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Breana Talbott: Teen Admits She Lied About Being Abducted And Raped By Black Men

Breana Talbott, who claimed that she was abducted and raped by three black men, has admitted the story was an elaborate hoax. Authorities in Denison, Texas, confirmed the teen is now facing criminal charges.

On the evening of March 8, a man called the Denison Police Department to report his fiance, 18-year-old Breana Harmon Talbott, was missing. According to the caller, Breana’s vehicle was abandoned in the parking lot of the Creekmore Apartment complex. The man said he was specifically concerned because the driver’s side door was ajar and Talbott’s keys were laying on the ground outside the vehicle.

According to a press release, which was published on the Denison Police Department Facebook page, authorities “mobilized all available resources to begin looking for” the missing teen. Later that same evening, a young woman ran inside the Nueva Creacion Asambleas De Dios church in apparent distress. According to witness reports, the teen “was only wearing a shirt, bra, and underwear” and had numerous visible wounds.

The teen identified herself as Breana Talbott and told witnesses she was abducted by three black men, who assaulted and raped her in a wooded area behind the Nueva Creacion Asambleas De Dios church. Authorities were immediately called to the scene.

During a police interview, Breana told detectives she was abducted in the parking lot of the Creekmore Apartment complex. She described the assailants as three black men who were wearing ski masks and driving a black SUV. After forcing her into their vehicle, the men reportedly drove her to the wooded area, where she was raped by two men while the third held her down.

When the initial interview was complete, Talbott was transported to a local hospital for a medical exam. Although she was treated for a number of cuts and scratches, Denison Police Chief Jay Burch said doctors “were unable to corroborate that Talbott had been sexually assaulted.”

In the days following the initial report, authorities collected evidence from the scenes of the alleged abduction and rape. They also interviewed witnesses in an attempt to create a timeline and identify suspects. However, authorities said, “Talbott’s story and allegations began to unravel.”

During a subsequent interview, Breana Talbott was questioned about inconsistencies in her story. As reported by WREG, the teen eventually admitted her abduction and rape were an elaborate hoax.

Chief Jay Burch said he and his colleagues believe the crime scenes were staged, and Breana Talbott’s injuries were self-inflicted. Therefore, the teen was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor count of “making a false report to a peace officer.” Authorities are also seeking restitution for the cost of investigating the disturbing hoax. At this time, authorities have not disclosed whether anyone else is suspected of facilitating the hoax.

Although Breana Talbott did not name any specific suspects, Chief Burch said the teen’s assertion that she was abducted and raped by black men was “especially offensive to the African-American community.” He also criticized the teen for wasting valuable resources and inciting a panic within the community. The chief offered an apology to residents with open cases with the Denison Police Department, as their cases were delayed so officers could focus on the reported abduction and rape.

Although Breana Talbott admitted the assault was a hoax, authorities are unsure what motivated the teen to fake her own abduction and rape. It is also unclear why she claimed she was assaulted by black men. Chief Burch did not disclose the identity of the man who reported Breana missing or whether he was involved in the elaborate hoax.

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