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Hostess Officially Closes, Workers Are Not ‘That’ Upset

hostess officially closes

Hostess officially closes this week as final, last-minute, court-ordered negotiations between the union fighting for workers’ rights and the company seeking to liquidate its assets proved fruitless — and the more than 18,000 workers left jobless after the very public wrangling concluded are less upset by the shake out than you might expect.

As Hostess officially closes, what started as a rant about union greed morphed in part publicly into a lament for decent, mid-wage jobs and the effects of certain business practices on workers. And due to the conditions many Hostess workers reported regarding repeated and devastating pay cuts, many are not mourning the loss of what was once a good job very heavily considering the last offers made by management.

As Hostess closes, the Montreal Gazette spoke to one worker with two decades plus at the brand. And while the Hostess closure left him in an unenviable spot, he still says that the alternative — accepting the far lower-wage job — was far worse:

“‘They’re just taking from us,’ said Kenneth Johnson, 46, of Missouri. He said he earned roughly $35,000 with overtime last year, down from about $45,000 five years ago … ‘I really can’t afford to not be working, but this is not worth it. I’d rather go work somewhere else or draw unemployment,’ said Johnson, a worker at Hostess for 23 years.”

And as Hostess officially closes, 26 year company vet Debi White echoed Johnson’s sentiments, saying:

“They have taken and taken and taken from us … They have been walking around stomping their foot saying either you give in … or else we’re going to close you now.”

hostess union killed twinkies

“Well, go ahead, we’re tired of their threats. That’s how we feel.”

As Hostess officially closes, are your sympathies with the now-unemployed union workers, or the management that made the decision to close the brand’s operations up?

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241 Responses to “Hostess Officially Closes, Workers Are Not ‘That’ Upset”

  1. Carl J Wampler

    Man these Hostess workers are pretty Chunky, Apparently they made enough to eat well, and or they ate cupcakes and twinkies all day long. I don't have any remorse for them, I am sorry. They did it to themselvs>.

  2. Frank Mccue

    It is sad they could not come to a compromise. If it was not for unions we would still be working in sweat shops and all making next to nothing. The older unions made sure we were treated right and fair. The problem is the government letting all our jobs being outsourced that the american jobs can not compete.

  3. Louis Fos

    If Hostess sells the plants within 6 months, I'd be willing to bet that at least half will go back to work at a far lower wage then they were getting. The job market is in horrible shape as you will find out. Unemployment only lasts for 26 weeks. I do hope that you will be blessed and find another job where you actually are better off and happier than you were with Hostess.

  4. Angela Davis

    It's not the union. It's management. The workers took concessions and management gave themselves 80 percent increases.

  5. Chris Bristow

    I don't think the workers should be able to get unemployment. I guess this is what we become greedy people! I think making twinkes for $35,000 dollars a year is pretty good for people with no education. You make alot more then our men and women in uniform fighting for our freedom!

  6. Ron Verre

    Let's see, 35k per year or 1,500 per month in unemployment. So I guess the 18k per year is the better choice. No wonder why this Country is in a downward spiral. Are people reall that stupid?

  7. David Trinble

    Unions have bought and paid for obama that's why he is in office he is as owned as any slave ever as and the unions are distroying America with the help of the goverment.

  8. Phil Kemp

    Don't worry, their 'union' will take care of them and I'm sure keep their paychecks coming just like they were working… (Yeah, right…)

  9. Andy Ward

    really, that was 3 years ago and the last 2 years they took ONE-Dollar a YEAR !!!!!! so i see it as a 40% pay cut over the last 3 years ….. bad, bad big boys taking all the money …. all the money went to UNION "OFFICIALS"

  10. Tony Orfitelli

    I don't side with either, in a world where the push has been for healthier eating and lifestyles, Hostess just became a major casualty. Plain and simple. Management was doing what they needed to keep things profitable and the workers wanted to be paid as if it was2005 again. Well my friends too bad, cuz the times, they are a changin, and there's nothing you can do about that. I will be sad that an american Icon is gone, but I am sure that someone will buy up the household names of their products and they will be back on our shelves soon.

  11. Gerald Newton

    I realize the shock of having a reduction in pay can be totally frustrating. It has happened to me before. So you go from making 45k/yr to 35k/yr to nothing and you would rather have to look for a new job or draw unemployment than actually having a job? Somebody please help me out here cause I can't understand that mindset. I might be upset about it but not to the extent of not going back to work. I have always had mixed emotions when it comes to unions because they due have some benefits to them, but like everything else, sometimes a groups perceived powers can be their undoing.

  12. Pj Taylor

    @ Angela, you are right.. The funny part is Hostess didnt tell the media what they wanted to do. I believe a few years ago they took a deep pay cut and this time they are asking to take another pay cut… @ Andy Ward, either your a disgruntle union member, never been in a union, or ur just basic…. Our unions are put to use, they do not go directly to the union officals..

  13. Mark Aguas

    They are the first sign that unions are taking the "to big to fail" attiude and counting on this adminstration to step in and SAVE!

  14. Anonymous

    ok I know people who make 17k a year and somehow make it work with no complaints. these people make 35k a year and bicker about every little thing!

  15. John Seymour

    One news outlet reported that Twinkie bakers said they’d rather lose their jobs than take a pay cut? REALLY? NO YOU WOULDN'T, BEEN THERE DONE THAT. but when it comes to keeping a roof over your head or food on the table for your family, you just shut the hell up and go back to work. the problem is most companies know that with a shitty economy, and even shittier job market, we don't have much of a choice…be unemployed, homeless, hungry, or go to work. and if you don't believe that, you are living in a dream world. suck it up buttercup and go to work or do you continue the vicious circlejerk of tax and spend by expanding public assistance by further generating more debt and an even worse economy. its all an inter-related charlie-foxtrot. you gotta ask yourself on a daily basis, do I contribute to make it better or worse and how will my decisions today negatively impact tomorrow. whatever it is and whatever my actions, there is always a price to pay. the workers apparently decided that they had their line drawn drawn in the sand and they werent going to give in…now who is going to have to pay for that? because there will be a cost, in more ways than just monetary.

  16. Paul Kramer

    Legal robbery. Our laws are rigged to protect the rich from the poor.

  17. Sandy McPeak Julian

    Unions are ruining everything in this country. They should all be put out of business. All they manage to do is put their members out of jobs and close businesses.

  18. Sean French

    Chris, anytime an individual replies with the words "honey", or "just sayin", you know it is going to be condescending and irrelevant. Consider the source.

  19. Jason M. Adams

    it is sad that in this economy and the holidays that the workers decide to be unemployed. Obviously they were only thinking of themselves.

  20. Michael Rettus

    I'm one of those folks in uniform and I make double that. maybe not a first year recruit would, but after my first term I was making more than that 22 year vet for hostess plus full benefits and a retirement plan. Besides we don't do it for the pay, and I really wish folks would stop pointing at us and use us as an excuse to push their own ideas. People want to thank me for service which I do appreciate, but what I really want is to stop being put on a cross to sway the hearts and minds of my fellow citizens.

