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Epic ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fails

Wheel of Fortune has seen dozens of awkward fails throughout the years, but one contestant recently may have just won the prize for the most awkward and embarrassing Wheel of Fortune fail.

During Tuesday’s episode of the game show, a contestant named Kevin had to guess only one letter with “A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE” on the board, according to Entertainment Weekly.

This was of course about Tennessee Williams’ play A Streetcar Named Desire, whose film adaptation won four Oscars in 1952.

While the plot was centered on a girl who moves in with another girl and is tormented by her brother-in-law, the Wheel of Fortune contestant might have just come up with a cool idea to make a reboot of the 1951 film.

Kevin needed to say only one letter, “K,” to make his big Wheel of Fortune fail go viral. While it’s unclear what Kevin had on his mind when he thought Williams wrote a play named “A Streetcar Naked Desire,” the contestant might have just given a pretty interesting idea to porn studios.

In fact, there’s already one person who signed up to see that “Naked” play. After another contestant guessed the right answer, the Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak said he’d “rather see Kevin’s play.”

Social media erupted with hilarious comments after Kevin’s fail on Wheel of Fortune. One Twitter user who goes by the name S.E. Cupp even called Kevin “the real life Joey,” referring to the iconic character from the TV series Friends, who thought he was the smart one while watching Wheel of Fortune.

While everyone knows that it’s not nice to laugh at other people’s fails, Wheel of Fortune contestants sometimes deliver so awkward failures that it’s simply hard not to.

Fox News even put together a list of the most epic Wheel of Fortune fails and it’s kind of difficult to stop watching them!

Knowing the names of all the states in the U.S. can be tough for some people, while knowing European cities is practically impossible for some. A couple, David and Keri, on Wheel of Fortune once won a vacation to Venice, which is, of course, in Italy, and they couldn’t contain their excitement. But the exciting moment turned into an embarrassing experience for David, who certainly needs a geography lesson (or two). When asked by host Sajak to guess the country Wheel of Fortune was sending them to, David said Venice was part of Paris.

But David is smart – or so he thought – so when the audience started giggling, he quickly added, “France.” Well, not quite. But very close, David, very close.

Another contestant went down in Wheel of Fortune‘s history of epic fails when he needed to go through the entire alphabet to guess the word “Magic” in the phrase, “Mag_c _and.” He was clearly not a fan of Harry Potter.

Some people do love “boozing,” and a Wheel of Fortune fail once served as the perfect proof of that. A contestant named Rachel once missed her opportunity to win a cruise after she thought the word was “boozing” instead of “booking.”

Is “self-potato” even a word? For some people, it is. One Wheel of Fortune contestant made herself look like a clueless self-potato when she couldn’t guess the word “self-portrait.” And the thing is, her guess wouldn’t even fit with what was on the board.

In what served as more proof that some people have boozing on their mind, a Wheel of Fortune contestant named Natasha Holly couldn’t guess one of the most famous songs of Johnny Cash and ended up saying “I Have The Wine” instead of “I Walk The Line.” And that fail cost her nearly $10,000. Oops!

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