presence, General Hospital spoilers suggest Jason would need to be more accepting of Franco soon. It seems that there is going to be a new baby in Port Charles with Liz and Franco as the new parents. The continued conflict between Jason and Franco could put a lot of stress on Liz. The two needs to call a truce if Liz turns out to be pregnant as rumors suggest. In true General Hospital fashion, Liz will not have an easy pregnancy and there will be a lot of pregnancy scares along the way.

Sonny’s Revenge

Olivia Jerome may be out of the picture soon but there are still many secrets surrounding Morgan’s supposed death. General Hospital spoilers reveal Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) are not done with bickering. While the couple will get some advice from people close to them to patch things up, their serious talk gets an unexpected interruption. Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) will march to Casa Corinthos with a bottle and a story about how Ava Jerome (Maura West) switched Morgan’s medication.

Lucy hesitates at the last moment though and General Hospital spoilers reveal she is going to extort money from Ava instead. This secret is a ticking bomb though and Sonny is going to know the truth soon. Ava is going to be in big trouble as Sonny will hold her as accountable for Morgan’s death as Liv.

Lucy would be getting Ava’s money in exchange for her silence but things will not escape Sonny’s notice. Ava will pay for her sins and General Hospital spoilers hint Sonny could also hold Lucy accountable for keeping the truth from him.

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