  21. David E Carson

    I have NO SYMPATHY AT ALL for the whiny, thumb-sucking crybaby employees. They were stupid enough to join an even stupider union that did NOTHING for them. Unions do not serve the workers—they serve the union bosses. The more people you have in a union, the more money the union bosses make and I don't mean the local chapter presidents either…I'm talking about the national union bosses…the ones who don't work a regular job like the people they supposedly represent. Now those stupid, greedy dumb-ass employees are out of a job. And that jackhole from Missouri complaining that he'd rather draw unemployment — I hope the state denies him unemployment. The employer has the right to deny a worker unemployment for certain reasons and insubordination is one of them. This is very much a case of insubordination. UNIONS SUCK, PERIOD! That loser and his dim-wit friends probably all voted for the Motherfucker-In-Chief too. That hope and change workin' out for ya there shithead?

  22. Janet Brister

    And what's so sad is the union workers had one last chance to save themselves ~ don't they realize you should let your pride go before your downfall?

  23. Joe de Souza

    These unions don't understand the free market. It's simple, if you don't like your job, quit and go look for work elsewhere. Don't destroy the business that can offer someone else the job you don't want. Don't ostracize management for being richer, they gave you the job opportunity in the first place. What these workers are celebrating is being laid off at a lower payrate because the union has coddled them into believing they will always be able to get work. Who's supported this notion? The federal government. Let them learn by collecting unemployment and having it run out.

  24. Sara James

    When the economy is bad employers must cut back in order to complete. Unions hurt workers more then help. I feel the workers should be denied unemployment.

  25. Lonna Hull Larkey

    I think that the company got what it deserved when it took from the workers to pay the CEO a HUGE raise. Who is the greedy ones there. That company went under because of management, not the workers. They DID pick a horrible time to strike- when a company is already going under. How many of you would watch the leader make 300 Million dollars a year AFTER YOU took pay cuts for several years? I would say the union was necessary at that point. It is a shame that the company chose the managements salary over its workers- why don't his rich butt go to the factory and crank out his salary?

  26. Janet Brister

    I thank you for your service, but I wouldn't take what you're making for granted. If the administration has their way, alot of military can kiss their jobs goodbye.

  27. Pat Edwards

    another job, who will hire you, knowing how greedy you are! nobody wants to hire a union worker who will bankrupt another company… I wouldn't hire you to work for me… no wayyyyyyyyyyyy… and Unemployment won't last long, gop might not help Obama extending the Unemployment benefit.

  28. Sara James

    Pj Taylor Un honey, most are assembly line workers with little to no education. Management employees have degrees but the assembly line workers out number them.

  29. Angela Mittman Wisely

    Based on all of the information I have read, it wasnt about the Union…They are there to protect the employees from losing wages and benefits. A far cry from being lazy. I am sure if the FAT CATS of this company would have stopped with their bonuses (60-300% and a bonus from filing bankruptsy) that company would be in better shape!

  30. Vin Knowles

    "I’d rather go work somewhere else or draw unemployment,’ said Johnson, a worker at Hostess for 23 years.”… said the idiot that took 18,000 jobs with him… selfish really. He could have opted to work elsewhere anytime over the last 23 years. This guy has zero idea how many people he has ruined the holidays for!

  31. Shad Hodge

    It's not the union? They voted to strike against a company that was going in and out of bankruptcy. The Teamsters were smart enough to see that that was a recipe for disaster. Apparently only the Bakers Union was surprised that the strike ended up finishing the struggling company.

  32. Lonna Hull Larkey

    David Trinble . My husband thought the same thing as you with his last contract, now our insurance is several hundred dollars a month and 6000.00 a year deductible. We got the worst insurance in the Country to save his salary. I am sick, but there are a lot of the people at his factory that have more health problems- but I suppose if you have a SALARY then you just have 6000.00 a year lying around to spend on healthcare.

  33. Bryan Dever

    my sympathies are with the workers. I've worked many jobs, union and non-union, Making 36 thou a year with overtime is- based on my experince- probably 13.50 maybe 14.00 bucks an hour. Macdonlds pay 8.25/hr here. I made 46 thou last year working part-time. If I was on strike as long as them I'd say " SHUT THAT M-F DOWN" too.

  34. Wendy Holley

    And after the unemployment then what, join the rest of us scraping money to survive, at least you HAD a job, good luck finding another.

  35. Anonymous

    The sentiment of prefering to draw unemployment than work for an "unacceptable wage" is part of what's killing America. Keep those wages as high as you can for work that adds relatively little value and watch those manufacturing jobs continue to be offshored. If you want a job that pays more, gain a skill that's worth more in the marketplace.

  36. Anonymous

    the workers may not admit it but when they get hungry and no jobs available for them then they will realize how stupid they were.

  37. Amanda Lam

    I feel very indifferent about this whole thing. Yeah, it sucks when companies do this crap. But, every company has its flaws. Walmart, is about 5 times as bad as this to their employers. I mean it sucks, but that's 18,000 unemployed now. Honestly, the people that should be compaining are people that make 8 dollars an hour 40 hours a week get treated like crap and work their asses off. Sorry but, I think A LOT of people would love to be making 35,000 dollars a year.

  38. Lisa George

    is it just me or was this company looking for a way to cash out before they have to pay the higher tax rate that's bound to come into play next year.

  39. Anonymous

    That's great! Way to hold your ground! Now you can get a job at Walmart for $8 an hour!

  40. Jim Plymesser

    Michael Rettus I believe the point the person was trying to make is. Right now any job is a good thing. Unemployment is just another drain on our already strapped way of life. We are all hurting and grateful to have any job. So if you have a job, keep it and be grateful. And If your making that much money in the military perhaps you can give some of it back (tell them you want a pay cut because your making to much money) and help the country in more than one way.

  41. Anthony Tomaszewski

    Unions at one time were an asset to employees..However,they caused many problems for companies when they protected problem employees in cases of tardiness ,absentees ,requiring addition employees to do a job that could be performed by one individual and so on..Unions continue to threaten strike whenever they don't get their way..I have watched numerous companies in our area go out of business because of unions always wanting more than their worth..Look at the automotive industry and you will see exactly what I'm talking about..

  42. Evony Demon

    Just selfishness. If they'd really rather find another job, then perhaps they should've, and someone else who would be happy to have that job at that pay could have it. Instead, they drove the company out of business, and now no one has that job.

  43. Mark Francis Sinatra Vinette

    @ Chris how do you know what education the workers have? There are a lot of people around who make a lot of money who don't have a HS education. Your comment is degrading to a lot of workers who have chosen a trade.

  44. Evony Demon

    Michael Rettus I like how you label it as "maybe not a first year recruit would" make double that, when you know as well as I that NO first year recruit (or anything around that) is making anywhere near double that $35k. In fact, unless you're a senior NCO or higher level officer or warrant, you're not making double that.

  45. Russell Huffman

    If you have one of the most popular snack foods in history (AN ICON) and you can't make money….well then your management must not be award winning.

  46. Joyce Mayer

    Chris Bartow… RUFS the people have become greedy???? Again I ask if you are FN's . Greedy?? What so the CEO's make??? and you have the audasity to call the workers greedy. 35k with overtime and that is good wages after working for the company for 26yrs If you read the entire article. The folks in uniform collect their wages and have Insurance coverage plus their job at home. I salute our military but also stand for the workers that are getting screwed by big corporations like this. These CEO's will make millions all on the back of the workers that they screwed…Just like Walmart. and your nasty comment about them not being educated…shows how uneducated you are. I wish all of the best to the employees and hope they realize brighter days will come. hang tough

  47. Joyce Mayer

    Michael Rettus I salute you not only for your service but standing up and putting these folks in place. Your job is not easy but lately working for some of these businesses is not very easy either

  48. Anonymous

    Sad when people had rather set home and draw a check then work for a living I have been in areospace 10 years without a union and my base pay is about the same if I want more money my chechk I just work overtime how many people would be happy 16.50 a hour to make cupcakes! A lot of people that have been looking for a job the last four years. This is where the union should be stop if the workers you have wont work then get rid of them and give the job to some that will.

  49. Matt Bechtel

    Not that upset? I'd be more than upset if I lost a job. I've been looking for a job for years and no luck.

  50. Joyce Truitt-Geis

    Its too bad for Hostess and their suppliers. I do not think it is wise to go on strike with our economy as bad as it. I also think people do not need a union. If they can work they should be able to negotiate with management. I know our nation is divided in half politically and I now believe we are divided between employee and employer.

  51. Joyce Mayer

    Anthony Tomaszewski Unions wanted more than their worth….you're an idiot look at wallstreet and the CEO's and tell me who's taking more than their worth?????????

  52. Anonymous

    Well, it does not really matter how well educated they are. In this economy, especially those over 40 should be grateful for a job. Where do they think they will find an entry level job that will pay them $35.000 dollars a year?

  53. Joyce Mayer

    Unions run everything in this country???? I never realized that Wall St was unionized and that the CEO'd of this country belonged to a Union that is really surprising…You're a idiot

  54. Craig Willis

    They could move here to Greenville SC we would appreciate a job making 35,000. Oh and we are a union free state. Unions suck.

  55. Jeff Allen

    To hell with both of them, No one really knows the real truth, both sides are saying what they think is the truth. The people I feel sorry for is the consumers who lose out. Sorry to say but Unions now are different then unions of the past.

  56. Josefa Perello Wann

    Of course they are smiling, now they will not have to work but will get almost the same amount on welfare and give outs.

  57. Bo Elton

    see people don't understand, there's so many people out of work the should have been happy to have a job.even only 35,000, oh and fyi I never made that much in the army, even in iraq in 2005, of crose we only did 12 hours a day 7 days a week, i'm sure the bakers worked harder that us.

  58. Danielle Ra

    Unemployment wages are paid through the employer … NOT the government ……

  59. Marlene Lowery Davis

    Wait until they get their first unemployment check and find out that it's just a fraction of what they were making and how hard it's going to be to find another job. Eventually, they will see the error of their ways.

  60. Mike Raffone

    Danielle Ra Until they run out, then the govt. picks up the tab. But you knew that.

  61. Brett Hunt

    I dont think it is greed I think it is more look at the people not working living better than me busting my ass for 35000 so instead of a pay cut I will join the non working and get money housing health and food for free oh by the way where is my free cell phone

  62. Anonymous

    All of you bashing the unions think about if you employer cut your pay by 1/3 and then came back and wanted to do it again. I don't agree with striking a business closed but it is not all the unions fault. The company could have reduced head count and laid off instead of closing but the CEOs didn't want to cut production because that would affected them more than cutting all employee's salaries.

  63. Mike Raffone

    I wouldn't wish them good luck with anything; obviously they don't care whether they work or not. They're just as happy collecting unemployment. Eff them all.

  64. Mike Raffone

    Selfish bastard. So everyone else in the supply chain/marketplace can just suffer right along too, huh? What a tool. Someone should shut you down. For good.

  65. Chris Bristow

    First off shipmate, I am in the military too. Been in for 20 years, and military don't make that until they been in more then 4 years. The military should make more then a hostess worker. ijust trying to point out what ron said "Let's see, 35k per year or 1,500 per month in unemployment. So I guess the 18k per year is the better choice. No wonder why this Country is in a downward spiral. Are people reall that stupid?"
    Nice statemant Ron!!!!!

  66. Joe Snyder

    Unions where formed to help big corporations to share to profit with there employeess and unions insured that………profitting companies……………profitting companies……………profitting companies………………in a chapter 7 or 11 or 13 there obviously is no profits………..if there's no profit then the unions need to step back.

  67. Michael Rettus

    @ Evony Demon meant they wouldn't make more than 35K and been in for 17years senior enlisted

  68. Michael Rettus

    @ Jim Plymesser I do believe we all need to tighten our belts and would like to see some of our unnecesary incentive pays to go away. I can make another 3500 a month in COLA and AIP by accepting orders to Japan, and all i can think of is that's enough money to keep one more junior Sailor employed

  69. Kristen Harris

    Seriously? This man said that he could not afford to take a pay cut and wasn't upset about the company closing? Wait until he tries to find another unskilled job that pays that much. Last time I checked, $35,000.00 was more than double what someone who makes minimum wage earns….if they are lucky enough to have a job that gives them 40 hours. This is a classic example of cutting your nose off to spite your face.

  70. Brett Hunt

    well you strike the company to close and lose your job,get a second chance and do it again. It isn't like the company was joking they filed bankrupcy.

  71. Woodrow Allen Odom

    They voted themselves out of a job, and I think they should be disqualified from unemployment. I work for a baking company, so I know what they are going through.

  72. Anonymous

    I have NO love lost for the former employees of Hostess. I've been unemployed for 20 months now and would JUMP at the chance to have their jobs AT THE RATE THEY ARE BEING PAID NOW! These yahoos are being VERY selfish. Granted this is junk food, but damn, what about the rest of the country/world. People want their Twinkies and these folks essentially held the company hostage til they drove it into the ground…

  73. Adrien Doyon

    Hey man the last time I thought the company was owmed by the C E O and the board of trusties Hey Unions you suck !!! stop telling the companys owners how to spend their own money !!!!!

  74. Jenn Price

    They should have done what Reagan did… fire them all and hire people who want to work. In today's economy, there aren't that many jobs…. they'll learn.

  75. Steve Hartz

    It's not all about money you morons. Their are health, safety and working condition issues that fall into this also. "The Big Corp Bosses" always blame labor for their problems regaurdless if they are union or not. It couldn't poddibly be that the "Corp Boss's" mismanaged the business now could it.

  76. Seth Roberts

    That's right Andy, and are the unions going to pay their rent? Nope, now its oh well, to bad for the workers while those slimey individuals move on to take money for nothing out of other worker's pay.

  77. Matthew Quinn

    They are lazy because they don't want to work for free? You Wal Mart Cronies are just as bad. THese guys just wanted to keep what they had. But instead they CEO's had to get that extra plane. It's easy to say a job is a job when you are in no danger of losing your cushy job. I bet Lanny wouldn't take a pay cut.

  78. Seth Roberts

    That's a good point Louis, but I dare say if anyone buys the brand, they will simply increase the lines within their own factories and produce them there without hiring anyone back.

  79. Steve Hartz

    With out the workers their would be no product made for the CEO to manage. O ya they can use NAFTA and go off shore to a sweat shop in some God forsaken country.

  80. Kristina Asami Bonner

    Nancy Nguyen, yeah BUT without workers there would be no CEO or company either. The CEOs have taken their million $$ pay to retirement while the Union workers take unemployment until it runs out.

  81. Michael Clemmons

    I sure hope these workers don't put "hostess" on their resume's when looking for a new job! This will be like having a 20 year hole your work history after all of this publicity!

  82. Kristina Asami Bonner

    You're so stupid and not even worth responding to. Another disgruntled GOP loser. You think management and the CEO are not taking millions $$ out of the company during bankruptcy while workers get unemployment?

  83. Kristina Asami Bonner

    For those who criticize the Union workers, don't forget that the CEO and management walk away with millions $$ in their bank accounts. Both sides are to blame! And you don't know the entire story because management isn't telling what's really going on.

    All you disgruntled GOP, Romney voters who keep blaming the workers have your heads in the sand. And if you blame Obama, then you are really lost. Blaming Obama for this is like blaming Bush for 9-1-1 because it happened on his watch. Its just plain stupid.

  84. Kristina Asami Bonner

    Why? First, They earned it during the years they were working. Second, if they can't take unemployment, why should management walk away with MILLIONS $$$ in their bank account? People keep criticizing the Union workers while ignoring the fact how much money management will walk out with.

  85. Terry Draudt

    Ignorance is a dangerous thing Ron! You are right! 35,000 or 18,000. It's not rocket science! Ignorance was the real winner in this last election. Ignorance is rampant. What happens when the unemployment runs out? Ignorance won't save them.

  86. Janet Strachan

    My son works at Walmart. He just graduated from highschool. Most of the people he works with don't have a highschool diploma or GED He has no skills. He is making $8.oo. How much should he be making??? He works alot of extra shifts because employees don't show up. The abuse does not come from Walmart it comes from the Customers. I have been impressed with the management at Walmart. Our country is suffering with people who feel entitled. By the way Walmart did not come to our house with a gun and force my son to take the job, he applied (twice)

  87. Kristina Asami Bonner

    Michael Rettus, this is why I wanted Ron Paul for President because he was willing to close all foreign military bases and cut the military in half! Defense spending on you bums are one of the biggest reasons we are in huge debt. Medicare, Social security and Military take up 77% of the budget.

  88. Tim Lively

    I wonder how everyone will feel 6 months from now when their unemployment has run out and they still can't find a job.

  89. Bill Guzman

    The only thing I care about is that someone buys up the cupcakes and gets them back out on the market

  90. Anonymous

    I will miss my snacks but hey….Why are most of you hating on the employees? They had already taken one pay cut, they were just supposed to be hunky dory about a second one? I think not, I wouldn't. The company has not even tried to reach equable terms with the workers. Since I started seeing this subject popping up, the company's response has been our way or the highway. I am not surprised in the least that the highway has become the popular response. The mediator had his/her hands full since all parties involved are cutting off their nose to spite their face. There is a lesson here, don't put children in places of authority.

  91. Eric Paul

    NOt quite right Danielle, the government collect unemployment from companies, the more you fire or layoff works who are able to collect unemeployment the higher the employers rate. However it is not just that company funding your unemployment check it is the whole of business communiity in your state, mostly, and the federal governement also charges each business a rate, but none of this comes close to covering the whole costs these days, so we the tax payers also foot the bill as well.

    Also remember the most companies pass their expences through to their customers so higher unemployment rates equal higher prices. Always alway always remember the companies pass through the increase costs, or at least a large portion of them. So healthcare, taxes, lawsuits, insurance, etc. all eventually equal higher prices and more costs to their end customers, who are usually the middle class.

  92. Eric Paul

    So PJ are you saying that when union members must take a paycut as part of a new job package, that the Union leaders also take a paycut of equal proportions?

  93. Anonymous

    Well, here's the problem with that. That guy wasn't going to get 35k. That's what the negotiations were all about. The Union making further concessions. From the sounds of it, management was attempting to drastically reduce wages and likely strip away the remaining benefits. Now, you might say "Why not accept the contract and allow Hostess to remain open with the much lower wage jobs. Then those workers who don't want those jobs can just quit allowing those who do to take their place?". Well, the problem there is that if you quit, you don't qualify for unemployment… and unemployment based on their current wage probably pays more than the wages Hostess was offering.

    Thus, it made more sense for these workers and their families to reject the offer and collect unemployment until they can find another job rather than stay on at less pay. Now, it may have been for the greater good to keep Hostess open with those low wage jobs (there are plenty of people who would be happy to take them), but these workers weren't thinking about that. They were thinking about what was best for them and their families. Can't really fault them for that. I doubt most people would do any different.

    I would have thought as Captain Hindsight, you would have pointed out that the executives shouldn't have given themselves massive pay hikes (as high as 80%) after getting union concessions earlier this year and instead used that money to help keep the company a float. Perhaps you're losing your touch Captain ; )

  94. Rich Henn

    I can relate to the workers, and the greed of management. I worked in the printing industry for 17 years, 13 of which were at a plant in Gaithersburg, MD which at one time, were very good to the employees. Then when one of the owners retired and SALES took over, the place slowly rolled downhill. They continued to take and take from the employees, with the only constant being "Well, at least you have a job." After they took 10% of our pay, eliminated personal days, eliminated even a cost of living increase—-we all were working long hours, bindery and pressroom were working EVERY weekend, and most employees had no personal life (because they practically lived at the plant). Working in the year 2005 and making 1997 wages (or worse) was ridiculous. Then the layoffs began, and people were then expected (and did) do even more overtime, and took on more and more job responsibilities, with no additional pay. And again, all management could do was take and take and take. When the place finally went under, I don't think the people who were left really cared, because they'd been taken advantage of for so long. And the day my number came up, was the day they gave me my life back. Self-employed now and making 3x what I was "getting by" on back then. I hope the Hostess employees are able to look at this as an opportunity to get their life back as well, and turn to something else that they either enjoy doing, if nothing else enjoys not being taken advantage of by corporate greed.

  95. Brad Campbell

    Does unemployment ever run out. It seems like they always keep extending it. That way you never have to work.

  96. Renee Williams

    since they are not very upset then they don't need ANY unemployment and should simply go and look for a job some where else tax payers should not pick up the bill for what people did to themselves. If you have been working for this company for that many years UNHAPPY you have plenty of time to go and find a new employer. It time for people to be liable for their own bad choices. And when you get your first cobra bill when they are charging 102% for your medical I don't want to hear 1 complaint.

  97. Marc Kaufman

    First, it's a REAL shame that the management of Hostess thinks they can perpatrate what they're doing and NOT have the employees say ENOUGH after a while. I feel for them ALL as this is NOT a good economy we're in and it will take them a while to find new jobs if they even do. Second, don't go knocking our men and women in uniform about who gets more or less pay. My son is in the USAF(as a Captain), and is VERY happy to serve his country(as the pay to him is NOT an issue) and I'm VERY proud of him to. To ALL the former employees of Hostess; Have a Happy Thanksgiving and the BEST of the holidays and New year to you as well. Hope 2013 is better for you all.

  98. Renee Williams

    since they are not very upset then they don't need ANY unemployment and should simply go and look for a job some where else tax payers should not pick up the bill for what people did to themselves. If you have been working for this company for that many years UNHAPPY you had plenty of time to go and find a new employer. It time for people to be liable for their own bad choices. And when you get your first cobra bill when they are charging 102% for your medical I don't want to hear 1 complaint.

  99. Gary Vineyard

    Joyce Mayer well obviously YOU don't have a job to worry about…have some more kids with unknown fathers and collect more from the gov't

  100. Melba Bunch

    Shoot if I could have made $35k/yr without going to college and racking up $33k worth of student loans just to make $40kyr, I would have worked happily and kept my mouth shut! But then again that is just my opinion as I pay on my student loans for another 8 yrs.

  101. Gary Vineyard

    Well I reckon that them unions showed Hostess…the unions won and now THEY have 18,500 of THEIR people out of work….GOOD JOB UNIONS!

  102. James Combs

    these unions see that unemployment benifits is better then bending but what they don't understand most people that have jobs make les then 10.00 a hour now, when unemployment runs out and you cant get a job becouse for every job at a fast food joint theirs hundred of people applying for that one miniume wage job at a mcdonalds or walmart.if it was me its better to take the pay cut and have a job then no job ive been unemployed since 2008 when I got laid off from a security job makeing 9.00 ahour.All I can say is good luck at keeping your homes, cars, and not getting sick with no insurance becouse the average americian don't get approved for medicaid and food stamps even if your married with kids you will now be going to food banks to get food that's past the experation date and should not be me ive been were your at with thinking that I can find a job after the unemployment runs out but that's been 5 years without a job and thousands of applications put in for any job out their even part time.And yes I was non union but the factory employess where union makeing 50 thousand a year and I was makeing 18 thousand a year but with a company shutting down my company lost that contract which made me lose my job.

  103. Anonymous

    I work in a union shop many of the employee's have college or college degrees. Big business wants to have their twinkie and eat it too. Get a life and Chris Bristow; remember your tax dollars are bailing out millionaires and billionaires. So, how do you like those apples.

  104. Anonymous

    Um honey, then why are they working at Hostess. You lazy unemployed S H I T S. Now we get to support your A S S E S. Lazy, greedy Pricks

  105. Anonymous

    If this country didn't have unions thee would be no middle class. Texas would have been annexed into Mexico. Never fear the rich and powerful are looking out for your interests.

  106. Anonymous

    Lanny, how stupid can you be? In this country CEO's pay packages are so out of whack that they make about a hundred times what the average worker does. Then the company will tell you it's not making any money; 98 % of the profits are going into the back door and into the boards wallet. Now you would have the nerve to say something the workers are stupid or lazy. In a few more years there will be no middle class and then the government will not want to tax the rich. Most of you will be in the street looking for food. One last thing did you serve or fight for this country I did.

  107. Anonymous

    Not that upset! Really, we will see how upset you are when you can't find another job or if you do, you will have to start at the bottom again. The ones that should be upset are the teamsters that took the cuts to keep their jobs and the minority (bakers union employees) chose this outcome for all of the employees. Check back in a couple of months when your have lost everything you have worked for and are still looking for work! The strikers cannot get unemployment benefits because they had a job and refused to show up!

  108. Anonymous

    Why would they be upset, Obama will just give them a handout. I should quit my job also, seems to be the presidents grand plan. Get as many on welfare as possible.

  109. Anonymous

    Danielle Ra , you smarter than the bunch of yahoo's posting crap. Most people don't want to bankrupt their employers they are just looking for a fair deal.

  110. Lee Auchtung

    No one has mentioned that Hostess wants to hand out $20 mil in bonuses. I doubt any of it is going to production employees. First a 30% cut now another 20%. That adds up to a 44% wage cut. $35k x.8 = $28k. That's with overtime. Anyone taking over the biz will pay less than that. That'll help home sales.

  111. Evert Robinson

    Terry Draudt Terry….put the burning cross away…all of this is a result of the 2007 melt down…which I will remind you "was on the Repubician watch"…The $35k you speak about is with OT….put your brain in gear…"DO THE MATH BONE HEAD"

  112. David Tamez

    The managment that is in charge now invested 168 Million dollars in Hostess, the union invested how much? Nothing they took from these employees every check and gave nothing in return. Bimbo from Mexico will probably buy the brand, but not the debt or the equipment or the employees.They did the same to Sara Lee in Texas.

  113. Judy N. Disguise

    Unequivocally with the workers. Shameful the way they were treated.

  114. Anonymous

    Fine. Abolish all unions. Hell, abolish the minimum wage, overtime pay, mandatory benefits, the 40 hour work week, child labor laws and everything else unions made possible while we're at it. That should save America, shouldn't it?

    Let's be serious. Unions are not without their problems, but they are an important mechanism to give at least SOME power to the workers rather than it all being in the hands of management. Should they protect crappy employees? No. Should they be able to pump money into politics? No (neither should large companies by the way). Should they fight for low level assembly workers to make 100 grand a year? No (unless they are in Manhattan, then that's probably about right lol). But to say that Unions are destroying America is ridiculous at best. Especially when the average CEO makes more than 300 times what the average employee in their company makes (30 years ago CEO's only make about 30 times what the average employee made). Especially when American companies who do the majority of their business in America can outsource the majority of their jobs to sweatshops in South America or Asia. Especially when the median income in the United States is identical to what it was in the late 80's (adjusted for inflation) but the companies they work for are many times more profitable.

    I'd say a large portion of the blame lies on large corporations who's business model relies on cutting costs (read: wages and benefits for hourly employees) in order to increase profits rather than innovation or improving infrastructure. Most unions are simply trying to keep what they have. Take the UAW and Caterpillar in Illinois for example. The Union hasn't asked for a single new benefit or wage increase in 20 years. They have only fought to keep what is in the existing contract… and each contract they have lost.

    Each new contract takes something away from the workers. Less pay for new hires. Less benefits. Frozen pensions. More supplemental workers (part time employees who work full time hours and thus get no benefits and lower pay). More contract workers who cost Cat a fraction of what a full time union worker costs. No cost of living increases. Outsourcing jobs to Mexico and moving factories to right to work states where employees start at or near the minimum wage. All the while Cat has never been more profitable. Billions of dollars in profit alone per year. And still, they fight a union that only asks to keep what it has.

    Unions have been under attack for 30 years. Their power reduced more and more each passing year. They are dying a slow death and soon will become irrelevant all together.

    So if Unions really are what is destroying America, why as they die, hasn't it been getting better?

  115. Judy N. Disguise

    Management also plundered their pensions, pensions that they had personally paid into.

  116. Wally Stewart

    why in the hell should these people collect unemployment they done this to their self how many of these people have a college education or any other degree they should be glad to be makeing 35k per yr hell our cops and men/ladies in the armed serve barely make that they should be denied any benefits oh but wait I bet their sorry ass voted for obama he will take care of them.

  117. Barry Mick

    Nancy Nguyen Facts are Hostess filed bankruptcy twice. The first time they got concessions and cuts from workers and then didn't change the way they did business or even invest the saved funds and revenue retained from bankruptcy…they instead tripled top execs salaries and purposely ended up in a second filing. Mismanagement and corporate greed…non viable companies close the doors.

  118. Bob Fray

    "i'd rather draw unemployment and work somewhere else". That's idiotic – unemployments pays maybe 50% of what you were making and is taxable income and if you get a full time job elsewhere, the unemployment ends and it only lasts maybe 50 weeks in soime states.

  119. Bob Fray

    and they lose their health benefits which would cost them $1500/mo or more to replace on the open market for family coverage

  120. Tod Hann

    I was out of work for 5 months last year, and got $192 per week on unemployment. I think I would have preferred to only get $35k per year.

  121. Jason Ravnsborg

    Funny-texas is a right to work state and has survived without unions for a while, in fact it is growing while Union states are shrinking each census.

  122. Jason Ravnsborg

    What about the NINE WEEKS of vacation they get–read that in many articles, not in this one.

  123. Anonymous

    This story is as rediculous as the last election. Ignorance is rampant in this nation, people will not change until the safety nets are changed or worse are bankrupt. If these workers didn't have unemployment as an option they would still be working. Increased costs in raw materials, energy and taxes have brought reductions to many companies and workers, it's just a byproduct of 4 years of global recession. These jobs will go to Mexico and the snacks will still be produced. Well done union, so much for helping the workers.

  124. Tresa Belew Hargrove

    Dear Hostess workers….. I work in a restaurant , where I work 7 days a week , EVERY holiday, NO benefits or insurance , NO paid vacations and I only make about 18,00 a year ( ( full time) I Will BE MORE THEN HAPPY TO TRADE PLACES WITH YOU! you bunch of whiners….you get what you deserve..Welcome to the real world.

  125. Ellen Phillips

    Why do you think you have sick days, vacation, overtime, 40 hour work weeks ? Do you think the corporations gave them to you from the heart? The unions got them for you.

  126. Anonymous

    The workers, I have worked for a company that was the same way. Walmart, Chris get a clue. Having your salary cut by 10,000 DOLLARS IN TWO YEARS, TRY LIVING ON THAT!

  127. Gregory Kumu Keleko Salgado

    Proud to be Union. I'd rather have the job protection. Unfortunately for the Union haters and the Angry Republicans, It Is What It Is.
    As for Hostess, they gave bonuses to management and punished the workers because Obama was re-elected.
    So much for a united republic.

  128. Rick Shoaf

    Greedy workers????.. Did you even read the article? Massive pay cuts. How would you like a $10,000 pay cut while management gets raises? Some of the upper management (who are cost) recieved 500% increases while the workers (who are profit) recieved the cuts. Only a moronic management crew operates their company that way. But then, that's what you get with revolving door management these days.. short term, take the company for as much as you can get, then get out.

  129. Kim LaCapria

    Joyce Mayer I would also argue that because some get screwed, the solution isn't screw everyone to make it fair. ALL Americans should get a living wage, for Pete's sake. :)

  130. Tom Robertson

    $35,000 a year is better than NOTHING. Unemployment doesn't pay that well and as far as I'm concerned, they shouldn't be allowed to collect unemployment because they walked off the job, they quit on their own. I'm a disabled Vet and ONLY get $251 a month. I'd give ANYTHING to make $35,000 a year. I'd be in a better situation than I'm in now. These people had a decent job and GAVE it away. smh

  131. Aidan Nixon

    lol now they have no jobs. I am 18 and don't have on and have been looking for one for years, they cry about $35,000 and go on strike….seriously fucking ass hats.

  132. Dave Paterson

    I am unhappy that unions still exist, so prehistoric and no longer required in this day and age! without this middle layer of union management it could have been possible to negotiate better rates, but no! the answer is always to strike. What happened to if you don't like your job, quit? or if you choose not to go into work you get fired? its nuts!

  133. Aurora Greene

    Dear Michael, Thank you for such a terrific comment. I am also sick and tired of people using our military as a bat to promote their personal sacred cows and have been at a loss as to how to articulate it. Recently, I've been reading many posts online equating serving in the military with work/shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, as though there is any comparison. There was one particularly odious posting that showed a service man the caption, something along the lines of "Complaining about working on Thanksgiving? Our service men don't" like it's the same thing. One has NOTHING to do with the other. I am so tired of our military being *exploited* and appreciate what you are saying.

  134. Kc Schatz

    too bad that isnt true Danielle employers pay a percentage yearly into unempolyment for each employee but it is nowhere close to 1500 a months worth so who do you think is gunna be paying the majority of monthly unemployment? Why do you think hundreds of billions of dollars go into our unemployment and welfare systems?

  135. Kim LaCapria

    Tresa, wouldn't it be better for everyone to have better conditions? We have weekends because of unions. Holidays, sick leave, all because of unions.

  136. Anonymous

    Terry Draudt Terry Ignorance lost this last election! Ignorance is rampant.and Ignorance wont save you!

  137. Carol Jameson

    Hostess is not going to pay the union workers for their earned but unused vacation time – but they have asked the Bankruptcy court to allow over a million dollars in bonuses to be paid to management employees.

  138. Jimmy Jenkins

    When unemployment is out they can go to work making cakes for another company at a starting wage of 8.50 or 9.00 dollers a hour that real bright. 35,000.00 is about 700.00 a week not bad for making cakes!

  139. Patrick McKenna

    These Union idiots walked away from their jobs to strike, and they got fired…They better not be getting unemployment benefits! Let their greedy Union bosses take care of them…

  140. Anonymous

    with folks looking so hard for work its a pity the union could not see the insanity going on here. I bet there are plenty of non union people who would love to have that job. the company should hire non union.

  141. Joe Saba

    How can executives give themselves a 300% pay raise and and ask the workers to a cut? They had to say no on principal alone!

  142. Greg Huntley

    I'm so tired of hearing people complain about their jobs! Hostess and Wal-Mart employees come to mind. If you don't like the pay and benefits, look for another job and stop trying to dictate wages and benefits to the company. The market will take care of wages and benefits. What I mean is, when hostess and Wal-Mart can no longer hire good employees at the wages they offer, then the company will raise the wages until the market supports it. That's like blaming Major League Baseball players who make millions of dollars for ticket prices and food at the ballpark. The owners charge patrons what the market will support…when the market will not support, they will lower their prices until it will. I just wonder how many employees will take unemployment and do very little to look for a job. Their job may not have been that bad, if they have a short time unemployment benefit and find they will not be able to eat if they don't find something; could be making even less, but happy to have a job.

  143. Barry C. Roach

    Unskilled labor. The jobs just aren't worth any more than that. A guy squirting goo into a Twinkie ain't worth much.

  144. Paul Althouse

    Quess its better to be unemployed then actually have a job. That's what's wrong with this country, its all about what somebody is going to GIVE me, not what can I give myself or earn myself. I agree with another I don't think $35-45k a yr is too bad of wages. Lots of jobs out there that don't even pay that. Best thing Hostess coulda done is say goodbye to the worthless Unions and start over, unions will do the same to other businesses also before its over, gotta have some common sense nowadays, but that was lost in this country LONG time ago.

  145. Barry C. Roach

    Unions are a perfect model of where the Obama administration is taking the U.S. A union will consume the company it is a part of. Welfare will consume our country is exactly the same way.

  146. Matthew Clark

    Corporate America aka Management on the work force is really what ruined our country. Back in '77, Management was equal in pay to the Common worker. Since then, it has grown out of control with Management getting 90% and the Common Worker 10%. F*ck Management. Close 'em all down and let those greedy bosses eat gov't cheese like the rest of us!

  147. Duane W. Malcolm

    Greed…its the american way… But only for a few more months, it will be a depression soon thanks for Obummer.

  148. Anonymous

    Yea. He'll be collecting 19000 a year and complaining he cant find a job that pays 30000. He'd rather be unemplyed than working. Did that idiot really say that?

  149. Anonymous

    Sean French Condescending? The idiot said he'd rather be unemployed then make 30000 a year.

  150. Anonymous

    all of you anti union people make me sick you should go back to working 18 hour days no vacation or sick if youre lucky enough to have it now your kids could enjoy working at 9 spitting up blood and dying cause of unsafe working conditions.
    you people are ignorant of your past these people are greedy for not wanting their wages cut.
    you all you deserve the slave masters you seem to want to usher in.

  151. Colie Shortlidge

    So how exactly is the unemployment going to get paid by? Is it by the ungodly taxes Obama is imposing? this closing is the first of many to come. But hey, Obama promises us all checks right? WE THE PEOPLE need to fight harder. I am sick with disgust over the lack of principle here.

  152. Anonymous

    says the man who gets his checks paid by us tax payers !!! please give me a break

  153. Carlos Hernandez

    I hope those greedy bastards(factory workers)stay in the"creampie"business but this time it's because they are turning tricks behind one of the closed down factories(as crack-whores), they deserve nothing better…..damn Communists.

  154. Patty Hoehn

    They wont smile for long. No health insurance. They think no problem just get another job, good luck. I went from 68k to 29k and I am happy to be working. Where I live unemployment is 225 a week try living on that. These people made more than most teachers and military men giving their life up everyday. Oh well wish everyone luck get a taste for peanut butter and jelly 5 times a week.

  155. Patty Hoehn

    They wont smile for long. No health insurance. They think no problem just get another job, good luck. I went from 68k to 29k and I am happy to be working. Where I live unemployment is 225 a week try living on that. These people made more than most teachers and military men giving their life up everyday. Oh well wish everyone luck get a taste for peanut butter and jelly 5 times a week.

  156. Gemini Redd Black

    I am glad the racist company is closed. I was sick of seeing sertain products in white communities and not black ones. I feel bad for the employees because they made sacrifices for the company, but the company made none for them. This is no different from the banking industry… Greed, greed, greed!

  157. Gemini Redd Black

    I am glad the racist company is closed. I was sick of seeing sertain products in white communities and not black ones. I feel bad for the employees because they made sacrifices for the company, but the company made none for them. This is no different from the banking industry… Greed, greed, greed!

  158. Joe de Souza

    Lucchesi, working for the government at the market rate is neither an entitlement nor a handout of welfare. They match the private sector both in pay scale and benefits as Ive worked for private companies most of my career, so I give you this break for not knowing. I never suggested anyone work for free, blue or white collar that would be impractical, just use common job market sense. Capitalism offers choices, embrace them lest you find yourself in socialism with no choices.

  159. Joe de Souza

    Lucchesi, working for the government at the market rate is neither an entitlement nor a handout of welfare. They match the private sector both in pay scale and benefits as Ive worked for private companies most of my career, so I give you this break for not knowing. I never suggested anyone work for free, blue or white collar that would be impractical, just use common job market sense. Capitalism offers choices, embrace them lest you find yourself in socialism with no choices.

  160. Anonymous

    Danielle Ra
    No…The premiums are paid for by the employer. Unemployment payments come from the state in which you live. It's called unemployment Insurance. The company will never pay another dime after this.Hopefully the state didn't waste any of the money like we know they are capable of doing.

  161. Amanda Lam

    Yeah, and my father works for Walmart. And the abuse comes from the company. My father has come home plenty of times pissed off at the Manager and the Assistants. And you just completely contradicted yourself. A person who just graduated high school who has no experience, should only be making 8 dollars an hour. Thats why you build up your skills while in high school.

  162. Bwyun Mellwool

    well, you can bet this is a sad day for Rush "Fatty McPillpopper" Limbaugh…I guess he'll be back on the triple bacon cheeseburger bandwagon any day now…

  163. James Akemon

    It is always funny how the dumb asses always scream "down with the unions" but will support Professional sports, all the while not even understanding they are unionized too. Lets not forget about Actors, teachers and the police also being union members…Not all union members make high wages and most Unions have made plenty of concessions already…..Know what kind of work environment you end up with without one? Wal Mart….where it has been documented that they have made employees work off the clock….I also agree with another post, stop comparing the private sector to the military.

  164. David Webster

    I sincerely doubt that those workers interviewed in their late forties and early fifties with 20 plus years in will ever work again other than part-time behind a counter somewhere. As soon as a potential employer finds out that they are one of "those Hostess employees" who quit a job to collect unemployment their resume will wind up in the bin. Would you hire them? Are any of them aware that unemployment runs out but stigma rarely does? I have a lot of sympathy for the workers. It was insane when the CEO tried to TRIPLE his salary. A public whipping wouldn't have been an inappropriate response. I just think the workers should've hung on and will come to regret their decision even if the company's offer was tough to swallow. Sad situation all the way around.

  165. Anonymous

    Joe,i think yould be singing a different tune if we could ship your job to a third world country for pennies on the dollar. All those benefits you receive dont make market sense i could save more money on my taxes if you didnt have those and i would like you to work for less and less money each year so i can myself be richer

  166. Elizabeth Luffy

    It's always easy when you're working in a hostile "us-against-them" work environment to want to quit. People's anger fuels other people's anger. Let them sit at home alone with the want ads for a few weeks, then months, maybe years and those jobs will start looking pretty good again. This is not a job market that favors the unemployed.

  167. Anonymous

    I think the bottom line issue with hostess is they could no longer compete. lots of other companies make similar products for less cost to the consumer from wonder bread to twinkie type cakes, the mini donuts and honeybuns. most of the stuff hostess makes can be found by little debbie or other companies. they cost less and can be found in walmart, target, supermarkets, etc. continuously asking employees to take pay cuts is not a sign that the company is doing well. many of you who want to throw blanket insults at unions, etc. how would life workout for you if you were asked to take a huge or multiple smaller pay cuts. I am non-union, make decent money (quite a bit more than what some mentioned they made in the article). I know I could not w/stand a paycut even from what I'm making now and continue to support a family of 5. whether the union agreed to the demands or not, hostess was eventually -most likely- on their way to oblivion.

  168. Anonymous

    a prophesy recorded nearly 2000 years ago in its fulfillment.
    2 Timothy 3:1-5.
    Easy-to-Read Version (ERV).

    3 Remember this: There are some terrible times coming in the last days. 2 People will love only themselves and money. They will be proud and boast about themselves. They will abuse others with insults. They will not obey their parents. They will be ungrateful and against all that is pleasing to God. 3 They will have no love for others and will refuse to forgive anyone. They will talk about others to hurt them and will have no self-control. They will be cruel and hate what is good. 4 People will turn against their friends. They will do foolish things without thinking and will be so proud of themselves. Instead of loving God, they will love pleasure. 5 They will go on pretending to be devoted to God, but they will refuse to let that “devotion” change the way they live. Stay away from these people!

  169. Ernesto Moreno

    I HATE unions but we also need them…from time to time. It's a hate/like matter. HOPEFULLY THE SAME HAPPENS TO CHIPOTLE RESTAURATNS, WHERE THEY TREAT THEIR EMPLOYEES LIKE SHIT.

  170. Ernesto Moreno

    Joe. You're logic would suffice in many cases. Case study points at that many people who've had work at one place for MANY years and have mostly liked it feel at home. They feel they are part something meaningful. Simply 'quiting' is not enough. Finding another job for less pay does'nt do it–plus many times it could take a year (OR MORE) to find work. There is a sense of Responsibilty and integrity, NOT just for themselves but for newer employees who MAY be treated unfairly. Some people (in fact MOST) don't appreciate others being mistreated and would go the distance to see it does'nt pile up on others. It's SIMPLY human. I hate that others wont have jobs bec of it, but dignity and responsibilty against unfairness many times will defeat a sense of superficial pride.

  171. Joe de Souza

    Lucchesi, your vision of government work is skewed because of how you feel the money is sourced. It's still a job and has a market valued salary. My benefits are currently paid for by myself and furthermore I am going back to the private sector now because it pays better and has better benefits. I am also an entrepreneur. That's called the Free Market. I learn, recompete and advance my skills to find a better position elsewhere with greater productivity. The current job market does not reward loyalty with a quintessential gold watch, pension and wall plaque, as Ernesto points out. If you seek these things, you live in the past and probably took the advice of older workers that cannot relate to this market. But if you expect a union to get you this, you're delusional and cannot relate to modern economics in a global economy. Businesses seek profitability and they are free to outsource in a FREE market as they desire. Changing those rules is called Socialism. A good business seeks to tap domestic resources wisely and reward its employees by vesting them in it. I've had jobs outsourced in the past. That's why I became an entrepreneur and invested in my knowledge base increasing my salary along the way, something's unions do not encourage. Imagine how foolish these people are going to feel as they pay union dues to NOT have a job now, but even more so when their unemployment runs out and no jobs are on the horizon. Drinking the union Kool-aid won't pay the bills. They chose to destroy their jobs and the company with it instead of accepting a pay cut multi-year timeline and seeking jobs elsewhere in the interim. Foolish behavior by any measure. But if you're worried about jobs being outsourced now, wait 20 more years when robots are doing all this work for even lower overhead. Instead of trying to destroy Hostess, maybe these workers should have banded together to create a bakery to COMPETE with Hostess instead of sitting on their duff dreaming of unemployment. That's the real American spirit of enterprise!

  172. Teresa Fuller

    Notice the article said the employee made $45,000 5 years ago, that is a $10,000 pay cut while Hostess continues to pay their CEO and mangers multi million dollar bonuses. I wouldn't be happy with a 22% cut in my wages while management gets raises and bonuses. But this is the conservative and business approach to economics, the trickle down theory, which is proven time after time does not work. As far as Walmart goes they are the leaches of society. A worker may get paid $8.00 an hour but even then any groceries or clothing or basic essentials goes back to Walmart because their workers can't afford to buy anywhere else but Walmart. So if you break it down Walmart is really paying their employees below minimum wage because the money is cycled back into Walmarts pockets. Don't even get me started on the amount of welfare money being paid out to Walmart employees because Walmart keeps their employees below the poverty level.

  173. Tammie Kruse

    Wow Chris Bristow, what an assumption. What is wrong with you. All though there is nothing wrong with making 35,000 a year if it is a second income for a family with children. But if it is the only income it would be tight, but can be done. Good Luck to those folks that is a lot of people out of work.

  174. Patricia Parrett

    Really.. who would rather be unemployed than take a pay cut. If they were unhappy…. look for a new job, dont take it down for everyone else. I am sure 35,000 is more than umemployment'

  175. John Switzer

    I am waiting for the billionaire in Mexico to buy the name/formula. He then will mass produce them using people who make $4.50-6.50 PER DAY to make them. He will have provided jobs for them, can sell them at the same rate as they were, and he will become even wealthier. Maybe he can make a Twinkie cartel…lol.

  176. Mark Stephens

    This is my experience, for sure… Except my "Hostess" was the Canadian federal government.

  177. Anonymous

    Does anyone like vacation time? Unions fought for that. You like safety in the workplace? That too. Elimination of child labor. OMG, they did that too. And a thousand other things that you enjoy. Why don't you look back at the history and see what others went through, otherwise, here comes the company store.

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